Why It Is Not Always Good To Shop Online

Online shopping has never been so big in India. The main thing that attracted most people to online shopping in the past was the huge price difference when compared to the retail stores. The online stores were able to save the money spend on setting up retail stores, their rents, salary for salesman etc etc. The online stores were able to transfer the money saved as discount for their customers. There used to be at least 30% price difference in online stores in the past. Is it the same now? Not really.

The Psychological Move Has Started To Take Effect ?

What is the psychology behind online shopping? Couple of years ago, online stores were giving away huge discounts to get the trust of customers. Once they established a decent enough reputation in the customer's mind that the products on a particular online store is cheap, then they will start increasing the price.

Some people get addicted to online shopping as they can give away with trouble of visiting each and every retail store for better deals. In online shopping, you can buy products within 60 seconds, period. Once you get addicted, you will completely stop going to retail shops as you can get everything delivered to your door step. If you are of that type, then let me warn you, you are losing some serious money by the day.

My Experience

Even today, you can get great deals online for most products. But some are sold at insane prices. Do you know the fact that almost all online stores sell products from third party vendors. Vendors buy bulk products and register themselves on these online shopping sites as sellers. They sell their products at prices they wish. The online shopping company will have control over the shipping and delivery related issues, but the price is decided by the seller. 

Sellers on online shopping sites are really smart. They try and sell products that are of low or second grade quality. When you look at it, you won't be able to make out the difference. There are sellers who sell second quality deodorants and perfumes which look exactly the same as the original. The smell, the brand, everything will be the same. We Indians are very much used to low quality products, so we are not sure whether which one is original or duplicate. To know that, you need to use an imported piece of the same brand. Then you will know the difference.

There is a place in Kerala called Tirur where there are people who even make branded cell phones. There you will get Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo for Rs.8000 (the original, costs Rs.28000). The shopkeepers will convince you saying that it was imported illegally from gulf countries and hence the low price. Even in Dubai the phone costs an equivalent of Rs.20000 . So how are they selling these phones at low cost. What they do is, buy original case and display of Samsung and use second quality products for all other parts which you normally won't see. When you look from the outside you won't be able to see any difference. You will know the difference when you use it for couple of days.

There is a lot of demand for such phones as you can boast of a Galaxy Note for 1/3rd of the price. Recently Samsung authorities and Kerala Police raided the area and was able to arrest some people. But still it is continuing, there is no stopping them. I am not saying that everyone there are frauds. I just cited this incident just to let you know about the quality of products.

Now coming back to online shopping and my experience. I was on the look out for a UPS. I decided to buy a particular model from APC, I saw the price on an online shopping site as Rs.2699, then I went to a local UPS dealer and asked about the price. There it was available at Rs.2500 (one must believe that the shopkeeper still makes a decent profit when it is sold at Rs.2500). Now you will have some idea about the profit made by online sellers.

So my advice will be, think before you buy online. Check the price at atleast 2 local shops and make sure that price online is something acceptable. Don't fall in the trap set by online sellers.

Time Taken For Adsense Wire Transfer To Reach Bank Account In India

Google normally sends adsense payments for their publishers in India during the last week of the month once the earnings reach the payment threshold. If everything works alright, google will send the payment to India on 22nd of the month. The payment is send from Singapore. It will take 3-5 days for the money to reflect in your bank account in India. Almost all big banks in India accept international wire transfers including SBI, HDFC, ICICI, IDBI etc. Some banks charge a nominal amount for the transfer. It won't be more than Rs.50. 

It seems ICICI bank don't charge their customers for wire transfers. ICICI bank didn't charge me for crediting the amount. I don't know whether they will charge the amount by the month end or not, as of now there is no charge.

How To Link ICICI Bank Account For Adsense Wire Transfer ?

ICICI bank provides frustration free wire transfer. You just need to wait it out, that's all. In order to link your ICICI bank account for adsense payments, follow the steps below

  1. Login to your adsense account > click on 'View Payments' > now go to 'Payment Settings' >  click on 'Add a new form of payment'.
  2. Now fill the form. In the 'Account holder name' enter your name exactly as in your bank records. If there is any spelling mistake, you will not be able to get your payments. You will have to complete a lot of formalities to get your payment. So make sure that the name is correct.
  3. In the 'Bank Name' section write ICICI
  4. IFSC code can be found by searching with your branch name or location on google.
  5. SWIFT BIC code is the section where most people are confused. There are different SWIFT codes for ICICI bank. You need to use the code "ICICINBBXXX", this is the code for the central branch at Mumbai. This code works for all, but when you use other codes it may not work if you don't enter the correct code for your location.
  6. Next field is to enter the account number. Again, make sure that the account number is correct.
Once you do all these things in the correct way, there shouldn't be any problem in receiving the money. 

