Tourist Attractions Of Mumbai (Bombay) - TS2 Essay

There are many places in Bombay which attract tourists. We mention here some of the major places of tourist interest.

Places of Tourist Interest

Both mainland Bombay and its suburbs have a number of places that attract tourists

A) Mainland Bombay : The major sites are

1. Gateway of India : A major landmark associated with the city of Bombay. It is situated at Apollo Bunder. Built in 1924, it is designed on the style of Arc de Triomphe to commemorate the visit of King George V and Queen Mary.

2. Elephanta Island : It is in the sea (about 60 min ferry ride) and is one of the major tourist attractions. The cave sculptures in the Brahmi style are very famous. Especially Maheshmurti (Three faced Shiva) is the prime attraction of the cave. On the way to Elephanta you cross Battery Island with anti-aircraft guns, now a maritime naval museum.

3. Prince of Wales Museum : This famous museum is a domed structure, a masterpiece in Indo-Islamic architecture. It houses an excellent collection and was opened in 1914.

4. Bombay University : An example of French-Gothic structure completed in 1874. Rajabi towers is the main highlight in this area.

5. Bombay High Courts : Next to the University, it is another masterpiece in architecture.

6. Victoria Terminus : Known locally as Boribundar, it is the terminal on Central Railway and a wonderful piece of architecture. General post office is next to this which is another domed structure. Bombay Municipal Corporation headquarters is also an impressive structure.

7. Hutatma Chowk : Earlier known as Flora Fountain. It is a martyr memorial surrounded by a big chowk area which is a parking space.

8. Asiatic Library : One of the old libraries of Asiatic Society located in Bombay. It is 150 years old. It is well known for possessing very old manuscripts and many books on Oriental culture. Opposite to this is Horniman circle and St.Thomas Cathedral where the famous tinted glass-work is still intact.

9. Afghan Church : It was constructed in memory of British soldiers who died in Afghan war.

10. Lands End : Southern tip of Bombay where United Services Club is located. In the vicinity is situated the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research.

11. Marine Drive : This is a curving water front drive facing the sea that extends form Nariman Point to Malabar Hill. When lit with lights it looks like a "Queen's Necklace" at night.

12. Taraporewala Aquarium : It is located on Marine Drive and has a good display of marine life.

13. Mani Bhavan : Located on Laburnum road, this a place displaying belongings of Gandhiji.

14. Walkeshwar : Name comes from Waluka Ishwar meaning God made from sand. It is a legendary temple.

15. Jain Temple : Built in 1903 by Shwetambar Jain Sect.

16. On climbing the hill one comes to Hanging Gardens which were built on the water reservoir. This place offers beautiful panoramic views of Marine Drive and Nariman Point Areas.

17. The Tower of Silence is an area where Parsees are taken after death. This is at the foot of the hill.

18. Mahalaxmi Temple : One of the famous temples of Bombay. It overlocks seaside at Worli.

19. Haji-Ali : Also at Worli, this is a dargah of muslim saint which is approachable during low tide via causeway.

20. Race Course : Opposite Haji-Ali along the waterfront, the race course is famous for horse racing.

21. Planetarium and Nehru Science Centre : These complexes are very popular especially with children. Educative displays are of high standards.

22. Siddhi Vinayak Temple : One of the most famous Ganesh Temple of Bombay.

B) In the Suburban Areas : Here the attractions are

1. Juhu Beach : One of the well known beaches famous for Bhel-puri stalls.

2. Hare Ram Hare Krishna Mandir : A complex of temple and hostelery belonging to ISKCON cult.

3. Avarey : Milk colony complex located in scenic area at Goregaon.

4. Borivali Naional Park : Famous for Lion Safari Park and toy train.

5. Kanheri Caves : Located on hills near national park, they are part of an ancient Buddhist University.

6. Esselworld Fantasy Land : These are modern day amusement parks famous for their rides.

7. Film City : Located at Goregaon, a visit to this place and Bollywood is of interest to many tourists.

Regulations Regarding Travel And Tourism In India

India is a land of colours and noise. It is a mix of modern and ancient, urban and rural cultures. With her varied topography, picturesque valleys, high mountain peaks and cascading rivers. She never ceases to surprise tourists with her kaleidoscopic attractions. This description undoubtedly excites the imagination of a tourist. But soon, this excitement gives way to worries regarding the rules and travel regulations prevailing in India.

