How To Check Data Balance On Idea

You can check data balance on Idea by dialing *125#

Cannot Login To Skype With Correct Username And Password - Solved

Sometimes you may not be able to login to your skype account even with the correct username and password. The issue may be because you are holding a microsoft account for skype.

If you are using a microsoft account (in most cases, the login issue will be due to this), you will have to login through microsoft. You will have to click on the 'Microsoft Account' and login with your user id and password. See image below

You will be able to use Skype normally ever after.

Sony DSC-W570 Digital Camera User Review

Sony DSC-W570 Digital Camera Features
  • 16.1 MP camera
  • 5X optical zoom
  • 10X digital zoom
  • 25mm wide angle lens
  • 2.7 Inch LCD screen
  • Carl Zeiss lens
  • Sweep panorama
  • 4GB SDHC card
Sony DSC-W570 Digital Camera Review

Sony DSC-W570 Digital Camera Review

DSC-W570 is a good mid range digital camera. You may have read all its features. Everyone may not be able to understand all its features, I mean only a pro can understand what 25mm lens means. I am here to tell you about how it works, from the perspective of a non-geek.

Sony DSC-W570 does what it is supposed to do, take good pictures. It does an equally good job in outdoor and indoor. The camera flash is quite powerful and illuminates dark areas pretty well. You can view my posts written on my travel blog, to see the photos taken using Sony DSC-W570. I use this camera for my journeys as it is small and easy to carry around. I am not a great fan of DSLR cameras as they are bulky and you need to keep an eye on it all the time. It demands a lot of care, which I really don't like when I am on a leisure trip.

I have been using Sony DSC-W570 for 2 years now and I never had an issue with it. Almost all pictures on my travel blog are taken using this camera. So you can check the quality of images there. It has quite a lot of shooting modes. It will take some time for you to learn all the tricks in the bag. 

Battery Life

DSC-W570 has a decent battery on board. It lasts at least one and a half day on my trips ( I click very often). The charging time is around 4 hr 30 min.

Overall, Sony DSC-W570 is a great choice, if you are looking for a camera that doesn't cost too much. It costs around $185 now.

Nexus 5 OTG Without Root - Solved

Most people wonder whether Nexus 5 supports OTG (USB on the go) or not. Nexus 5 hardware does support OTG, it is only the issue with the software. As you may know that Nexus 5 comes with pure OS, nothing extra. You don't get fancy apps like you get on Samsung or HTC. You will have to download all the required apps.

OTG on Nexus 5 Without Root

I have seen many articles and posts on internet saying that you need to root your Nexus 5 to get OTG support. No, you don't need to. Personally, I am not a great fan of rooting devices as it may harm the device, if you don't do it right. You can call me conservative for that, but I am sure that many people will agree with my opinion.

How To Use OTG On Nexus 5 Without Root?

For using OTG on Nexus 5 without rooting, you need to download an app from playstore. The name of the app is 'Nexus Media Importer'. It is a paid app, it costs $3.99 or something. There is also a free limited version called 'Nexus Photo Viewer' with which you can only view photos. You can test the app by downloading the free version. If you want to move media and documents, you will have to buy the paid version. 

Nexus Media Importer supports all Nexus devices. It detects the USB pen drive instantly and I can easily move the files without any issue. The below video from TechCloud explains how to use the app.

Marshall Spike Extension Cord Review

Recently I bought a spike extension cord for my computer. It is from Marshal. I bought it for Rs.250. It has 4 power outlets with individual switches and indicators. The cord length is 5 metres. There is also a 2 metre version which costs Rs.200.

Marshall Spike Extension Cord Review

It is a decent looking spike extension cord. I use all 4 power outlets and they all work quite well. The only complaint I have is with the plug size. Some of my adapters don't fit fully into the plug. My modem adapter and laptop charger doesn't go all the way down, it is stuck at 3/4. Apart from that, I am very much satisfied with Marshal extension spike. It is manufactured by a company based in Chennai.

