Adventure, Sports And Tourism Short Note

Q) Discuss the relationship between adventure, sports and tourism ?

Q) Adventure, sports and tourism short note ?

Adventure and sports have always been an integral part of tourism. People having a spirit of adventure will travel great distances for having new challenges. Adventure and sports have tremendous potential towards promotion of tourism, They cater to people looking for recreation, enjoyment and adventure. Adventure and sports gave a boost to tourism. The main reasons are

1. Many people pursue these activities as a full time profession. They would like to visit places where good facilities are available for a particular activity. Eg: Golf professionals during summer will move to hilly regions and during winter they will move to plains due to snow in hilly regions and vice versa. This will provide them varying experiences for the same adventure or sports.

2. Some people visit a place for holidaying away from their place of work. They want some recreation and adventure. A destination offering these facilities, thus has additional attractions for tourists.

3. Some people follow sports for fitness. Such people will visit places where fitness facilities are available as they can see the places along with having exercise. 

4. Sporting events like world cups attract a large number of visitors thereby boosting tourist traffic.

5. Many people while visiting a destination get interested in sports or adventures. This enhances enjoyment and it can become a memorable trip.

Adventure or sports attract tourists of different interests such as 
  • Tourists with high level of skills as professionals
  • People who have been practicing it as a regular hobby
  • People who are novice and would like to try their hand if they get a chance
  • Spectator tourists who would like to see a competition or a performance
Some tourists will have a lot of money to spend for adventure and sports. Some others will be on a tight budget. In order to satisfy both parties, adventure and sports should fulfill the following criteria
  1. It should not be expensive for tourists on a budget
  2. It should not be difficult to learn the skills necessary for participating in the activity at amateur level
  3. Experienced professionals and trainers must be present to supervise and ensure safety of participants
  4. Training and participation must be completed in a short period of time
  5. The centres should be easily accessible and allow for large no.of people to take part
  6. Physical fitness standards should not be so rigorous
  7. Requirement of infrastructure and equipment should not be so large that it makes it expensive.
  8. Centres should be able to offer activities to people with varying levels of interest
  9. Certain adventure and sports activities are specific to a destination. Eg: Skiing in snowy regions only, so such factors should also be considered.

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