Expectations And Skills Required By A Mountain Guide

What are the Tourist's expectations from a mountain guide and also explain the skills required to be mountain guide?

Most of the travelers in the Himalayan region are newcomers without any experience. So the mountain guide should be able to guide them to safety in tricky situations. Tourists will expect the mountain guide to be possessing enormous physical and mental qualities.

Some of the expectations from mountain guide are
  • Mountain guides should be physically fit with a lot of stamina and strength
  • He should have the technical skills necessary for moving at various altitudes in Himalayas
  • Mountain guide should be familiar with local customs and traditions. He should be able to avoid embarrassing situations with the locals.
  • He should be familiar with local areas, terrain and routes.
  • He should act as a liaison man between tourists and local people
  • He should be familiar with search and rescue procedures. If the tourists require any physical help, he should be able to provide it.
  • While traveling through unexplored areas, the mountain guide should have good navigational skills to move in the right direction
Some of the general skills required by a mountain guide are
  •  Proficiency in languages spoken by the tourists and local people
  • Familiarity with local people, terrain and area along with customs and practices
  • Familiarity with rules governing tourism in the area
  • Concern for the environment and local ecology
  • Proficiency in technical skills coupled with superb physical fitness
  • Capacity to withstand stress and coolly handle emergency situations
  • Even temperament to handle people with different personalities
  • Familiarity with search and rescue procedures along with proficiency in evacuation skills and first aid

How To Autofill Date In Google Spreadsheet - Solved

In order to autofill date in google spreadsheet automatically, follow the steps below

1. Click on the '123' tab and select the date format, if you want to change the format of the date. (see image below)

How To Autofill Date In Google Spreadsheet

2. The second step is to enter the date in one row and drag the rectangle column down the rows or across the columns. The corresponding dates will be automatically populated in google spreadsheets. If you want to autofill date in google spreadsheet across the columns, drag it across. All the dates will be automatically filled.

Tourism Studies 1 - TS1 Notes List

Difference Between A Guide & Pathfinder ?

Expectations And Skills Required By A Mountain Guide

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Tourism Statistics

Problems In Wildlife Tourism

Wildlife Tourism - Definition & Impacts  

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Festivals And Fairs  

Role Of Accommodation Sector In Tourism Development

Cuisine As A Tourism Product - Short Note

Customs - Short Note  

Role Of Transportation In Tourism Growth In India

"Accommodation Sector Needs A Lot More Innovations In The Country". Discuss ?  

Dimensions Of Informal Sector In Tourism Industry

Street Guides  

Role Of Subsidiary Services In Tourism

Operations Of A Travel Agency  

Tour Package

Activities Of A Tour Operator  

Short Note On Guides & Escorts

Skills Required To Be A Good Tour Guide  

Techniques And Aspects Of Guiding And Escorting A Tour

Importance Of Information And Its Sources In Tourism  

Seasonality In Tourism

Major Characteristics Of A Service Product  

Use Of Market Research For Tourism

Promotional Events And Tourism  

Skills Needed For Tourism Writing

Tourism Professionals - Personality And Communication Skills 

How Is History Used Or Misused In Tourism ?

Role Of History In Tourism  

Features of National Action Plan 1992

Role Of Local Bodies In Tourism Development  

Economic Impacts Of Tourism On A Destination

Socio Cultural Impacts Of Tourism  

Carrying Capacity In Tourism

Political Implications Of Tourism  

Threats And Obstacles To Tourism

Difference Between A Guide & Pathfinder ?

The guide in the Himalayan region is often a local person who is familiar with the terrain and touts and is thus able to lead the group along known routes. He also acts as a liaison man who helps in organizing porters, provisioning of rations, finding suitable accommodation etc. Thus he is a guide and an escort both.

Pathfinder in Himalayan region denotes a person well versed in climbing skills who is required to open a route in such a way that climbers or trekkers under his care can safely negotiate the route with his help and guidance. 