How To Submit IGNOU Assignments - Procedure

It is time to submit your IGNOU course assignments. The last date for submission of IGNOU assignments for July session students is March 31. There is a certain procedure to be followed for submitting IGNOU assignments. Here I am not talking about how to write assignments, instead I am talking about how to submit them.

First of all, you need to get the 'Assignment Front Page Form' from your IGNOU study center. Or you can download and print the below form.

IGNOU Assignment Submission Format

1. You need to have two copies of the front page form on the assignment. One will be taken away by your study center and the remaining one will be kept for IGNOU office purposes.

2.  The next page should be an A4 sheet containing your Name, Course, Roll Number, Regional Center, Study center, Residential Address and your contact number.

3. On the next page, you can take a print out of the assignment question paper and keep it there or you can manually write them down.

4. Write the answers in the appropriate format. Never forget to write the question numbers correctly.

5. Finally add a reference, just to let them know about the books you referred.

6. After submitting the assignment you must get the receipt from the study center. You may also keep a photocopy of the assignment, just in case any dispute arises.

Other Tips : You should write the assignments in A4 sheets only. If you are doing a bachelor degree programme, you will have to submit one assignment each for every paper.

PS: If you have any more doubts, you can ask them on this facebook page IGNOU BTS NOTES
I may not be able to answer all doubts posted here. So please ask them on the above facebook page.

Bsnl Pravasi Plan Latest Details - 2014

Here are the details of Bsnl Pravasi plan

Sim Cost: Rs.199 for 2G sim and Rs.238 for 3G sim

Validity: 1 year

Plan voucher for validity extension: Rs.179

Freebies Along With Pravasi Plan

Free Bsnl to Bsnl Calls : 200 min

Free Bsnl to Other Network Calls : 40 min

Data : 50MB

SMS : 1000

In addition to this, you can add 3 numbers (2 local + 1 STD) to friends and family circle. Call charges will be 30p/min to Bsnl numbers and 40p/min to other network numbers.

Local Call Charges

Bsnl to Bsnl : 72p/min
Bsnl to Other Network : 90p/min

STD Charges

Bsnl to Bsnl : 72p/min
Bsnl to Other Network : 90p/min


Local : 50p
National : 60p
International : Rs.5

Netgear N150 Wireless Router Review

I was on the lookout for a really cheap but quality wireless router to set up wi-fi network at my home. I use Bsnl broadband unlimited plan. So I thought why waste my mobile data when I can make use of my unlimited broadband plan at home. I searched the whole of internet to find a good quality, inexpensive wi-fi router. My initial preference was D-link wi-fi routers, but to me they were expensive. Most D-link wi-fi routers cost above Rs.1000. So I was left with Netgear.

Netgear is a well known brand with very good reputation. After all it is a U.S company, so there will be no compromise on quality. As I said earlier, all I was looking for an inexpensive wi-fi router with good speed to use at home. I don't do high bandwidth online gaming or streaming and my bsnl broadband plan won't support such high speeds. My broadband connection has a maximum speed of 512kbps.

Netgear N150 Wi-fi Router Review

Netgear N150 Wi-fi Router Review

I bought N150 online from flipkart. I searched all the online websites possible and found the cheapest price for N150 on flipkart (considering the shipping costs as well, the price may have changed now I don't know, I got it for Rs.878).

The box comes with an installation CD (which I never used), user manual, power adapter, ethernet cable,warranty card and the router itself.

  • Maximum speed of 150Mbps (My bsnl broadband comes with a max speed of 512Kbps lol)
  • Secure connection
  • 2 LAN ports (They could have included at least 3, can't complain for the price)
  • Antenna

This is the real head ache with Netgear products. You just can't set it up with bsnl broadband unless you are a genius. Don't even bother reading the user manual, it is full of non sense, nothing is going to work. All you should do is call the customer care and they will give you instructions on how to do it. It took a 30 min call to the Netgear support to get my N150 set up with bsnl broadband connection. Once set up, the router worked like a breeze, no worries.

