Bsnl Pyari Jodi Plan Latest Details 2014

In late 2013, Bsnl changed Pyari Jodi plan to New Pyari Jodi. Along with the name change bsnl also changed the call rates as well. Pyari Jodi is still one of the most popular mobile plans from bsnl. With bsnl pyari jodi sim, you can make free calls to your bsnl landline or WLL number for up to 30 min a day. The sim card and the landline number should be under your name to become eligible for a Pyari Jodi sim card.

Pyari Jodi sim costs Rs.73 and it comes with a validity of 90 days. The validity will be automatically renewed if you have more that Rs.73 in your account. Otherwise you will have to easy recharge for Rs.73. Initially you will get 41 minutes bsnl to bsnl calls and 41 minutes bsnl to other network calls with the sim card, which has to be consumed within 30 days. You will get the same 41 min benefit once you extend the validity. Effectively, you will get 41 min onnet and 41 min offnet calls every 3 months, in addition to the daily 30 min free calls to the landline number. This is what makes Pyari Jodi so popular.

In addition to this, you can also add two local bsnl numbers to friends and family circle, to which the call charge will be 40p/min.

Pyari Jodi Call Charges

Call charges for other calls excluding the freebies are given below

Local Calls
Bsnl to Bsnl : 72p/min (second pulse .012p/s)

Bsnl to Other Network Mobile : 90p/min (second pulse .015p/s)

Bsnl to Other Network Landline : Re.1.08/min (second pulse .018p/s)


There is no change in STD charges. Both local & STD charges are the same.

Bsnl to Bsnl : 72p/min (second pulse .012p/s)

Bsnl to Other Network Mobile : 90p/min (second pulse .015p/s)

Bsnl to Other Network Landline : Re.1.08/min (second pulse .018p/s)



To Bsnl : 60p

To Other network : 70p


To Bsnl : 70p

To Other network : 80p

International SMS : Rs.5

Nexus 5 Notification LED Not Working - Solved

Nexus 5 has a very good looking notification light under the home bar. The notification light is not visible until it turns on. One huge bummer of Nexus 5 notification light is that it doesn't work properly. It will just flash once or twice when some one call or message. That is not what we want from a notification light. I want my notification light to keep on flashing until I pick up the phone. I want notification light for missed calls, sms, mms and e-mail. Unfortunately, Nexus 5 notification light is not customizable by default. It won't work properly even when you enable pulse notification light in display settings.

Nexus 5 Notification LED Not Working

How To Customize Nexus 5 Notification Light?

In order to customize Nexus 5 notification light, you have to download an app called Light Flow Lite from the Play Store. It is a popular app with 20k reviews, it has KitKat support as well. The best part is that this app is completely free.

Download and install Light Flow Lite > Open > Notifications > Here you can set notification light color, duration etc. There are lot of customizations possible, try them out. I use red color for missed calls, white color for sms and pink for e-mails. I set all notification duration to 15 min, so that the LEDs will blink for up to 15 minutes. You can also set the Led Flash rate to fast or slow.

Downloading Light Flow Lite or a similar app is the only way to customize notification light on Nexus 5. I choose Light Flow Lite because it is popular, trustworthy and compatible with KitKat.

How To Export Mozilla Firefox Bookmarks - Solved

In order to export your Firefox bookmarks click on the Firefox menu icon on the top left corner of the page.

How To Export Mozilla Firefox Bookmarks

1. Now click on Bookmarks > Import and back up

2. Export bookmarks to HTML > Give a file name and save it.

Now you can use the same HTML file to import bookmarks on to any other browser like chrome or safari.

Can't Sync Firefox Bookmarks With Android Device

With Firefox Sync, you can sync your bookmarks,add-ons, browsing history etc on your android device. However, Firefox has poor support regarding Windows-Android syncing. I managed to successfully syn both accounts, but I wasn't able to see the bookmarks on my android phone. I searched all over Mozilla support to find an answer, but failed. Getting my PC bookmarks on to my phone was the only reason why I decided to sync my devices.

Even syching my account was quite a trouble. I had to find my recovery key, which I never had. Finally I generated my recovery key and synced the account, only to see my bookmarks not getting synched. Another way to get around this issue is to use third party android apps.

