Will Mobile Alarm Work In Silent And Vibration Mode?

Yes, your mobile alarm will work in silent and vibration mode. The alarm will sound normally.

Will GPS Work Without Mobile Data?

Will GPS on your phone work without enabling data? The answer is a partial yes. Here I am talking in the perspective of Google Maps only, there are several other map apps as well, but I haven't tried them out.

GPS on your phone will work even if there is no internet connection, but for navigation you need mobile data at least for the first few seconds.

Trick To Save Mobile Data While Using Google Maps?

Here is the trick to save mobile data while using Google Maps application. First set the route for your journey (this requires mobile data). Once the route is set, you may now turn off mobile data. From now on, the navigation will work by using GPS of your phone. Normally navigation works with a combination of signals from GPS and by using internet. By switching off mobile data, you are taking the 'internet' part out of the equation. Don't worry, the information provided by the GPS sensor on your cell phone is good enough for navigation.

Free Calls On Facebook

Facebook recently introduced free calling feature to its Indian users. Free calls came into effect in U.S last year, now facebook has brought it for its Indian users. Free calls can be made through your facebook messenger app of your android phone. It will use your internet or wi-fi data to make calls, much like Skype.

How to Make Free Calls Through Facebook?

Both persons should be online through their facebook app. You don't need to update app to get this feature, if you have updated it recently. In order to make free calls

1. Go to your chat list > Choose a person > Now Click on Options > Free Call

Quality Of Calls

The quality of free call is very good when both people have a 3G or a Wi-fi connection. When made calls in 2G, the quality was manageable but not great. Try it out yourself.

Last Date For IGNOU Exam Fee Payment

The last date for IGNOU exam fee submission for July session students is March 31. However, you can submit the exam fee with a fine of Rs.300 until April 20 (more details at the end of this post). Fee for each paper (both practical and theory) is Rs.60. So if you have 5 papers, you will have to pay Rs.300.

How To Pay IGNOU Exam Fees

You can pay IGNOU exam fees either online or offline. In order to qualify to appear for the examination, you must submit all your assignments on time.

Offline Fee Payment

Submit all your assignments and get the 'Assignments Remittance-Cum Acknowledgement Card' from your IGNOU study centre. It should look like the image below

IGNOU Assignments Remittance-Cum Acknowledgement Card

Now get the IGNOU Examination form from the study centre itself, fill it and submit it at your IGNOU Regional Centre along with a DD in favour of IGNOU payable at the city where you are submitting the exam form.

Online Fee Payment

In order to pay IGNOU exam fees online , CLICK HERE 

Enter your programme code and enrolment number. You can pay the fee either using your debit or credit card. A service charge of Rs.10 or something will be debited from your account.

Dates For Submission Of IGNOU Exam Forms

For July Session Students

1 March to 31 March : No late fee

1 April to 20 April : Rs.300 late fee

21 April to 30 April : Rs.500 late fee

1 May to 15 May : Rs.1000 late fee

For January Session Students

1 September to 30 September : No late fee

1 October to 20 October : Rs.300 late fee

21 October to 31 October :  Rs.500 late fee

1 November to 15 November : Rs.1000 late fee

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Baking Time For Cakes In Microwave Oven

First of all let me tell you one thing, it is not a great idea to bake cakes using 'Microwave Only' ovens. If you bake cakes in microwave mode, all you will get is a rock solid piece of food material which is over burned in the centre. Once the stuff cools off, you will have a hard time eating it as the strength of your teeth will be tested to their limits.

Why Is It Not A Great Idea To Bake Cakes With 'Microwave Only' Ovens ?

Over exposure to microwave energy makes it rock solid on cooling.

You Should Use Microwave Ovens With Convection Mode For Baking Cakes

Microwave ovens with convection mode is perfect for baking home made cakes. What convection mode does is that, it converts your microwave oven into a normal electric oven.

How To Bake Cakes In Convection Mode?

First you need to preheat the oven at 180 C. In order to preheat the oven at 180 C, set the temperature and push start with the oven kept empty. Once the oven reaches the desired temperature, which is 180 C in our case, you will hear a beep sound ( This is what happens generally in all microwave ovens, check your oven's user manual for more information).