It is therefore, an essential requirement on the part of a tourism professional to obtain and master comprehensive information on the regulations that affect tourism both directly and indirectly. Also important is the passing of this information on to the itinerant tourists. This will help to annul their miscounted fears regarding India as a prospective destination. In addition this will enable them to know about and respect the regulations during their stay in India.

The main regulations related to travel trade in India can be divided into 

1.       Inbound-outbound travel regulations
2.       Economic Regulations
3.       Health Regulations
4.       Law and order regulations
5.       Accommodation and catering regulations

Inbound-Outbound Travel Regulations

A traveler who is also a tourist is governed by the laws and regulations in force in the country which he visits. It is very important for a tourism professional that he is well versed in such regulatory controls that will affect the prospective clients. It is only then you will be able to provide them with all the necessary information.
Passport And Visa Requirements

Some of the main regulations in this section are the Passport and visa requirements, custom regulations and special permits. It is extremely important for all the visitors (except from Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh) from abroad to possess a valid passport issued by their respective countries before they enter Indian territory through land, sea or air.

Special Permits

Normally there is no restriction on Indian and foreign nationals for movement within India. But in case of border states and two groups of islands, a visitor requires a special entry permit. This permit is valid for a maximum period of 15 days only. For group tourists the application for special permit must be made at least two weeks in advance of the intended date of visit.

Custom Regulations

The usual duty free regulations of one bottle of liquor i.e 950ml or less and 200 cigarettes apply for India. If the tourist brings more than $1000 in cas or in traveller’s cheques, it must be declared by completion of a currency declaration form. While small items like perfumes, cosmetics etc are allowed into the country, larger items like video cameras are likely to be entered on a ‘Tourist Baggage Re-export’ form to ensure that the article is taken back on departure. The TBRE form should be resubmitted on departure. A tourist can clear goods upto Rs.2400 in value duty free. Goods brought in excess of this are chargeable to duty as prevailing law.

Economic Regulations

The inbound and outbound tourist is subject to several economic regulations.


Tourists are not allowed to bring Indian currency into the country or take it out of the country. However, there is no restriction on the amount of foreign currency or travelers cheques that may be brought into India.  On arrival, visitors should declare all foreign currency above $1000. They are supposed to exchange currency only at banks and through authorized dealers, which include most hotels.

With the exchange of currency they are issued an exchange certificate which should be retained to re-exchange unused rupees on leaving the country. It is also their proof that they exchanged currency through legal channels. You must caution the foreign tourists not to exchange currency in black market. The one who does is not only breaking the law of the country but at the same time also running the risk of getting cheated.


Insurance companies active in the field of movement of persons and travel have become increasingly involved in the provision of insurance to protect the client as well as the agent or the operators of tourism services. Most schemes are in the field of protection and security of the traveler.

Income Tax

If a person not domiciled in India intends to stay in the country for more than 120 days, an ‘Income Tax Clearance’ certificate is required in order to leave the country. This document will prove that the person’s stay in India was financed by his own money and not by working or selling his goods.
Foreign Travel Tax

For international travel from Indian airports Rs.150 must be paid for travel to neighboring countries and Rs.300 for travel to all other countries. This tax is also applicable to infants who may not be occupying seats.

Health Regulations

Health protection of travelers is viewed from a dual standpoint including preventive and curative measures. Vaccination is the internationally accepted form of preventive health care. Curative measures are based on particular circumstances related to climate, environment and disease factors at the destination.


WHO, under international sanitary regulations, publishes regular information concerning both required and recommended vaccination procedures for international travelers. The local tourism information centres also advise domestic tourists regarding epidemic conditions within the country. Diseases have been successfully controlled or eradicated as a result of implementing the vaccination regulations.

A standard format has been developed for vaccination certificates so that the procedures of one country are recognized in other countries. Once an infectious disease has been notified, if vaccination procedures are not available, health checks can be related to visa formalities if tourists are coming from the identified countries.