Wi-fi Range

I have set up the router on the first floor of my 2500sq.ft home. I get full range on the first floor and 2 bars on the ground floor, which I think is very acceptable for a low cost wi-fi router. One funny thing I noticed is that I get better coverage 30m outside my house than in my Kitchen,lol. Overall, the Wi-fi range of N150 is very good.


The data speed via Wi-fi network is very acceptable for me.

Overall, Netgear N150 is a value for money product. The only difficulty is the first time installation. Once you are done with that, it works quite well.

Can't See Amazon Affiliate Earnings - Solved

If you are new to Amazon affiliate marketing, one thing you will notice is that your amazon affiliate earnings won't reflect on your unpaid balance section. It is not an issue at all, that is how amazon affiliate marketing works.

Amazon will send its affiliate earnings check/deposit only after 60 days from reaching the payment threshold. So if you reach the payment threshold in January, your payment will only be send in March.

What if you didn't reach your payment threshold and the balance is not reflecting on the account?

Don't worry, amazon will only update it after 2 months. Suppose you have $50 earnings for the month of December. Your $50 earnings will not reflect as unpaid balance until February 2nd. That is how amazon works things out.

You can check your unpaid balance by going to Account Settings > View your payment history

BSNL General Plan Latest Details - 2014

Bsnl general plan is not among the popular plans, but it still has some pretty useful features. Details of bsnl general plan is given below

Bsnl General Plan Sim Cost

Total cost = Sim cost + Initial cost

Initial Cost : Rs.171

2G Sim Cost : Rs.20

3G Sim Cost : Rs.59

Validity of general plan is for 180 days or 6 months. You will have to recharge with Rs.171 for validity extension.

Free Calls And Offers Along With Plan Voucher or Validity Extension

When you first buy the plan voucher or extend the validity, you will get the following freebies

Bsnl to Bsnl calls : 75 min

Bsnl to Other network : 75 min

Internet : 55MB

SMS : 50

All free calls, internet and sms should be consumed within the first 30 days, otherwise they will expire.

You can also add 2 local bsnl numbers to Friends and Family Circle under general plan. You can make calls to those 2 numbers at the rate of 40p/min.

Bsnl General Plan Call Charges (Excluding freebies)

Local Calls

Bsnl to Bsnl : 60p/min

Bsnl to Other network mobile : 70p/min

Bsnl to other network landline : 90p/min

STD Calls

Bsnl to Bsnl : 60p/min

Bsnl to Other network mobile : 70p/min

Bsnl to other network landline : 90p/min



Bsnl to Bsnl : 60p
Bsnl to Other network : 70p


Bsnl to Bsnl :70p
Bsnl to Other network :80p

International SMS : Rs.5

Why You Need Protection For Your Nexus 5?

It’s been a month since I bought my Nexus 5. I have been in love with my Nexus 5 ever since. I moved from Nokia C6-00 to Nexus 5. Nokia C series (Complaint series lol) phones were the worst phones made by Nokia. Mine was no different, but I hung on to it for 2 years until Google came up with this beast.

For the price tag, Nexus 5 is the best phone you could ever get. No question about it. But the hardware of Nexus 5 is fragile. If you don’t take good care of it, you will damage it some day.

Scratch Protection

Nexus 5 LCD IPS display comes with Gorilla Glass 3. Most people have a false belief that Gorilla glasses are scratch proof. No, they are not scratch proof, they are just scratch resistant. If you leave the LCD screen of Nexus 5 unprotected, it will start getting scratches.

Protection For Nexus 5

You must get a screen guard for your Nexus 5. You don’t need to go for military grade screen guards as they tend to mess up the display and it will cause rainbow effect. All you need is a simple and clear screen guard that gives an additional layer of protection. Make sure that the screen guard you choose is at least 99% clear and fingerprint proof. It should not affect your display quality.

Protection from Dust

Dust is a huge huge enemy of Nexus 5 white version. You keep it on a table with dust, your white Nexus 5 will become all dirty. The part with the IMEI sticker gets dirty really quickly. White Nexus 5 is a dirt magnet, you bet. So if you are going for a protective case, choose black or dark colored cases.

