Role And Importance Of Tourist Profiling

The statistical analysis of tourists' features in relation to any destination is known as profiling of tourists. It facilitates improvements in 
  • Planning and deciding on development priorities 
  • Marketing strategies of tourism products and services
Profiling is also helpful for understanding guest-host relationships and tourism impacts. Regular visitor surveys are needed to obtain tourist profiles. Periodical surveys with specific objectives are also conducted.

Objectives Of  1988-89 survey of International Tourists
  • To understand socio-economic and demographic particulars of international tourists
  • To identify factors influencing their choice of India as a place to visit
  • To estimate expenditure pattern of international tourists
  • To identify the places visited, duration of stay and accommodation used at each place
  • To assess tourists' preference of accommodation, tariff rates and other services
  • To assess their level of satisfaction
  • To construct a consumer price index for international tourists
  • To assess demographic particulars of transit tourists and identify the reasons for their not visiting India
The intrinsic appeal of a place is measured in terms of percentage of repeat visitors. The decision to visit a place depends on a variety of factors like security, tourist appeal and costs about alternate destination choices. Identification of these factors are necessary for planning promotional strategies.

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