Pull Factors In Hill Tourism With Examples

Major pull factors in hill tourism can be classified as
  • Geography
  • Accessibility
  • Services
  • Adequate Information
  • A congenital political and social atmosphere
1. Geography

Geography and topography determines the popularity of a hill resort. Altitude, presence of rivers, lakes, alpine meadows and good view of snow clad peaks add to the charm and pull of a hill resort. A large number of Indian tourists visit hilly areas during summer to escape the heat in the plains. High elevation of hill resorts make them cooler and offers a pleasant change. Resorts at high altitudes of Himalayas are seasonal due to heavy snow in winter. Eg: Tourists love to view the snow clad Nand Devi from Ranikhet. Snow slopes allow for setting up winter sports activities. Presence of rivers allow for rafting, kayaking and canoeing which is also a pull factor. Non-himalayan resorts may not have snow clad peaks but they offer cooler climates.

2. Accessibility

There is  no lack of potential for hills in India, but they are very remote with little accessibility. Popular hill resorts are located near big cities in plains. This is because cities are the major catchment area of potential tourists. With the development of better transport facilities, willing entrepreneurs are coming forward to set up hill resorts in remote places. Long journeys tend to drain the pockets of tourists. This is the reason why major hill resorts are located in lesser himalayas and not at higher altitudes. The availability of good roads and rail link stimulates tourist flow.

3. Services

A tourist will opt for a hill resort only if it can provide adequate communication, boarding, lodging, medical aid and recreational activities. An adequate number of hotels and lodges to cater to tourists of different levels of income is essential for attracting large number of visitors. Tourists will always look for cleanliness in hotels. Medical aid, police for law and order maintenance are vital prerequisites for the growth of any hill resort.

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