IGNOU BTS Main Project Report Format

A general format for preparing IGNOU BTS main project report is as follows


This includes general information such as your name, enrolment number, address etc. It should be broken down into 
  • Topic of the Report
  • Certificate
  • Front Page
  • Declaration
  • Acknowledgement

List of contents must be numbered with main headings as 1,2,3 etc and sub headings as 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 etc. The respective page numbers must be given on the right hand side.


This includes
  • Introduction
  • Objectives of the study
  • Scope of the study
  • Research methodology
  • Limitations of the study

This includes
  • Review of Literature

This must have detailed and deep information about your project topic. This can vary according to project types.


This includes
  • Interpretation

This includes
  • Summary
  • Findings
  • Suggestions
  • Conclusions
  • References

This includes the questionnaires and photos related to your project.

NB: You can prepare the main project reports as a hard binding copy. Spiral bindings are not really encouraged for main project reports as they don't look professional. Project proposals can be prepared in spiral binding.

NB: Use Times New Roman 14 size font. Use 16 size for Main Headings. The line space should be 1.5.

How To Obtain Police Clearance Certificate In Kerala - Step by Step Process

In Kerala Police Clearance Certificate is given by two authorities, the SHO (Station House Inspector or CI) and District Police Chief (SP). The certificate given by SHO is basic and will not count if your purpose is to go abroad or for a government job. The Clearance Certificate given by the District Police Chief is the ultimate. 

Police Clearance Certificate - Procedure

  • Go to the SP office at district headquarters
  • Write an application on a white paper citing your purpose
  • Get the Police Clearance Certificate application form and fill it. Remember to take 4 passport size photographs, copy of SSLC, Driving license or Aadhar or Voter's ID and Passport. You should have copies of at least two photo identity proofs along with the SSLC certificate copy.
  • Next step is to pay the fee for Police Clearance Certificate. The fee is Rs.1000 and you will have to pay it through Challan system. There are certain purposes for which the fee is waived off, please check that with the officer. 
  • To pay the fees, collect the Head of Account No. from the office > Go to the treasury, get the challan form, fill it and then pay the amount where the officer said. Generally you will have to pay the amount at the nearest SBI branch. 
  • Once the fee is paid, take the receipt slip and go back to the officer at SP office. He will staple the application including the photocopies and hand over to you.
  • Now you will have to take that application to your local Police Station. Give it to the officer in charge. He will take all relevant details from you and will make an enquiry about your whereabouts.
  • Once the officer is satisfied with your credentials, he will forward it back to the SP office or if you want it to be processed fast, you can tell him that you will take it to the SP office.
  • Once the application reaches the SP office, the certificate will be drafted and signed by DySP and SP.
The whole process will take around 3-4 days on average. It won't take more that 15 days as that is the limit set by the government. The most difficult part is when the application reaches back to SP office after enquiry. DySP and SP are very busy officials and you may even have to wait till evening to get it signed. So ensure their presence at the office before you go there to collect the certificate. The certificate will be signed in your presence only. You have to be present in person to receive the certificate.
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