2. Copy the file to your android phone

3. Import the bookmarks using any bookmark importing app from the play store.


Okura Mobile Screen Guard Review

I bought Okura mobile screen guard for my Nexus 5 recently. I bought it for Rs.60. I applied the screen guard on Nexus 5 all by myself and without any bubbles. It's been 2 weeks since I applied Okura screen guard, so I decided to do a review on it.

Okura Mobile Screen Guard Features (As on the product cover)
  • 99% Ultra clear
  • Mirror
  • Privacy ( I don't know how that works)
  • Oil pollution prevention
  • Anti-static
  • Anti UV
  • Scratch free
  • Anti finger print
  • No rainbow
Not all the features on the product cover work well.

What I Like?

Okura screen guard is easy to apply. It didn't take more than 10 min to apply the screen guard on my Nexus 5, and that too without a single bubble. It comes with a micro-fibre cloth which does a decent job of cleaning the mobile screen. Okura screen guard is extremely clear, it doesn't mess up with display at all. There is no rainbow effect as well, which I really like. It is scratch resistant to a good extent. It gives a good mirror effect as well.

What I Don't Like?

Okura screen guard is a finger print magnet. They say it is anti-finger print. But no, it really attracts finger prints and it is everywhere. In addition to that, if you touch your phone screen with slightly oily hand, you will make it more messy. It will give an unclean look to your screen. There is no effect on display clarity though. Everything can be wiped out with a cleaning cloth. Once you wipe them out, it looks clean

What I Don't Understand?

I have no idea what they mean by privacy, may be the guard will cut out the viewing angles, preventing people sitting adjacent to you from viewing the display. But I don't see much difference in viewing angles with and without Okura screen guard.

I don't have the courage to test anti-static feature with my new phone. So I didn't test it. Also I don't know whether the screen guard prevents UV rays or not. 

How To Transfer Files Via USB on Nexus 5

Doing something on Nexus 5 is like learning a new OS. Settings and options are hidden in such weird places that it very hard to find. In order to transfer files via USB on your Nexus 5

1. Connect Nexus 5 to your computer using USB cable

2. Now on your Nexus 5, go to Settings > Storage > USB Computer Connection (in options, see image below) 

Transfer Files Via USB on Nexus 5

3. Tick Media Device (MTP) for transferring files or tick Camera (PTP) for transferring photos.

4. You will be able to see the Nexus 5 icon on your My Computer panel, you can access Nexus 5 files from there.

How To Toggle Data On Nexus 5 - Solved

Nexus 5 comes with pure android. It runs on android Kitkat (Google has released android 4.4.2 update for Nexus 5). The difficulty with pure android is that it doesn't have easy data toggle feature on the drop down menu like Samsung or HTC has. The data toggle feature of Nexus 5 is in fact hidden one step further.

In order to toggle data (enable and disable data) on Nexus 5

1. Click on the profile icon on the drop down menu (see image below)

 Toggle Data On Nexus 5

2. Now click on you mobile network operator name, mine is 'Idea' here

3. Now slide the On or Off switch to toggle data on your Nexus 5

How To Change Categories On Elance Free Membership

With Elance free membership plan, you can't subscribe for more than one job category. You will have to upgrade your elance membership to paid, in order to subscribe to more than one job category. However you can change your job category under elance free membership plan.

In order to change your elance job category

1. Click on your name on the top right corner of the page > Membership > Edit Membership 

2. Now you are on the Elance membership page, scroll down to Category > Select the category of your choice > Continue > Submit.

The category change will come into effect immediately, so that you can start bidding under the new category straightaway.

Nexus 5 Google Voice Not Working - Solved

Google Now is integrated with voice commands on Nexus 5. It is a nice little feature in which you can tell the phone what to do, through voice commands. Much like Siri from Apple. However voice commands on Nexus 5 won't work if you choose any language other than English (US) during the initial set up.

Most common mistake committed by Nexus 5 users is that they choose their regional language while setting up for the first time. Once you choose your regional language, the voice command 'Ok Google' won't work.

