The Uses And Abuses Of Cell Phones

Q) Write an essay in about 250 words on The uses and abuses of cell phones ?

Cell phones are a great invention of mankind. Cell phones have made life a lot easier. Nowadays people use cell phones not just for calling and messaging. What you can do with your cell phone has no limits, literally. People now use cell phones to surf internet, a function which was previously performed by computers only. Recently released cell phones have excellent cameras, so people have discarded their digital cameras and turned to cell phone cameras. Almost all cell phones now come with GPS tracking with which you can easily navigate through unknown roads. Cell phones are a medium of entertainment as well. You can watch movies, listen to songs and play games on your phone. Nowadays a cell phone is literally capable of doing everything a computer can. Cell phones have gone way beyond their primary function of calling and messages, more innovations are on the way.

The same way as cell phones changed the lifestyle of people for good, several hazards came along with it. Youngsters get addicted to social networking sites like facebook and spend bulk of their time chatting, which negatively affects their studies. There were many instances where over use of cell phones became a threat to teenagers’ life itself. In addition to this, there are a lot of health and environmental hazards that are caused due to the use of cell phones. Cell phone radiations can cause cancer, sleeplessness and memory loss. The environmental impact of cell phone radiations are something we underestimate a lot. For example, radiations have messed up the biological navigation system of honey bees thereby dwindling their population to a huge extent, which in turn affects pollination of trees and plants, which impacts their fruiting. The indirect impact of cell phones are much more harmful than their direct impacts.

IGNOU BTS FEG1 Solved Assignment - Read The Passage - Meanings

1f) Pick out the words from the text which mean the same as the following:

Hard to believe : Incredible

Plenty :  Abundance

Abundance : Profusion

The vast energy of the universe : Cosmic energy

Essential : Fundamental

Successful, flourishing : Prosperous

Having no limit : Infinitude

Gives, confers : Bestow

Associated : Aligned

1g. Scarcity : Abundance

Minimum : 
Old : Young

Prosperous : 

Weak : Strong

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IGNOU BTS FEG1 Solved Assignment - Read The Passage

Read the passage and answer the questions that follow:

From the island of Rameswaram, what a great journey it’s been! Looking back it all seems quite incredible. What was it that made it possible? Hard work? Ambition? Many things come to my mind. I feel the most important thing was that I always assessed my worth by the value of my contribution. The fundamental thing is that you must know that you deserve the good things of life, the benefits that God bestows. Unless our students and young believe that they are worthy of being citizens of a developed India, how will they ever be responsible and enlightened citizens?

There is nothing mysterious about the abundance in developed nations. The historic fact is that the people of these nations – the G8 as they are called – believed over many generations that they must live a good life in a strong and prosperous nation. The reality became aligned with their aspirations.

I do not think the abundance and spirituality are mutually exclusive or that it is wrong to desire material things. For instance, while I personally cherish a life with minimum of possessions, I admire abundance, for it brings along with it security and confidence, and these eventually help preserve our freedom. Nature too does not do anything by half measures, you will see if you look around you. Go to a garden. In season, there is a profusion of flowers. Or look up. The universe stretches into infinitude, vast beyond belief.

All that we see in the world is an embodiment of energy. We are a part of the cosmic energy too. Therefore, when we begin to appreciate that spirit and matter are both part of existence, are in harmony with each other, we shall realize that it is wrong to feel that it is somehow shameful or non-spiritual to desire material things.
Yet, this is what we are often led to believe. Certainly there is nothing wrong with an attitude of making do with the minimum, in leading a life of asceticism. Mahatma Gandhi led such a life; but in his case as in yours it has to be a matter of choice. You follow such a lifestyle because it answers a need that arises from deep within you. However, making a virtue of sacrifice and what is forced upon you – to celebrate suffering – is a different thing altogether. This was the basis of my decision to contact our young. To know their dreams and tell them that it is perfectly all right to dream of a good life, an abundant life, a life full of pleasures and comforts, and work for that golden era. Whatever you do must come from the heart, express your spirit, and thereby you will also spread love and joy around you.

(by Prof. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam)


1a. Why does Prof. Kalam think his journey has been incredible?

Prof. Kalam thinks his journey has been incredible because he had been able to achieve a lot of things in his life from a simple beginning at the island of Rameshvaram. His ambition, hard work and determination made him a famous scientist and the president of our country.

1b. What according to Prof. Kalam made this incredible journey possible?

According to Prof. Kalam a combination of ambition, hard work and determination made it possible. But the most important thing was that he was able to assess his worth by the value of his contribution.