Protection from Drops

If you drop your Nexus 5 with the screen facing down, pray to God that please don’t break it. Because it will. Nexus 5 has the most fragile screens, I have ever come across. If you want to see the proof, watch the video below.

So it is imperative that you should either have a protective case or a flip cover for your Nexus 5. If you leave it unprotected, you will break it one day, it is just a question of ‘When’. And you won’t get a second chance unless you have won a 10 million dollar lottery.

I use flip cover for my White Nexus 5. I use white flip cover, the issue with white flip cover is that it gets dirty quickly. So you would be better of buying some dark colored ones, but if you want looks, go for white.

Flip covers provide a professional look along with good protection.

How To Format Write Protected SD Card - Solved

When you try to format SD cards from your computer, some SD cards will come up with 'Write Protected' warning. It is nothing serious.

Format Write Protected SD Card

In order to format write protected SD card, just unlock the SD card by sliding the lock on the memory card adapter to unlock position. Now the write protection on your SD card will be disabled and you will be able to format it.

Micromax Q5 Audio Player Not Working - Solved

Micromax Q5 has a weird audio set up. I am not sure about other models from Micromax, but Q5 does have a pretty complicated audio refresh system.

The issue happens when you format your memory card on Q5 or when you delete the 'My Music' folder on your memory card.

Micromax Q5 requires a folder named 'My Music' on your memory card. All music files should then be transferred to 'My Music' folder. Once you transfer all music files to the 'My Music' folder, you will be able to see all the songs in your audio player. If you can't see the songs, just refresh the list.

It is important to create a new folder named 'My Music' after formatting the memory card. Otherwise you won't be able to play the music files from the audio player.

Android Video Player That Play All Formats

I have been looking for a video player that play all kind of video formats for my android phone. I have tried quite a few, some play certain video formats and some others won't. Finally I came down to one video player that plays almost all video formats available today.

The name of the video player is BSPlayer Free, as the name suggests this app is free. It plays almost all video formats and will show subtitles whenever it is available (or you can download it). The app will automatically download subtitles from the internet.

It is android KitKat compatible, I use BSPlayer Free for my Nexus 5, it works perfect.

Supported Video Formats

avi, divx, flv, mkv, mov, mpg, mts, mp4, m4v, rmvb, wmv, 3gp, mp3, flac,RTMP, RTSP, MMS (tcp, http), HTTP Live stream, HTTP

The list includes almost everything I guess. It has a 4.4 rating on Play Store. You can try it.

Bsnl Student Plan Latest Details - 2014

If you are a student there is no better plan than Bsnl Student Plan. It lets you make calls at lower rates.

Bsnl Student Plan Sim Cost

2G Sim : Rs.20

3G Sim : Rs.59

Bsnl Student Plan Details

Validity is for 6 months (180 days). You will have to recharge with Rs.97 for validity extension.

Freebies Along With Validity Extension

Bsnl to Bsnl : 45 min

Bsnl to Other Network : 45 min

3G/2G Data : 45MB

SMS (National & Local) : 40

All freebies should be consumed within the first 30 days.

Friends And Family Circle

You can add 5 numbers to friends and family circle under student plan. You can add 3 local bsnl numbers and 2 local other network numbers under this plan. The call charges will be 15p/min for bsnl numbers and 35p/min for other network numbers.

Bsnl Student Plan Call Charges

Call charges to other numbers are given below


Bsnl to Bsnl : 50p/min

Bsnl to Other Network Mobile :  70p/min

Bsnl to Other Network Landline : 90p/min


Bsnl to Bsnl : 50p/min

Bsnl to Other Network Mobile :  80p/min

Bsnl to Other Network Landline : 90p/min

SMS Charges

Local - Bsnl to Bsnl : .05p , Bsnl to other network : 15p

National - Bsnl to Bsnl : 50p,  Bsnl to other network :60p

International : Rs.5

Bsnl Ajeevan Plan Details - 2014

Bsnl has introduced New Ajeevan plan recently. Under Ajeevan plan, bsnl customers will always get full talktime for Rs.200 top up. The validity of the Ajeevan plan is lifetime (literally). When your cumulative recharges reach Rs.200, the validity will be automatically extended to a maximum of 180 days.