In order to activate voice commands on Nexus 5, you must change the default language to English (US). For this 

Go to Settings > Language & Input > Language > English (United States).

Forgot To Submit I-94 At Airport - What To Do Next

Sometimes officials at airport will ask to submit I-94, sometimes they won't. So it is your responsibility to remember and submit I-94 at the U.S airport. If you forget to submit I-94 at the airport then you will have to validate to the immigration authorities that you actually left United States. Otherwise your Visa might get cancelled due to over stay.

Not submitting I-94 means that your departure is not recorded properly. So you will be considered as over staying in U.S, technically. If you try to re-enter U.S without submitting I-94, you will be immediately sent back to your foreign country of origin. You can only enter once you get a fresh Visa from U.S consulate.

How To Submit I-94 Back?

If you forgot to submit I-94 at the airport, you must mail the form along with supporting documents to 





Supporting Documents Required
  • Original boarding passes of departure. Keep a photocopy of all boarding passes with you, before mailing them.
  • Photocopy of all pages in your passport that are not blank, including the biographical page. The departure stamps in your passport will prove that you have entered another country after you left United States.
  • Photocopies of other documents such as pay slips from the employer showing that you worked in another country after you left U.S. Bank statements showing that you made transactions from another country. You can also use credit card receipts of purchases you made from another country. You can also provide school records showing attendance at a school in another country.
You must mail the I-94 form along with the supporting documents via postal mail. You may also include an explanation letter explaining the whole situation which might just speed up the process. It may take up to 4 months for the authorities to process the request. The authorities won't provide any correspondence regarding your submission.

Note: The rules are slightly different if you visited Mexico or Canada via road.

Nexus 5 Dialer Issue - Solved

Dialer stuck issue is one common problem reported by Nexus 5 users world wide. It is a small bug in the system. Actually what happens is that, when you hang up a call, the dialer won't respond. The back button won't work, but the home button and the recent app button will work fine.

Now you will be forced to click the home button instead of the back button. You will see something similar to the below image

It is very frustrating to see a high end phone like Nexus 5 behaving like this. Fortunately there is a fix for this. I am not sure how it works, but it works.

Solution For Nexus 5 Dialer Problem

In order to fix Nexus 5 dialer stuck issue

1. Go to Settings > Apps > Click on each app and hit 'Clear Data'. In most cases clearing Play Store data fixes the issue. Try all others, if clearing play store data doesn't fix the issue.


How To Adjust Screen Brightness On Toshiba Laptop - Solved

Screen brightness on your Toshiba laptop can be adjusted quite easily. However, you should know where to look for the screen brightness settings. It is very confusing at times.

To adjust your screen brightness on your Toshiba laptop

1. Go to Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Power Options

adjust screen brightness toshiba laptop

2. Now move the screen brightness slider to the right or left to adjust the brightness. 

3. Another alternative method is to click on the battery charge icon > Adjust screen brightness.

IGNOU BTS 2013-14 First Year Assignment Question Papers

IGNOU has already released assignment question papers for BTS 2013 first year July session. The released assignment question papers are for the subjects Tourism Studies 1 (TS1), Tourism Studies 2 (TS2) and Foundation Course in Humanities and Social Sciences (BSHF-101). 

All IGNOU BTS 2013 July session students must submit their assignments to their respective study centres before March 31 2014. You can go through the guidelines for writing IGNOU assignments. You must write your enrollment number, name , address, assignment code and study centre code on the first page of your assignment. Before leaving the study centre you should make sure that you receive the assignment submission receipt.

In order to download IGNOU BTS 2013 July session assignment question papers

1. Go to IGNOU Student Login , enter your enrollment number and course name

2. On your profile page, scroll down to 'Services' > Download Term End Assignment Paper > BTS

Like the Facebook Page IGNOU BTS NOTES for free notes, free solved assignments, notifications related to exams, tips on how to pass exams etc. 

How To Import Contacts To Nexus 5

Importing phone contacts from your old phone to Nexus 5 is pretty easy. The methods differ depending upon your phone OS. There are mainly two methods in which you can import contacts to your Nexus 5. One is to sync all your contacts to gmail. I haven't tried this method yet, so I am not able to comment on that. The other method is to export the contacts to the memory card of your old phone and then transfer it to your Nexus 5. I have tried this one and it did work.

