Types Of Indoor And Outdoor Sports Preferred By Tourists

1. Indoor Sports

Some of the indoor games are badminton, table tennis, billiards, squash, skating, chess, bridge, carom board etc. Generally these games are available at hotels and clubs. You need membership to enter clubs, there are short-term membership as well. Clubs are generally maintained by state, so government officials or high budget tourists avail the facilities. General tourists thus miss out on these opportunities.

Hotels normally allow residents only, sometimes they allow non-residents for a fee which will be very high for general tourists. Small scale entrepreneurs have opened small facilities for indoor games which can be availed at small fees.

2. Outdoor Sports

i) Golf

Golf is very popular among international tourists. The infrastructure required for golf is very large and maintenance is very expensive. Most of the golf courses in our country are managed by state or armed forces. Diversity of golf courses in India attracts tourists. There are golf courses in desert, mountains, plains and beach resorts. India has the oldest golf club outside Britain and Gulmarg golf course in Kashmir is the highest of all.

Most golf courses are well connected by road, rail and air. Most golf courses need membership, short-term memberships are also provided. Other facilities like table-tennis, billiards, restaurants and bars will also be there. Some of the popular golf courses are in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Kodai Kanal, Cochin, Srinagar, Gulmarg etc

ii) Tennis

Almost every town has facility for tennis. Most of the hotels have them. Temporary membership will be available.

iii) Horse Riding

Horse riding is available in most of the hill stations. They are used for sightseeing and transportation. Horses can be hired for a fee on basis of time or distance covered.

iv) Cycling

Cycles are available for hire for sightseeing where distances are not much. The main advantage is that the journey can be paced as per the tourist's requirements, enjoying the scenery on the way. Absence of separate cycle track makes it unpopular among foreign tourists. It holds a lot of potential.

v) Swimming

Emerging as a popular sport in India. Hotels, sports bodies, municipal corporations and clubs have swimming pools. Sea beaches are a natural facility. Trainers and life guards will be available at most facilities. Facilities for low budget tourists are not adequate though.

vi) Boating

Lakes provide enjoyment through boating. In the sea, people can go in glass bottomed boats to see the underwater sea. This facility is available at Bangaram, at Lakshadweep and Port Blair in Andaman Nicobar Islands. The main limitation is that the place must have a large reservoir of water or a lake. The potential is not completely utilised yet. A number of lakes in Srinagar, Nainital and South India provide boating facilities.

vii) Angling or Fishing

Fishing activities are not organised in India to attract tourists. The sport has vast potential due to the variety of fish available in India. Eg: Himalayan Trout, Nilgiri Trout, Mahseer etc. Added advantage is that it involves hiking and camping and thus adds the attractions of trekking to a limited extent. Commercial over utilisation of fishing must be controlled to promote this sport.

Fishing in India can be classified into
  • Mahseer Fishing : Himalayas and Kaveri river
  • Trout Fishing : High altitude streams in Kashmir and Nilgiri hills
  • Sea fishing

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