I will break it down for your understanding. Suppose you recharge Rs.100 one day and Rs.100 another day within the first 180 days after buying your Ajeevan plan sim. Then your cumulative recharge has reached Rs.200, so from the day your cumulative recharge reaches Rs.200, your validity will be extended for 180 more days. You will also get 8 min free bsnl to bsnl calls during activation (which has to be consumed within first 30 days). You can also add 3 numbers to friends and family circle to which you can make calls under reduced rate.

Bsnl Ajeevan Plan Sim Details

Total Cost = Sim cost + Initial cost 

Initial cost = Rs.44

2G Sim cost = Free

3G Sim cost = Rs.59 (128k) & Rs.200 (256k)

Validity : 180 days

Full Talk time : Always for Rs.200

Friends & Family : 3 numbers (at least one should be a bsnl number). Call charges to Bsnl will be 20p/min and other network will be 40p/min.

Call Charges (Same for STD and Local calls)

To Bsnl : 72p/min

To Other network : 78p/min

SMS Charges

Local sms : 80p

National sms : 90p

International sms : Rs.5

Nexus 5 Camera Flash Not Working - Solved

One thing I really don't like about my Nexus 5 is the camera app. It is not user-friendly at all. Recently I noticed that my camera flash is not working at all. Because Nexus 5 camera app is not user-friendly, most users will find it difficult to get the flash back on. I knew my camera had a flash when I tested it for the first time. Somehow it disappeared after that.

Problem: The flash icon in the Nexus 5 camera setting disabled

First of all let me tell you one thing. The camera flash on Nexus 5 will not work with HDR+ on. With HDR+ on, you can clearly see that the white balance and camera flash options disabled. So check whether that is the issue.

Another possibility is that the 'Scene Mode' might be enabled. To check this Go to > Camera Settings > More Options

Nexus 5 Camera Flash Not Working

More Options > SCE

 SCE > Make sure that Scene Mode is disabled, check whether there is a bar going across as shown in below image. If there is no bar, click on it. Now your camera flash will be enabled.

These are the two possibilities I could find. If the above tips didn't help you, you may consider resetting the phone as a last resort.

How To Unlock App Lock On Android - Solved

Here I am talking about about app locks only, I am not referring to the default pattern lock provided by android. There are many app lock apps available, with which you can easily lock your apps like hangouts, skype, camera, gallery etc. But what if, you want to do some spy work against your friends? You can easily get through app locks using the tip below.

In order to unlock an app lock android, go to Settings > Apps > Select the app you want to unlock > Click on Force Stop. Now the app will stop working and you can easily go through the contents. Once you are done with spying, click on the app lock icon and restart it. The lock will come back on and the owner would not have a clue that you had access to his contents.

You can use this method to unlock any third party app downloaded from Play Store or anywhere for that matter.

Real Time Wallpaper For Android

I have always loved to have a live wallpaper that changes itself according to the time of the day. I have searched the play store quite a bit to find a good real time wallpaper for my android phone. Actually what I was looking for was a wallpaper that shows morning when it is morning and shows the gradual changes in the sky as day moves on and the moon comes up when it is night.

Unfortunately there are not many real time wallpapers available in the play store. I just found one that came close to what I was looking for. It is free, its name is Real Time Live Wallpaper you can check it out. Because it is free, it comes with ads but they are not annoying as they don't come up on screen. The ads are activated only when you open the app. 

This app has 4 wallpapers that will change according to the time of the day. I think it is syched with the phone clock. However, after installation the app may ask to install other things like a search engine or something, you just decline everything the app asks you to try, GOD ! I hate them. This app has a rating of 4.1 on Play Store. You may try it.

Live wallpapers will drain your battery though. It decreased my standby time by 11% for my Nexus 5.
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