Water Cycle

First draw the diagram given in the study material.

Water cycle is driven by Sun's heat. Water evaporates > Gravity draws the water back once the water vapour condenses.

1. All water used by man for industries and domestic purpose is fresh water which forms by the evaporation of ocean water and precipitation. 

2. When it rains, part of the water seeps through the soil and collects as ground water between the rocks. This water is used by humans for various purposes.

3. Some water runs down to the rivers and lakes.

4. i) Some water won't reach the ground as it evaporates back to the atmosphere

ii) Plants release large amounts of water to atmosphere through leaves

iii) The water on ground, vegetation and lakes, streams, oceans evaporates back to the atmosphere

Water vapour in the atmosphere forms clouds. They are carried by wind and rains when it meets cold air.

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