Tourist Attractions Of Lakshadweep Islands

1) Kawarati

It is the capital city. Beautiful calm lagoon is an ideal spot for water sports, swimming and sunbathing on beaches. Marine life can be seen at aquarium, museum and glass bottomed boats. Kayaks and sailing yachts are available. Floating restaurant and tent accommodation are added attractions.

2) Kalpeni

It is known for its scenic beauty with small islets called Tilakkam, Pitti and uninhabited island called cheriyam. Peculiar feature of Kalpeni is the huge storm bank of coral debries. Kalpeni is a progressive island where girls went to school when education was considered a taboo. You can swim, Kayak, reef walk and indulge in water sports. Water sports raft will be available there. There is a banyan factory and a lighthouse which can be included in the visit.

3) Minicoy

This is the second largest island. It is crescent shaped and has one of the largest lagoons. Most men are seamen who live in systematically arranged villages known as 'Athiris'. There is a lighthouse constructed in 1885. It is an important tuna fishing area and there are tuna canning factories as well. A long drive through coconut groves and village roads will be exciting. There are bathing huts and change rooms, so one can swim, beach walk, pedal boats and kayak facilities are there.

4) Kadmat

Shallow lagoons in the west is ideal for water sports. Long sandy beaches and sand banks on the southern tip for sun baths. The place is ideal for a real holiday with its tourist huts aesthetically situated in the coconut palm grooves in the beaches facing the lagoon. Water sports crafts and glass bottomed boats are available for hire.

5) Bangaram

This is an uninhabited island. Tear drop shaped and is enriched by continuous halo of creamy sand. Inland lake in the heart of Bangaram reflects the blue sky and graceful palms that surrounds it. Well equipped and professionally manned scuba diving facility is available at the resort. Undersea reefs of Bangaram is the best. Underwater sea blooms with marine life and coral reefs. Diving courses and lagoon diving is offered for beginners. Bangaram is ideal for deep sea fishing.

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