Import Contacts From Android Phone To Nexus 5

1. The first step is to export contacts on your old android phone to the memory card. For this go to Contacts > Options > Import/Export > Export to SD card > Confirm. Now all contacts on your old phone will be exported to the micro SD card. The exported contacts will be stored in 'Others' folder on your memory card. 

2. Copy the 'Contacts' on the 'Others' folder on your old phone and transfer it to your Nexus 5. You can do this by transferring via USB.

3. Once you have the 'Contacts' folder on your Nexus 5, it is time to import.

4. Go to the Dialer on Nexus 5 > Options (See image below)

5. Import/Export

Import Contacts To Nexus 5

6. Import from storage

7. Import all vCard files > Ok

It will take some time to import all contacts to your Nexus 5. Once it is done, you will be able to use all the contacts.

If you want to import contacts from a Nokia phone, you may read this article.

How To Take A Screenshot On Nexus 5

It is very easy to take a screenshot on Nexus 5. You just need to press and hold the power and volume down button simultaneously. The taken screenshot will be stored directly in the gallery under the folder name 'Screenshots'.

How To Activate Silent Or Vibration Mode On Nexus 5

Nexus 5 comes with the latest version of Android, which is the KitKat. KitKat is more or less like a new OS. it will take a little bit of time to get used to the settings. Initially, I too had a hard time understanding the different settings on Nexus 5. Eventually I succeeded in finding out where the silent mode and vibration mode lies.

In order to activate silent or vibration mode on Nexus 5 

1.Press and hold the power button for 2 seconds, a panel will pop up (See image below)

activate silent mode on nexus 5

2. You can select the vibration mode by clicking on the phone icon. If you want to set your Nexus 5 on silent mode, you can click on the speaker icon with a forward slash.

Micro Sim Cutting Charge In India

In India all mobile operators now provide micro sim and normal sim options when taking a new connection. But what if, you want to convert your existing normal sim card into a micro sim. You will have to cut your normal sim in that case.Micro sim cutting charge in India varies with location, but most mobile shops in India charge around Rs.30 for cutting the normal sim into a micro sim. If you can get your normal sim cut into a micro sim for below Rs.30, you should be fine.

How To Cut Your Own Micro Sim

The below video shows you how to cut your own micro sim. You can save Rs.30 with this method

Convert Micro Sim Back To Normal Sim

In order to convert your micro sim back to normal sim, you will have to buy a sim adapter. The sim adapter costs around Rs.45.

How To Eject Nexus 5 Sim Tray - Without Sim Ejection Tool

All Nexus 5 come with a sim ejection tool, you can use the tool if you are at home. What if, you want to change the sim card on the go. You can't carry the Nexus 5 sim ejection tool everywhere you go, but you can find some useful things on your office table itself. You can use a safety pin or paper clip or anything that goes into that hole.

In order to eject the sim tray on Nexus 5, push firmly and gently until the sim tray pops out.

ICICI Bank Cheque Collection Charges

ICICI bank charges a fixed amount for collection of cheques. 

ICICI Bank Cheque Collection Charges are given below

For ICICI Bank Outstation Cheques

Cheques up to Rs.5000 : Rs.25

Cheques from Rs.5001 to Rs.10,000 : Rs.50

Cheques from Rs.10,001 to Rs.1 Lakh : Rs.100

Cheques above 1 Lakh : Rs.200

For Non ICICI Bank Outstation Cheques

Cheques up to Rs.5000 : Rs.25

Cheques from Rs.5001 to Rs.10,000 : Rs.50

Cheques from Rs.10,001 to Rs.1 Lakh : Rs.100

Cheques above 1 Lakh : Rs.200

The cheque collection fee will be deducted from your ICICI bank account right after the cheque amount gets credited.

ICICI Savings Account Minimum Balance Charges

ICICI bank requires its savings account holders to maintain a minimum balance in their accounts. The minimum balance required varies with location. 