Now put the cake mix inside the oven and bake it for 1 hour. Yes, you need 1 hour for the cake to bake properly. I have seen many online tutorials saying 30 - 45 min, I have tried it but didn't bake them properly. Baking for 1 hour did the trick for me. Another thing you can do is to pause at 45 min and check whether it is baked well by using a knife or something.

Note : All the instructions are written with a home microwave oven in mind, I am not sure about industrial ones.

How To Mark The Stress In Words

In your English assignments you may encounter a question like 'Mark the stress in the following words?'. There is a reliable and easy method to mark the stress in a word. I will teach you the method to mark the stress in a word directly without turning the pages of a dictionary.

For example, let us suppose we want to mark the stress in the following words


In order to mark the stress in the above words

1. Go to Dictionary.com, now enter the word you want to mark the stress, in the search box, here I am entering the word 'Politics'

2. The resulting page should be something similar to the image below

3. In the above image you can see that in the bracket 3 letters 'pol' are bold, that is where the stress lies. Just mark it in your answer as 'POL-i-tics

4. Similarly you can find the answers for other words as well. For eg: Photograph, the search result should be something like image below

5. Here you can see that 'foh' is bolded out, which means the answer is 'PHO-to-graph

This is the only easy way to mark the stress in words.

Format For Making Notes

In your English question paper, you may encounter a question like this, "Read the following passage and make notes in an appropriate format". Actually what is an appropriate format? 

When you are making notes based on a passage, do not include complete sentences in the notes. The notes should have 1 Main Heading and at least 3 Sub-Heading. The sub-headings may or may not have sub-topic notes, that is left to your discretion. The proper format for note making should be like


1. Sub-heading 1

a) notes
b) notes
c) notes

2. Sub-heading 2

a) notes
b) notes
c) notes

3. Sub-heading 3 
a) notes
b) notes
c) notes

If you follow the above format for note making, you can score full marks. Actually note making is an easy way to score 15 or 20 marks without too much effort.

How To Add Post Excerpts In WordPress

Adding post excerpts for your wordpress posts is always a great idea. Post excerpts provide a short summary of what your post is about. In most cases, the post excerpts are a huge determining factor in increasing the number of page views on your wordpress site. A well written excerpt will tempt the reader to click on the post url, thereby decreasing the bounce rate of your website.

If your wordpress theme has an option for excerpts, what it normally does is that it takes the first few sentences of the article and posts it as excerpt. But what if, if you want to have your own short summary of the article as the excerpt. There is an option to add manual excerpt in wordpress.

How To Add Post Excerpts?

Login to your wordpress account > All posts > Choose the post you want to add excerpt for > Now click on 'Screen Options' on top right corner of the page (see image below)

Now tick 'Excerpt' column (see image)

Now scroll down the page, you will be able to see an area to enter the excerpt for the post.

Type in the excerpt for your article and publish it. Happy posting.

Nexus 5 Restricted Access Changed Issue - Solved

Few weeks ago a strange message started to appear on my Nexus 5, it said 'Restricted Access Changed, Data Service is Blocked'. Once that message comes on, the network signal disappears, then I have to reboot my Nexus 5 in order to get the signal back on. Initially, the message popped up once in a day, then slowly it came on quite frequently, probably three or four times a day.

I searched the whole of internet to find a solution for 'Restricted Access Changed' problem. Some said it was a problem with the network, some said it was a bug etc etc. I couldn't find a workable solution anywhere on the internet.

Couple of days after the 'Restricted Access Changed' first appeared, I called Play Store hardware support team. They too were unable to give a valid answer but the person at customer support gave me a tip, which helped me to track down the root cause of the issue.

How To Fix 'Restricted Access Changed, Data Service is Blocked' Issue?

First of all, let me tell you one thing. It is not a problem with the network or the hardware of your phone. It is caused by a bug in one of the apps you installed. Nexus 5 customer support told me to do factory reset, but I really didn't like the idea of erasing every single data on my phone and getting them back on.