Health Insurance

Social security pays for health care of both residents and non-residents in some foreign countries. In all other cases, medical treatment must be paid for at the existing rate. Private medical insurance companies are generally used to provide coverage for such expenditure. Such insurance can be purchased either at home or in the receiving country. Spain’s Turistico is the best known example of medical insurance for the tourist. Lack of medical insurance can be an obstacle to the movement of both international and domestic travelers. It has been suggested by WTO that where there are state owned insurance companies, medical insurance should be extended to cover all sections of the population, regardless of the age. This has been accepted in pricnciple by UFTAA.

Bsnl Wimax Coverage Areas In Kannur District

Below is the list of areas in Kannur and Kasargod district where BSNL Wimax coverage is available

BSNL Wimax Coverage In Kannur And Kasargod District

1 Alavil TE
2 Anjarakandy Town
3 Cherukunnu TE
4 Chervathur TE
5 Chovva TE
6 Valiavelicham
7 Edakkad TE
8 Ezhimala Naval
9 Iritty TE
10 Kadachira TE
11 Kadirur TE
12 Kanhangad TE
13 Kannur city TE
14 Kannur TE
15 Kasargod TE
16 Kodiyeri TE
17 Kumbala TE
18 Kuthuparamba TE
19 Mahe Town
20 Mangattuparamba TE
21 Manjeswaram TE
22 Mathil TE
23 Mattannur MW
24 Mattool TE
25 Nileswar TE
26 Padiyotchal
27 Pallikkare TE
28 Pallikunnu TE
29 Panoor TE
30 Pappinisseri TE
31 Pariyaram TE
32 Payangadi TE
33 Payyannur TE
34 Perdala
35 Peringome TE
36 Pilathara TE
37 Rajapuram TE
38 Sreekandapuram TE
39 Tellichery TE
40 Thaliparamba TE
41 Thottada TE
42 Trikarpur TE
43 Uduma TE
44 Uppala TE
45 Valapattanam TE
46 Varam TE
47 Vidyanagar TE
48 Mambaram
49 Kelakom
50 Payyavur
51 Irikkur
52 Arangam
53 Mathamangalam
55 Nallipadi
56 Nellikatta
57 Madathadka
58 Athinhal

Can't Withdraw Funds From Elance - Solved

If you can't withdraw funds from your elance account, then it means that your account is on hold. In most cases, the reason will be due to a refund request from one of your clients. You will be notified by elance, if there is any refund claim against you.

Suppose that the refund claim is for $100, then you will not be able to withdraw funds until your account has a balance of over $100. The account hold won't be released as soon as the account balance goes above $100. It will take 12-24hrs for the elance staff to make the adjustment.

If a client raises a refund claim against you, you have all the rights to question him. So contact elance support and clear your part. If you have the evidences and proofs to show for, the money will come back to your account. 

Beware that the judgement will not always be in your favor. Elance terms and policies are favorable to clients not workers. 70% terms and policies are in favor of job posters. For eg: On fixed price jobs, you won't get payment protection for bonus payments. Which means, if a client decides to take back the bonus payment, he can do it without your consent and you won't have a say. These are the risks that come associated with freelance works, you have no option but to live with it.

Bsnl Wimax Coverage Areas In Kozhikode

Below is the list of Bsnl Wimax coverage areas in the district of Kozhikode and Wayanad.

Bsnl Wimax Coverage In Kozhikode And Wayanad

1 Ashokapuram
2 Mananchira
3 Palayam
4 West Hill
5 South Beach
6 Nadakkav
7 Chevayur
8 Nellikkode
9 Malaparamba
10 Mankav
11 Panniyankara
12 Vengalam
13 Pookkad
14 Nallalam
15 Beypore
16 Ramanattukara
17 Feroke
18 Pantheerankavu
19 Elathur
20 Kakkodi
21 REC
22 Mukkam
23 Thamarassery
24 Kadalundy
25 Kunnamangalam
26 Koilandy
27 Moodady
28 Melady(Payyoli)
29 Badagara
30 Chombala
31 Madappaly College
32 Nadapuram
33 Koduvally
34 Balussery
35 Kalpetta
36 Lakkidi
37 Meenangadi
38 Mananthavady
39 Sulthan Bathery
40 Payyoli M/W
41 Makoolpedika
42 Palazhipala
43 Medical College
44 Muttil
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