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Q) Trace the growth and development of resorts as popular tourist destinations. What are the essential pre-requisites for developing a beach resort?

Q) Write an essay on Beach Tourism?

Development of specialized resorts date back to 17th and 18th centuries. Mineral water available at particular places and faith in its medicinal property was the primary attraction then. These resorts were called spa resorts. Gradually, additional facilities for pleasure and entertainment for patients came. Europe spa treatment is valued even today.

By the middle of 18th century, attention began to be paid to the curative effects of sea water and sea bathing and as a result seaside resorts began to appear as an alternative to inland spa. During 19th century, accommodation was included in resorts. All beach resorts became well connected by railways. Concept of relaxation appeared in the later part of the 19th century. Treatment of TB was the principal factor in the creation of French Riviera resorts. 

Curative powers of spas lost its credibility in 20th century. Improved road transport turned resorts in large population areas into dormitories.

Beach Tourism 

Beach tourism has led to an overall development of tourism in many parts of the world. During mellow sunshine and warm winter, tourists travel to famous beaches of the world. Beach tourism utilises aesthetic and environmental values of the beach. It also combines water and land resources usage. 

Water usage comprises swimming, surfing, sailing and other water adventure sports. Land activities include construction of hotels, cottages, parking areas, entertainments and shopping facilities, roads etc. A beach resort needs to be developed as an integrated complex to function as a self- contained community.

(Now write the pre-requisites available at Page #29 of Block 4 in TS-02 study material)

Tourists coming to beach resorts stay longer, so additional facilities like indoor and outdoor games, yoga, ayurvedic treatment etc must be there. Tight security must be there at the beaches as there will be intruders.

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