Human Security

The concept of human security includes the right to life, liberty and security of a person. It also includes economic health and environmental concerns as well. The phrase 'human security' was first put forward by UNO in 1994. Human security emphasizes the need to strengthen empowerment of the citizens. Achievement of human security requires a global political culture that is founded on shared values of human dignity and human rights.

Human security means freedom from threats to people's rights, their safety or even their lives. Human security as defined in UNDP report consisted of seven components and dimensions, economic, food, health, environmental, personal, community and political. UNDP report saw security as an "integrative" rather than a "defensive concept". It emphasized that human security has an international dimension. Eg: Terrorism, drug trafficking etc.

Democracy and good governance are very important in promoting human security. Human security does not replace national security. Building an effective democratic state that protects the value of its own people and minorities is a central strategy for promoting human security. Human security recognizes the linkage between environment and society. Eg: Environmental degradation may result in population movement. Human security provides an enabling environment for human development.

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