The Solution For Getting Rid of 'Restricted Access Changed' message

1.Boot Your Phone In Safe Mode

Booting your phone in safe mode disables all third party apps installed on your phone. The only apps remaining will be the default apps that were installed in your phone when it came out of the factory. Put your phone in safe mode for at least 24 hours and see if the problem persists (in my case it did).

If your phone is Nexus 5, you can boot the phone in safe mode by following the instructions below

Long press the power button > Long press the 'Power off' option > A message will be displayed asking whether you want to reboot into safe mode > Click ok. (see image below)

Nexus 5 Restriced Access Changed Issue

Now your phone will work in safe mode. You can revert back to normal mode any time by restarting the phone. Now wait and see if the problem still persists.

2. 'Restricted Access Changed' Issue Still Persists In Safe Mode

In safe mode, my phone didn't display the message 'Restricted Access Changed, Data Service is Blocked' but the network range did disappear as before. This meant that the issue causing bug was not a third party app, in fact the issue was caused by one of the default apps in my Nexus 5. By that time I was able to recall what were the changes I made to my phone on the day the issue first appeared. It was on the same day I updated Google Launcher, Google Search, Google Maps and Google Hangouts.

The error causing bug was in one of those four apps I updated. Restoring to factory settings would easily solve the problem, but I really didn't want to do it. So I manually uninstalled all default apps on my phone to factory settings one by one. In order to do this on Nexus 5, 

Go to Settings > Apps > go to each default app and click on 'uninstall updates' > This will uninstall all the updates on the app and it will be reverted back to the factory version.

This solved the issue for me. Try it on your phone. Still I am not sure about which one of the four apps caused the problem. May be, you will be able to help me find out. Please comment, if you were able to find the real culprit.

IGNOU Re-registration

Friends, it is time for the July session students of IGNOU to do the re-registration for the next year. The last date for the receipt of re-registration form at the IGNOU office is March 31. You can download the re-registration form from this link.

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IGNOU BTS July 2013 & January 2014 First Year Assignment Question Papers

Friends, here is the assignment question papers for IGNOU BTS First Year. These question papers are only for July session 2013 and January session 2014 students. The last date for submission of the assignments for July session students is March 30 and September 30 for January session students. So start writing straightaway. It will take at least one day to prepare and write one assignment. So in total it will take 5 consecutive days to finish them, so don't waste your time.

The assignment question papers for IGNOU BTS First Year are given below

TS1 - Tourism Studies 1

TS1 - Tourism Studies 1

View TS1 question paper in IGNOU website

TS2 - Tourism Studies 2

TS2 - Tourism Studies 2

View TS2 question paper in IGNOU website

BSHF-101 - Foundation Course In Humanities And Social Sciences

View BSHF-101 question paper in IGNOU website

FEG1 - Foundation Course In English - 1

View FEG1 question paper in IGNOU website

FEG2 - Foundation Course in English - 2

View FEG2 question paper in IGNOU website

Links to all other IGNOU Bachelor Degree Programme foundation courses are HERE 

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How To Add Drop Downs To WordPress Menu

I have already written an article on how to add menus or navigation tab to WordPress. Now I am going to teach you how to add drop downs in WordPress menu. Drop downs are really useful especially if you want to have sub topics for a particular category in your WordPress site.

Adding Drop Downs To Menus

In order to add drop downs to your WordPress meus

1. Go to WordPress dashboard > Appearance > Menus

Now you will have your main menus on the page. In order to add sub topics or drop downs, just drag the sub topic category towards the right. So that it looks something like the below image 

Adding Drop Downs To wordpress Menus

As you can see, the 'Brands' is a main menu on one of my wordpress sites, I want to list different brands as drop down sub topics. Basically what I did was list the different brands under the parent category 'Brands'. Now I dragged different brands slightly towards the right. Now they are all placed under the main menu tab 'Brands' as drop downs. See the result of arrangement below

In this way you too can add drop down menus to your wordpress website.

