Factors To Be Considered While Conducting A City Tour

Undertaking The Tour

1. Length of Daily Trip

Avoid long days back to back. Age group will determine the endurance of passengers. The amount of driving in the previous day, weather, general health and morale of the group are also some factors. You should schedule shorter days with enough free time. Make sure that the driver obeys traffic rules and does not do over time.

2. Stops During the Tour

Rest and meal stops must be planned in advance. Sufficient time should be allowed especially if toilet facilities are limited. This means, at least 20 minutes will be required. The departure time must be announced. Shopping should be discouraged during short stops. Photography stops should be kept to minimum. Let them take photos when relevant scenic spots are there. Don't let them wander off. Plan and inform the hotel unless you are a small group. Avoid remote places and unplanned lunch. Allot at least an hour for lunch. Those who finish early can go for shopping.

3. Shopping

Sufficient time should be given for shopping. Some tourists travel for shopping, you shouldn't disappoint them. Know the days and hours when shops are open. Shops close on afternoon, you should check this while preparing the itinerary. Warn tourists about rip-offs and about local currency dealings. You should be able to 
  • Spot fake items
  • Know items that will be confiscated in customs
  • Idea about the cost of goods
4. Problem Spots

Some things are out of your control. Think about the difficulties and plan how to deal with them. Keep a list of local contacts in every region you visit. Be cool and keep a calm demeanor. Some of the common problems are

a) Luggage

People tend to grab the wrong bag or misplace them. Ask them to leave jewellery and expensive items at home. Allow sufficient time for bags to make it to the hotel. Make them mark their bags.

b) Missing Tour Members

If someone does not show up, remember that your first responsibility is to the tour as a whole. You can depart without the missing person unless you have his passport or tickets or if he is old or have no idea where he or she is. Search the possible areas and notify the police. 

c) Loss of Passport

Do not leave passports at hotel rooms. Contact the nearest embassy. Tour escorts should carry a list of tour members' passport numbers plus date and place of issue. 

d) Loss of Funds and Tickets

It is the responsibility of the individual. Advice them to carry very little cash. If tickets are lost, inform the carrier to arrange for substitute tickets.

e) Illness

Travelers are expected to provide for their own medical needs. You may carry aspirin, cough drops etc. A knowledge of first aid including artificial respiration is a handy skill. 

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