Tourism Studies 2 - TS2 Notes List

Adventure, Sports And Tourism Short Note

Types Of Indoor And Outdoor Sports Preferred By Tourists

Adventure Sports And Various Types  

Resorts, Beach Resorts & Beach Tourism

Tourist Attractions Of Lakshadweep Islands  

Pull Factors In Hill Tourism With Examples

Short Note On Darjeeling  

Famous Non Himalayan Hill Resorts In India

Short Note On Gir National Park, Jim Corbett National Park  

Relation Between Tourism And Pilgrimage - 3 Prominent Pilgrimage Centres In India

Short Note On Elephant Festival, Desert Festival Of Rajasthan And Rath Yatra Of Puri  

Define Ethnic Tourism? Difference Between Ethnic And Cultural Tourism

Impacts Of Ethnic Tourism  

Kalinga Bali Yatra - Essay

Detailed Note On Palace On Wheels  

Activities Of PATA

Purpose Of A Travel Mart  

Role Played By Air India In Promoting Tourism In India

Heritage Hotels  

Role And Importance Of Tourist Profiling

Factors To Be Considered While Conducting A City Tour

"The Type Of Tourism Promoted By A Destination Determines The Nature Of Its Guest-host Relationship" 

Adventure, Sports And Tourism Short Note

Q) Discuss the relationship between adventure, sports and tourism ?

Q) Adventure, sports and tourism short note ?

Adventure and sports have always been an integral part of tourism. People having a spirit of adventure will travel great distances for having new challenges. Adventure and sports have tremendous potential towards promotion of tourism, They cater to people looking for recreation, enjoyment and adventure. Adventure and sports gave a boost to tourism. The main reasons are

1. Many people pursue these activities as a full time profession. They would like to visit places where good facilities are available for a particular activity. Eg: Golf professionals during summer will move to hilly regions and during winter they will move to plains due to snow in hilly regions and vice versa. This will provide them varying experiences for the same adventure or sports.

2. Some people visit a place for holidaying away from their place of work. They want some recreation and adventure. A destination offering these facilities, thus has additional attractions for tourists.

3. Some people follow sports for fitness. Such people will visit places where fitness facilities are available as they can see the places along with having exercise. 

4. Sporting events like world cups attract a large number of visitors thereby boosting tourist traffic.

5. Many people while visiting a destination get interested in sports or adventures. This enhances enjoyment and it can become a memorable trip.

Adventure or sports attract tourists of different interests such as 
  • Tourists with high level of skills as professionals
  • People who have been practicing it as a regular hobby
  • People who are novice and would like to try their hand if they get a chance
  • Spectator tourists who would like to see a competition or a performance
Some tourists will have a lot of money to spend for adventure and sports. Some others will be on a tight budget. In order to satisfy both parties, adventure and sports should fulfill the following criteria
  1. It should not be expensive for tourists on a budget
  2. It should not be difficult to learn the skills necessary for participating in the activity at amateur level
  3. Experienced professionals and trainers must be present to supervise and ensure safety of participants
  4. Training and participation must be completed in a short period of time
  5. The centres should be easily accessible and allow for large no.of people to take part
  6. Physical fitness standards should not be so rigorous
  7. Requirement of infrastructure and equipment should not be so large that it makes it expensive.
  8. Centres should be able to offer activities to people with varying levels of interest
  9. Certain adventure and sports activities are specific to a destination. Eg: Skiing in snowy regions only, so such factors should also be considered.

Honda CBR250R Waiting Period

Formerly, CBR250R used to have a waiting period of 6 months, which is not the case now. The current waiting period of Honda CBR250R (as of 24 April 2015) is just 10 days, provided you pay the full amount. If you are applying for a loan, expect couple of days delay.

On road price of CBR250R ABS version in Kerala is Rs.2.18 Lakhs and that of Non-ABS version is Rs.1.85 Lakhs.

Nexus 5 Not Automatically Switching To Roaming Network - Solved

Ever since I bought my Nexus 5 in December 2013, I have been having this issue. My Nexus 5 won't automatically switch to the roaming network when I travel from one state to another (Even if my network operator has a coverage in the state). The only fix was to go to settings and select the network manually, which I had to repeat once I come back to my home state. This created hell of a lot of problems when I did a train journey across the length of the country, which meant I had to manually select the network every time I entered a new state. This was very frustrating.

I even contacted Google hardware support about this issue. They gave me some instructions which didn't work. It seemed they were not aware of such an issue. For 2 years I lived with the frustration.

Now it is April 2015, and finally it seems Google has found a solution with the release of Android 5.1 Lollipop update. Ever since I updated my Nexus 5 to Lollipop 5.1, it has been working seamlessly. Now my Nexus 5 automatically switches to roaming network without any issue. The network switches back to home network when I enter my home state. It took almost 2 years for Google to fix the issue, too long for such a big player. Anyway, I am happy that it is fixed now.

Food Security

Food Security emerged as a concept in 70s, in the discussion of international food problems when the world faced a global food crisis. The initial focus was on food supply, availability and price stability of food items at national and international level. Modification of definition of food security was done taking into account a variety of factors. One of them was that the technical success of green revolution did not automatically led to rapid and dramatic reductions in poverty and malnutrition. These problems were recognised as the result of effective demand by the poor.

There were many definitions of food security put forward by various organisations over time. The latest definition was by the state of food insecurity 2001. According to them " Food security is a situation that exists when all people, at all times, have physical, social and economic access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food that meets their dietary needs and food preferences for an active and healthy life."

Food security is a multidimensional phenomenon. National and international efforts are needed to meet and ensure food security, especially in the area of globalisation and liberalisation. Attention has to be given for long term solutions.

Human Security

The concept of human security includes the right to life, liberty and security of a person. It also includes economic health and environmental concerns as well. The phrase 'human security' was first put forward by UNO in 1994. Human security emphasizes the need to strengthen empowerment of the citizens. Achievement of human security requires a global political culture that is founded on shared values of human dignity and human rights.

Human security means freedom from threats to people's rights, their safety or even their lives. Human security as defined in UNDP report consisted of seven components and dimensions, economic, food, health, environmental, personal, community and political. UNDP report saw security as an "integrative" rather than a "defensive concept". It emphasized that human security has an international dimension. Eg: Terrorism, drug trafficking etc.

Democracy and good governance are very important in promoting human security. Human security does not replace national security. Building an effective democratic state that protects the value of its own people and minorities is a central strategy for promoting human security. Human security recognizes the linkage between environment and society. Eg: Environmental degradation may result in population movement. Human security provides an enabling environment for human development.
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