How To Turn Off Automatic Updates From Playstore

If you are a newbie to android, seeing all the apps updating all at once can make you panic. Or you may want to stop playstore from automatically updating the apps for some reason. You can easily turn off automatic updates by changing the settings on Playstore. You will have 3 options when you go to Playstore settings

1. Do not auto-update apps
2. Auto-update apps at any time. Data charges may apply
3. Auto-update apps over wi-fi

In order to turn off Playstore auto-update

1. Go to Playstore > Settings

2. Click on Settings > Auto-update apps

3. Now click on Do not auto-update apps

Now Playstore will need your permission to update any app.

How To Add Menus Or Top Tabs To WordPress

Adding menus or top tabs to wordpress is slightly confusing especially if you are new to wordpress. Adding menu will add to the navigation of your wordpress website. This will make the visitors to explore your website, thereby increasing the popularity and rank of your wordpress website.

How To Add Navigation Menu On WordPress?

1. Login to your WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Menus

2. Before going to menus, one thing you have to note is that you must have categorized your blog posts in some way. For eg: You must have tags or labels or page or categories for your blog posts.

3. Now you are on the menu page. You will be able to see a page similar to the below image

4. If you have categorized your blog posts, you can click on categories, then tick the categories you want to add to the menu > Add to menu > Then save it by clicking on 'Save Menu'.

You can repeat the same steps in the case of pages,posts,links and tags.

Once you do that, you will be able to see the top Navigation Tabs on your WordPress website. My next tutorial will be on adding drop downs or subcategories to each menu item.

How To Justify Text On WordPress? Solved

On WordPress as default, you will only have 3 options to align text namely Align Left, Align Center and Align Right. Justifying text gives a clean look to your blog posts. To me it is very irritating to read posts that are not justified. The option to Justify text in WordPress is hidden by default. 

Justify Text On WordPress

In order to justify text, go to WordPress Visual (normal) editor. Now click on the icon 'Show/hide Kitchen Sink' 

Once you click on Show/Hide Kitchen Sink, a lot of options will come up. You will be able to see the option to justify text with the name 'Align Full'

Now select all the text you want to justify and click on the 'Align Full' icon. All the text will get justified, happy posting.

How To Add Meta Description To WordPress Site With SEO Yoast

I have already written an article on how to add meta description to WordPress by editing the template. Here I am going to talk about how to add meta description using SEO for WordPress by Yoast plugin.It is a very good plugin for seo, especially if you are not sure about your html editing skills. The plugin will do all the seo coding for you, you just need to input the data.

How Add Meta Description To WordPress Site With SEO Yoast?

Here I am assuming that you have installed and activated SEO for WordPress by Yoast plugin.

1. Go to WordPress Dashboard > Scroll down to SEO

2. Click on SEO > Titles & Metas

3. Titles & Metas > Home

4. Now add the title of your blog and meta description in the field and save changes.

Make sure that the title you enter is less than 65 characters and meta description is less than 160 characters. Those are the average character limits set by Google for best SEO. Also make sure that you have your target keyword in the meta description.

What Is An RAC, Waiting List Ticket? - Answered

RAC ticket is Reservation Against Cancellation. According to Indian Railway rules you will get an assured seat, if you hold an RAC ticket. However you will be sharing the berth with another person having RAC ticket.

A single berth will be divided for two persons holding RAC tickets. However you may get a confirmed berth if you talk to the TTE. TTE will arrange a berth for you if any berths are empty or becomes empty on the way.

For male passengers RAC ticket is as good as a confirmed ticket, but it may be a worry if you are a lady as you will have to share the berth with a stranger.

Waiting List tickets are inferior to RAC tickets. Waiting List Tickets may get promoted to RAC in the last moment. But you can't board a train with a waiting list ticket. You will have to cancel it or try other options such as Tatkal ticket. It will be worth waiting, if your waiting list number is WL4 or below, in most cases those tickets will get upgraded to RAC or confirmed ticket.

How To Host A GoDaddy Domain On BlueHost

Not all hosting companies provide great offers for domain and hosting at the same time. Some companies provide domains at great rates but not hosting and vice versa. I guess companies make up for their loss (for providing offers) in either of the two.

