Significance Of Planning For Tourism And Its Impact On Economy

More emphasis is given by national and state governments for tourism planning. Planning is done to ensure a balance between tourism promotion and the concerns for safeguarding the physical, social and cultural environment of the destination areas. Tourism promotion has been identified as the main factor in increasing the GNP, particularly of developing countries. Planning is aimed at creating a balance between tourism activities and the local environment. More so in the case of developing countries.

In developing countries, the impact is the strongest because they must develop an infrastructure that preserves the existing unique characteristics and also promote all-round socio-economic development. At the same time they should also preserve and enhance their physical environment in order to promote tourism. Tourism development is bound to have socio-economic, socio-cultural and environmental impacts on the habitat. So there needs a systematic evaluation and analysis using scientific techniques before the development decisions are taken. These are more important in environmentally sensitive areas like hills or mountains.

Any programme for tourism development this have the underlying objective of promoting positive impacts and mitigating the negative impacts on the social, economic and physical environment of the destination areas.

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