Tourism Studies 2 - TS2 Notes List

Adventure, Sports And Tourism Short Note

Types Of Indoor And Outdoor Sports Preferred By Tourists

Adventure Sports And Various Types  

Resorts, Beach Resorts & Beach Tourism

Tourist Attractions Of Lakshadweep Islands  

Pull Factors In Hill Tourism With Examples

Short Note On Darjeeling  

Famous Non Himalayan Hill Resorts In India

Short Note On Gir National Park, Jim Corbett National Park  

Relation Between Tourism And Pilgrimage - 3 Prominent Pilgrimage Centres In India

Short Note On Elephant Festival, Desert Festival Of Rajasthan And Rath Yatra Of Puri  

Define Ethnic Tourism? Difference Between Ethnic And Cultural Tourism

Impacts Of Ethnic Tourism  

Kalinga Bali Yatra - Essay

Detailed Note On Palace On Wheels  

Activities Of PATA

Purpose Of A Travel Mart  

Role Played By Air India In Promoting Tourism In India

Heritage Hotels  

Role And Importance Of Tourist Profiling

Factors To Be Considered While Conducting A City Tour

"The Type Of Tourism Promoted By A Destination Determines The Nature Of Its Guest-host Relationship" 

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