ICICI Savings Account Minimum Balance

For rural branches : Rs.2000

For Semi urban branches : Rs.5000

For Metro/Urban branches : Rs.10,000

ICICI Savings Account Minimum Balance Charges

If you fail to maintain the above balance in any month, ICICI bank will charge a fixed amount for non maintenance of monthly average minimum balance. The amount varies with bank location and the amount remaining in the account. The charges are given below

For Rural Branches

Balance between Rs.1000 to Rs.2000 : Rs.250/month
Balance less than Rs.1000 : Rs.350/month

For Semi Urban Branches

Balance between Rs.2500 to Rs.5000 : Rs.250/month
Balance less than Rs.2500 : Rs.350/month

For Metro/ Urban Branches

Balance between Rs.5000 to Rs.10,000 : Rs.250/month
Balance less than Rs.5000 : Rs.350/month

The reason why most private banks are charging such huge amounts is because they spend a lot of money for maintaining internet banking, ATM facilities and other services to their customers. Nationalized banks like SBI and Canara Bank get a lot of government funds, so they can provide these facilities without charging their customers, that is not the case with private banks. Private banks pay for these services from their pockets itself.

How To Sell Your Structured Settlement In U.S ? Whole Process Explained

Structured settlement is nothing but a legal settlement amount paid annually rather than a lump sum amount. Structured settlements have so many tax benefits as well.  In U.S, payments received by structured settlements are tax-free (almost). Selling structured settlements mean you will have to pay state and federal tax. However cashing out your structured settlement is an easy way for settling your immediate financial worries. Selling your structured settlement is not an easy process; first of all you need to do a lot of math and then complete the paperwork. This post will guide you through the entire process.

In most cases the need for immediate cash is the main driving force behind selling structured settlements. Most common reasons include buying a home, paying tuition fees or opening a business.  Insurance companies in U.S hate selling structured settlements as they are going to lose money. Insurance companies always prefer annuity settlements as they eventually pay a lesser amount, even though it may seem like they have paid the same settlement amount (It is all in the math).

Restrictions For Selling Structured Settlements

Almost all states (2/3 of them) in United States have restricted the sale of structured settlements. You must get a court approval before you can sell structured settlements.

Cost & Time Required For Selling Structured Settlements

You don’t need to spend any money for selling structured settlements. All expenses will be paid by the funding company. It may take around six to seven weeks for the structured settlement cash to reach you. You can receive the cash via wire transfer or check or by overnight courier, it all depends on the payment methods supported by your funding company.


Once you get your structured settlement cash, you don’t need to worry about any other financial liabilities. Your funding company will be responsible for all future risks. If the annuity payment is defaulted or the company goes bankrupt, your funding source will suffer the loss, not you.

How To Sell A Structured Settlement In Quick Time?

Follow the instructions below to cash out your structured settlement fast.

Know The Current Cash Value Of Your Structured Insurance Settlement

For this, you can consult a financial advisor or check online. There are many current cash value calculator tools available online.

Choose The Right Company

Do the research. You can ask for inputs from friends and family circle. Always choose a reputable company that specializes in buying structured settlements. Choose a company with good track record and get a quote from them.


Once you are satisfied with the company and the quote, let them know that you want to move forward. They will send you the contract. The contract must be checked and approved by your attorney. Make sure that the agreement is properly worded and is devoid of any kind of tax liabilities.

Signing The Contract

Once you and your attorney are satisfied with the contract, you may sign them. You must sign all the required documents and return the requested documents. The company will have to submit those documents to the court and insurance company for approval.

Documents Needed
  • Copy of annuity policy
  • Copy of Final Divorce Decree and property settlement (If divorced)
  • Supporting documents for court and insurance company verification
  • Photo
It will take about six to seven weeks for the settlement amount to reach you. Avoid unnecessary delays by submitting all documents properly. Your attorney can help you in getting the paperwork ready.

Adsense Ads Not Showing Up - Solved

This post is for those adsense publishers whose websites suddenly stopped showing adsense ads. When did you notice it, did you notice it today? If the answer is yes then you don't jump into conclusion that your adsense account is going to get banned, not yet. Sometimes adsense's ad serving networks fail to serve ads due to some technical issues. The stoppage won't last more than a couple of hours.