GoDaddy is a great platform for buying domains. They are among the cheapest. BlueHost is best for hosting packages not so much for domain buying. So why not combine the virtues of both companies by buying a domain from GoDaddy and hosting it on BlueHost.

How To Host A GoDaddy Domain On BlueHost?

In order to host a GoDaddy domain on Bluehost you just need to change the nameservers on GoDaddy control panel and assign the new domain on your Bluehost hosting account. To do this

Assign Your Domain To Bluehost Hosting Account

1. Sign in to your Bluehost hosting account > Click on 'Domains' on the top tab > Click on 'Assign a new domain to your cpanel account > If you are going to use a domain name which you used to register on BlueHost hosting choose 'Use a domain name that is already associated with your account'. If you are going to use a different domain, choose 'Use a domain that is not already associated with your account'.

2.  Change the nameservers on GoDaddy to verify ownership of the domain (Described in detail in the next section). You will only be able to proceed once you change the nameservers on GoDaddy.

3. Choose default settings suggested by BlueHost, if you don't know much about what they are saying and click next. Now your domain will be hosted on BlueHost.

Changing Nameservers On GoDaddy

1. Sign in to your GoDaddy account > Domains > Select the domain and click 'Launch' 

2. Now you are on the Domain Details page > scroll down to Nameservers > Manage > Custom nameserver settings > Enter custom nameservers > Add nameservers > Now add ns1.bluehost.com in the first row and ns2.bluehost.com in the second row > Ok.

Now go back to BlueHost account and finish the assigning process. 

Host A GoDaddy Domain On BlueHost

Once everything is completed you must be seeing the above image once you enter the address of your domain (remember to clear cache).

How To Optimize Data Usage On WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a great platform for free messaging, sending images, videos, audio etc. However it does take a toll on your data plan especially when you deal with a lot of images and videos. But don't worry, WhatsApp has settings to optimize data usage.

Optimize WhatsApp Data Usage by Regulating Auto-Download

You can optimize WhatsApp data usage by regulating auto-downloads. For eg: You can stop auto-download of images etc while on mobile network and enable it while you are on Wi-fi.To do this

1. Go to WhatsApp > Options > Settings > Chat Settings

2. Chat Settings > Media auto-download

3. You can select from the settings to use while on mobile data. Uncheck all the options (image,audio,video) if you don't want the app to auto-download while on mobile data. Doing this will give you the freedom to download selected images or videos, other than auto-downloading everything and filling your memory with junk.

Similarly, you will have options to choose custom settings while on Wi-fi and roaming. Set your preferences and you can save your data charge.

How To Add Links To Image Captions In WordPress

Adding links to image captions can be done easily with WordPress visual editor. First you need to upload the image normally and then add caption.

1. Now you need to highlight the caption and then click on the 'Insert Link' option on the visual editor toolbar (See image below)

2. Now enter the url of the link in the URL column and click add link. The link will now be added to the image caption.

Tip: Sometimes Wordpress will act like a disobedient boy and the image caption link won't work properly, especially when you align the image to left or right. The only work around is to align the image to center. If that doesn't solve the issue, you will have to edit the code.

How To Install Google Analytics For WordPress

Installing google analytics on your wordpress website lets you track all the traffic. With google analytics installed on your wordpress website, you will get access to quite a lot of information.

How To Install Google Analytics For WordPress?

Here, I am assuming that you already have a google analytics account and a wordpress website. I am not a big fan of html editing, I always prefer wordpress plugins for easy installation. If you want to install it manually, you will have to paste google analytics code to each and every page you want to track. But a wordpress plugin will help you do it in just a couple of steps. Follow the instructions below

1. Go to Google Analytics > Admin > Your WordPress Site > Tracking Info > Tracking code

2. Now go to WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Add new > Search for 'Google Analytics for Wordpress' by Joost De Walk. It is the best wordpress plugin for google analytics. It is from the same developer who made SEO Yoast. Install the plugin and activate it.

3. Now on your WordPress dashboard > Google Analytics > Authenticate > Select the UA code for your wordpress site from the Tracking info got from Google Analytics website > Update google analytics settings.

It will take some time (probably one or two days) for google to update all data in your google analytics account.
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