Tourism, Economic Benefits And Environmental Impact

Q) "The tourism industry be structured to maximize the economic benefits, while reducing social and environmental impact"? Explain the statement?

Sustainability of tourism development will depend on the successful protection of the destinations' natural resources and environment. According to joint declaration of WTO & UNEP,

"The protection enhancement and improvement of the various components of man's environment are fundamental conditions for the harmonious development of tourism. Similarly, national management of tourism may contribute to a large extent to protecting and developing the physical environment and the cultural heritage as well as improving the quality of life".

Nowadays, tourism is the most important social and economic activity. There has been adverse socio-economic impacts. Responsibilities must be taken by tourist receiving countries and tourists jointly. According to the Tourism Bill of Rights and Tourist code laid down by WTO
  • Touristic environment must be protected for present and future generations
  • Host population in place of transit and stay are entitled to free access to their own tourism resources
  • Hosts are also entitled to expect respect and understanding of their customs, religions and other parts of their cultures. Fragile environments must be given the most rigid protection measures.
  • To facilitate such understanding and respect, appropriate information must be given to tourists on
 The customs, local taboos, sacred sites of host communities, their artistic, archaeological and cultural treasures must be preserved. Wildlife and other natural resources must be protected. Tourists must have friendly relations with hosts.

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