1c. “There is nothing mysterious about the abundance in developed nation”. Discuss this line in the context of the views of Prof. Kalam in this passage?

Prof. Kalam believes that, for our students and youngsters to become responsible and enlightened citizens, they must believe that they are worthy of being citizens of developed India. People of developed countries for generations believed that they must live a good life in a strong and prosperous nation. Slowly the reality became aligned with their aspirations.

1d. What is the message that Prof. Kalam gives to the youth?

Prof. Kalam says that there is nothing wrong with striving for material comforts of life. It is the choice of an individual. Youth should dream of living a life of abundance and all pleasures and comforts. Whatever the youth does, it should come from their heart and they should be able to express their spirit.

1e. Give a title to the passage?
Find an answer yourself.

1f. Prof. Kalam says ‘To know their dreams and tell them that it is perfectly all right to dream of a good life, an abundant life, a life full of pleasures and comforts, and work for that golden era’. What are your dreams and how do you think you will achieve them?

My dream is to start an IT company of my own. I am already working for an IT company. I really don’t want to waste my life working for others, I aspire to have a company of my own. It is my dream to grow my company into one of the top IT firms in the world. It is not the glamour of business industry that attracted me, it is my passion towards it.

Business is something I really love from childhood. As Steve Jobs said, “If you love doing something, chances are that you will become really successful with it”. I believe loving your job gives you the patience and perseverance to get through tough times. Like Prof. Kalam said, I want to be a part of the pleasures and comforts of this world. But at the same time, I want to keep my feet on the ground not being carried away by the glamour of the business industry. I will always strive towards becoming a good human being.

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Recent Apps Not Showing Wallpaper As Background

Recently, I noticed an issue with my android phone. My phone runs on the latest version of android KitKat. I noticed that the recent apps is not showing the wallpaper as background. Instead it just shows plain black background.

The reason for this issue is because you are using a live wallpaper. Live wallpapers don't normally form the background for recent apps. I think that is a limitation with the OS. 

You can test it by reverting back to a normal wallpaper. The recent apps section will have the wallpaper as background. Everything seems to come back to normal.

Philips LED Bulbs Review

LED bulbs have a lot of advantages over CFL bulbs. LED bulbs consume less power, they have very long life and they are eco-friendly. So couple of weeks ago I decided to give it a try. I bought Philips 10W LED bulb for Rs.735. Yes, it is expensive at least in India. I just wanted to try it out.

Philips 10W LED Bulb Review

First of all let us go through the features of this LED bulb

  • It provides 806 lumen 
  • Consumes power of 10W
  • Lasts for 15,000 hours
  • No mercury
  • No UV/IR
LED bulbs have an efficiency of 85% whereas the efficiency of CFL bulbs are 20%.

Philips 10W LED Bulb Review

I planned to put this 10W LED bulb from Philips in my kitchen where I have a Wipro 28W CFL bulb capable of providing 1500 lumen. I replaced my Wipro CFL with the new Philips LED bulb and switched on. The brightness is not as much as I got from my Wipro CFL, but it was somewhere close to a 25W CFL bulb.

Philips says that it is equivalent to a 70W incandescent bulb, but to me it is equivalent to a 25W CFL bulb. The bulb itself is pretty heavy, so extra care needs to be taken while handling this one. One drop and you will lose 700 bucks lol.

Overall, I can't quite recommend Philips LED bulbs as they are way too expensive for the time being. Yes it just uses the power consumed by a zeor-watt bulb but it is costly. I will recommend it in the future when the price comes down to at least Rs.500. Till then, it is a big NO to Philips LED bulbs.

How To Share Screen On Skype?

You can easily share screens on Skype. This feature really comes handy when you want to show something on your screen to the person at the other end.

In order to share screens on Skype,

Right Click on the the person's name in the list (see image below)

And then choose the option 'Share Screens'. That's it, now the other person will be able to see your screen.

Difference Between AC 2 Tier And AC 3 Tier

AC 2 tier and AC 3 tier in Indian Railway represents two class of compartments. The main difference between AC 2 tier and AC 3 tier is that in AC 2 tier you won't have the middle berth which you see on AC 3 tier and sleeper class compartments. Instead, you will just have the lower berth and the upper berth.

The train charge is high in AC 2 tier when compared to AC 3 tier and Sleeper Class. Everything else is similar to AC 3 tier. You will get a total of 3 bed sheets including one woolen bed sheet and cleaner compartments in AC 2 tier. It will be less crowded and you can choose it if you want privacy. Toilets are much cleaner than in sleeper compartments.