Recently I had a similar issue. My website suddenly stopped showing adsense ads. I searched online for solutions and almost all of them told that my account will get banned. But I didn't violate any terms for that matter, then how could I get banned. You can't imagine the mental strain I went through. Adsense was the only way I monetize my blogs, and getting banned means I am doomed for ever. But after a couple of hours adsense ads started showing up again. It was just a technical issue. So if your website/websites doesn't show ads, wait for at least couple of hours, see whether it is a technical issue or not.

Nowadays adsense has relaxed their blocking policies. You will get a warning before you get banned. You will get 3 days to fix the issue. If you can fix the policy violation within that time period, you may get away with blocking. Read more about adsense warning.

How to Get A Motorcycle License In Texas?

In order to drive a bike in Texas, you need to have a motorcycle license. You must add 'M' class to your driving license to become legally eligible to drive a motorcycle in Texas. You must pass a couple of knowledge and ride tests to get the license. Some tests are waived off if you already hold a valid motorcycle license from any other state.

Safety Course

Effective Sep 2009, Texas law requires every individual who wants to have a motorcycle license to take a motorcycle safety course approved by Texas DPS. Motorcycle safety course fee comes around $200, it may vary according to location, the maximum is $235. Motorcycles and helmets will be provided. If you are a minor you will have submit proof of permit or license or a Class C learners license. You will also have to complete the classroom phase of a driver education course as well.If you are above 18 you just need to submit proof of identity.If you already have a motorcycle license from another state in U.S, you don't have to take the course. The training locations of motorcycle safety course can be found on Texas DPS website. 


Basic Knowledge Tests: All motorcycle license applicants are required to take a basic knowledge test along with a motorcycle knowledge test. You don't have to take the tests if you already have a motorcycle license from another U.S state.

Motorcycle Riding Tests: All applicants are required to take motorcycle test unless
  • You are 18 years or older and holds a valid unrestricted Texas driver license
  • You are 18 years or older and holds a valid unrestricted motorcycle license from another U.S State
How To Apply For A Motorcycle License In Texas?

18 years and over, requirements
  • Valid ID proof
  • Two proofs of Texas residency with at least one document proving that you have lived in Texas for a minimum of one month.
  • Proof of Social Security Number
  • If you own a motorcycle, provide proof of vehicle registration and liability insurance
  • Motorcycle safety course completion certificate
  • Photograph and thumbprints
Minors, requirements
  • Proof of Identity
  • Proof of Social Security Number 
  • Driver education course completion certificate
  • Submit VOE form or a letter from school administrator
  • Authorization signature from your parents
  • If you own a motorcycle, provide proof of vehicle registration and liability insurance
  •  Photograph and thumbprints
Once you successfully complete all the knowledge and road tests, your Texas motorcycle license will be mailed to you. Happy Riding !

Bsnl Lifetime Validity Sim Details 2014

Bsnl recently introduced a lifetime validity sim and recharge option. Lifetime validity plan from Bsnl is known as Saral Anant Plan. The cost of bsnl lifetime validity sim is Rs.52 for 2G sim and Rs.91 for 3G sim. You will get 20 minutes bsnl to bsnl calls and 10 minutes other network calls free along with this sim for the first 30 days.

You can add 2 bsnl local numbers under friends & family scheme so that you can make calls to those numbers at a rate of 70p/min.

Tariff for all other calls are given below


Bsnl to Bsnl : 90p/min

Bsnl to Other network : Rs.1/min


Bsnl to Bsnl : 90p/min

Bsnl to Other network : Rs.1/min


Local : 80p

National :  Rs.1.20

STD : Rs.5

Roaming charges for Bsnl lifetime (Saral Anant) plan is given below

Bsnl Lifetime Validity Sim Details 2014

You can convert your existing bsnl sim to lifetime sim by recharging for Rs.32 or by sending sms PV32 to 53733 (You should have a balance of above Rs.32 for this).

How To Remove Ringback Tones On Verizon

Ringback tones are good when the person who calls you is in a good state of mind. What if the person who calls you is pissed off or is in a difficult situation, then ringback tones will become annoying instead of fun. In order to remove ringback tones on Verizon

1. Go to My Verizon > Sign in > Change Features > Select the mobile number for which you want to remove ringback tones from > Click on 'Remove' right next to the ringback tones feature.

