What Is Eco Tourism And Explain The Impact Of Such Tourism Development

Eco tourism is tourism directed towards natural environments, intended to support conservation efforts and observe wildlife. Eco tourism is concerned with the direct enjoyment of some relatively undisturbed phenomenon of nature. Eco tourism is a big business, it provides valuable foreign exchange for the preservation of natural systems and wildlife. But eco tourism threatens to destroy the resources on which it depends. Eg: Tour boats dump garbage in waters of Antartica.

Impact Of Eco Tourism

1. Water

Release of garbage, sewage into lakes and rivers which leads to health hazards, destruction of aquatic plants and animal life. Release of oil from cruise ships, boats lead to increased toxicity in water bodies and contaminates sea food.

2. Atmosphere

Increase in travel (ship, plane, car, train) leads to air and noise pollution, loss of recreation value of destinations.

3. Vegetation

Cutting trees for resort construction, irresponsible use of fire in forests, traffic in forests, collection of plants and fungi from forests lead to loss of forest wealth and plant life.

4. Human Settlements

Construction and expansion of hotels, shops etc leads to displacement of people, traffic congestion and increased population.

5. Monuments

Use of monuments for recreational purposes, excessive usage for sightseeing etc leads to overcrowding, disfiguring, loss of preservation etc.

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