How To Delete Temporary Files In A Computer

Deleting temporary files in a computer is the easiest and fastest way to increase the performance. You never know how much junk gets accumulated in your computer until it really slows down to snail pace. That is when you start searching for ways to increase the speed and performance of your computer.

Let me tell you my experience regarding temporary files. I bought my laptop in November 2012 and today it is 9 April 2014. Until last week, I wasn't worried about the temporary files on my system. Last week, my computer really started to slow down. It took an eternity to load folders and browsers, that was when I decided to clear temporary files. Can you guess the memory used up by temporary files on my computer. It turned out to a whopping 19GB, Jeez that's too much. I cleared all of them and my laptop is back to normal speeds.

How To Delete Temporary Files In A Computer?

If you are using a Windows PC, just go to control panel and type the below address in the address bar


It will take you straight to the temporary files folder. Now all you need to do is to delete all the unwanted files on that folder.

Plugins To Remove Date And Time From WordPress Posts

WordPress by default will display the date and time of the post, which is a good thing if your blog or website is based on current events. But what if the information on your blog is not time bound. If you are having a wordpress blog that has information that remain relevant over a period of time, you must remove the date and time of the post.

There are two ways in which you can remove date and time from a wordpress post and all other pages. One is to use plugins and the other is to edit the code by yourself. I am not a programmer myself and I am not a big fan of editing the code as I may mess it up. So the best way for a non-programmer to remove date and time from wordpress blog is to use plugins. That is the beauty of wordpress, you have ready made plugins available for pretty much anything.

Plugins For Removing Post Date And Time

Plugins For Removing Post Date And Time

There are two known plugins available for removing post date and time from wordpress, they are

1. Date Exclusion SEO

2. WP Date Remover

Date Exclusion SEO : This plugin has some compatibility issues with some wordpress themes. I couldn't get this plugin to work on my wordpress site. But it has a lot of options such as remove date from posts or home page, display the date for a preset period of time and then remove etc.

WP Date Remover : This one is pretty much straight forward. Just install this plugin and the date and time will be removed from all pages on your site. This one has no compatibility issues I guess, it worked perfectly with my wordpress blog.

The disadvantage of using plugins is that it may not be compatible with all wordpress themes. If the two mentioned plugins didn't work for you, you will be better of editing the code yourself.

Can IGNOU Assignment Be Submitted After Last Date

So many people have asked me whether they can submit IGNOU assignments after the last date of submission. The answer is a partial yes. First of all, let me tell you one thing, you should submit your IGNOU assignments on time to appear for examination. In rare cases, it is observed that some study centres do accept assignments after the last date of submission.

It will be up to the study centre's discretion whether to accept assignments after last date or not. Yes, some study centre's do accept assignments couple of days after last date. You can approach the head of the study centre and beg to accept the assignments. Probably they will accept it and you will be able to write the exams.

One downside is that, your assignment submission receipt given from the study centre will have the current date. If IGNOU authority sees that the date of submission is well past the last date of submission, they may not allow you to write exams. It is just a possibility, but it is a method worth trying.

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How To Change Font Size On WordPress

WordPress by default doesn't have a font size tool or even a font selector tool. Using the heading tags on WordPress editor won't be a great idea as it can mess up the SEO, if you don't know what you are doing.

The best solution for changing fonts and its size on WordPress is to get a plugin. There is a plugin called Ultimate TinyMCE which lets you customize the WordPress text editor by adding a lot of useful tools. It has options to select the font and size and many other useful features.

Ultimate TinyMCE is a plugin with lot of features. It is developed by a person named Josh Lobe. Look out for the name while searching for the plugin.

Once you install and activate Ultimate TinyMCE > Go to WordPress Dashboard > Scroll down and select Ultimate TinyMCE > Now you can select what all tools you want to add to your WordPress text editor. Below is the screenshot of Ultimate TinyMCE

As you can see, there are a lot of options to add. Once you add and save the buttons you want, everything can be changed in the WordPress text editor itself.  See image below

IGNOU BTS First Year June 2014 Exam Time Table

Here is the tentative time table for IGNOU BTS first year exam June 2014

3 June 2014 : 2PM to 5PM : TS1

9 June 2014 : 2Pm to 5PM : BSHF-101

10 June 2014 : 2PM 4PM : FEG-1

12 June 2014 : 2PM to 4PM : FEG-2

17 June 2014 : 2PM to 5PM : TS2

Please note that FEG-1 and FEG-2 are of duration 2 hrs. All others are of 3 hrs duration.

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