The main difference between the guide and pathfinder is of the skills they have. Traditionally a pathfinder is more of an adventurer who has taken up the role of a pathfinder for the sheer joy of it and accepts financial remuneration to sustain his sense of adventure. On the other hand, a guide takes on his role mainly as a means of earning a livelihood and utilizes his familiarity with the terrain along with his natural skills in attaining his goal.

IGNOU BTS Term End Examination Results June 2014

Guys the results for IGNOU BTS term end examination June 2014 has been announced on August 14th. You can check your results HERE

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Laptop Pressing Key Continuously - Solved

Recently my Toshiba satellite laptop started pressing ````` continuously wherever a typing field is available. I didn't even know that ` key even existed until my laptop started pressing it on its own continuously. At first I thought the key was stuck, but it looked okay. Then I suspected some virus infection, but it was not the case.

The reason why I said it was not a virus is because the issue kicks in before the system starts. I am not even able to type in my laptop password correctly. If the issue persists even before you start your computer, then it has to be an issue with the keyboard. You will also hear a beeping sound continuously. It was very annoying especially because I don't use my laptop keyboard at all, I always use a USB keyboard.

How To Fix Laptop Pressing Key Continuously Issue ?

The culprit is your key in the keyboard. The problem starts when moisture gets under the key. Some people have said that the issue was fixed temporarily after they removed and reinserted the battery, only to see the issue rise up again. The issue gets fixed temporarily because you end up shaking and keeping the laptop upside down while removing the battery. However it is not a permanent solution.

I started to see this issue on my Toshiba laptop during the rainy season. The rainy season here in Kerala see some torrential downfalls. To add to that, I always work close to my room window, so I believe it was the rain spray that caused it.

In order to stop the ` key from continuously pressing down, you need to take out that particular key. The key that causes trouble may be different on different computers. However you will have to take out that particular key. You don't need to worry much about damaging the keyboard. If I can do that, you too can. I am not a technician at all. Self fix is always recommended because if you take it to the laptop customer support, they will replace the keyboard. A laptop keyboard costs a lot of money and spending on it is not a wise thing to do.

In the case of Toshiba laptops, it is very easy to take the key out. You can do it with your fingers itself. The set up may be different for other laptops. In some cases you may have to use something like a screw driver as a pry. Take out the key and clean the area with a dry brush, also clean the key that you have taken out. Put it back in and see if the key presses again. 9 out of 10 times the issue will not reappear.

If the issue reappears, take out the key and dry the area with a hair dryer. Be careful while using a hair dryer, I don't want you to end up melting some parts.

How To Add A New Tacking ID On Amazon Affiliate

Adding a tracking ID is a great way to monitor traffic and conversions from each website. You may be running multiple websites on Amazon's affiliate program. Having a single tracking ID for all the websites is the most stupid thing you can do. 

Having a separate tracking ID for each website will let you track the conversion and clicks coming from each website. It is like having separate tracking codes in Google Analytics.

How To Add A New Tracking ID ?

1. Log in to your Amazon affiliate account. 

2. From the left side of your page click on 'Manage' Tracking ID. Then 'ADD Tracking ID' > Continue > A new tracking ID will be created.

Use different tracking ID for different websites.

Setting Geographic Target In New Google Webmaster Tools Interface

Setting geographic target location in Google Webmaster Tools is a great idea for getting targeted traffic. In the older Webmaster Tools Interface, the option to set Geographic target was in the Site Settings, now it has moved to a new location.

In order to set the geographic target on new Google Webmaster Tools 

Go to Search Traffic > International Targeting > Country > Select the country of your choice.

How To Spot A Train Online ?

Indian Railways provides you an easy and fast method to track or spot a train online. Normally you need to go to the railway station or call them to know the status. Even if you make a call to the railway station, it may not be attended. It would be great if a passenger can spot the train from his mobile phone or pc, so that he can plan his journey to the railway station accordingly. 

Most long route trains get delayed by hours during monsoon, so there is no point in reaching the railway station early without knowing the actual arrival time. With this in mind, Indian Railway now provides an option to track trains online. With this, you can track the exact running status and the arrival time.

How To Spot Your Train Online ?

1. First you need to go to the 'National Train Enquiry System' website.

2. Enter the train number. You can get the train number from IRCTC website or by simply searching the train name in Google.

3. Enter the boarding station and date of journey. Then the page will display the running status and last updated station. It should look something like the image below

You can also check the status through your mobile. There are some third party apps that use the same system for Android, however there is no official app from Indian Railways. Official android app will be released soon, there are existing apps for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.
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