2. Click 'Next' > You can select the date for which the changes need to go into effect > Next > Review the changes and click 'Submit' > That's it done. Now the ringback tone on your Verizon mobile number will be removed.

Bsnl New Mithram Plan Latest Details 2014

BSNL recently changed all its prepaid plans by adding a 'New' to all current plans. Bsnl's old Mithram Plan is now called 'New Mithram Plan'. Mithram Plan is one of the most popular and flagship prepaid plan ever rolled out by bsnl. Mithram Plan lets you call 5 numbers under reduced call rate. Previously you could call to bsnl numbers at 10p/min and to other network numbers at 30p/min (Applicable only for 5 numbers).

New Mithram Plan Details

Bsnl has now changed call rates in Mithram plan. Now you can make bsnl calls at 20p/min and other network calls at 40p/min for those 5 numbers in the friends and family circle. Total cost of Mithram plan 2G sim is Rs.69 and for 3G sim it will be Rs.108. It comes with 6 months validity

Plan voucher for Mithram Plan validity extension is Rs.49. The validity will be extended for 6 months.You will get 40minutes free bsnl to bsnl calls and 500 bsnl to bsnl sms when you recharge with Rs.49 for 30 days.

New Mithram Plan Tariff Outside 5 Numbers

Tariff for calls and sms outside 5 friends and family circle numbers are given below

Local Calls

BSNL To BSNL : 66p/min (Second pulse .011p/sec)

Bsnl to Other network : 78p/min (Second pulse .013p/sec)

STD Calls

Bsnl to Bsnl : 66p/min (Second pulse .011p/sec)

Bsnl to Other network : 78p/min (Second pulse .013p/sec)

Sms Charges

Local Sms

Bsnl to Bsnl : 60 paisa

Bsnl to other network : 70 paisa

National Sms

Bsnl to Bsnl : 70 paisa

Bsnl to other network : 80 paisa

International sms : Rs.5

Roaming Charges

Roaming charges for New Mithram Plan are as per the table below

bsnl mithram plan details

SMS Format For Adding Numbers

SMS format for adding 5 numbers to Mithram Plan :  FFE<space><number1><space><number2><space><number3><space><number4><space><number5> to 53733

For modification of numbers, the sms format is FFM<space><old number><space><new number> to 53733. You will be charged at Rs.5 per modification and only one modification is allowed at a time.

Note: All numbers should be local. At least one number out of the 5 should be a bsnl number.

How To Open Bail Bonds Company In Texas - Whole Process Explained

Bail bonds companies basically help the defendants by paying for their release from jail while they await trails, in exchange for a certain fee. The fee can vary according to the county. A typical bail bonds company in Texas charges around 10 percent of the bail. The bail bond company will be responsible for paying the bail set by the court. Bail bonding is a lucrative profit earning business but it comes with some risk as well. The bail bond company will be held responsible to locate the defendant in case he flees. The risk of losing the deposit is also another factor that you must consider. According to Texas law, every bail bond company must get a license from the government before starting out. In addition to that, you will have to complete all other paperwork required for starting a small business.

Applying For License

Every county in Texas has a bail bond board, you must apply for the license through the board. You can apply for bondsmen license as an individual or as a corporation. You will be asked to fill out an application with all information regarding your financial resources and background.

Deposit Collateral

You are required to deposit cash or collateral with the county treasurer once your application is accepted. Your bail bond company will not be allowed to issue bonds worth more than 10 times the deposited amount. The issued bail bond amount should come within the the 10 times limit.

Open An Office

It is better to set up your bail bonds company office near jails or courts, so that you get better exposure to prospective clients.

Complete Paperwork Required For Staring Small Business

All small business ventures in Texas must file an assumed name certificate. It must be filed with the county clerk. You must also complete the paperwork required for informing the county clerk about the persons who are authorized to execute bonds on behalf of your company.

Register your small business as propitiatory or LLC or LLP or Partnership with the Texas government agency. You may consider hiring an attorney to guide you through the whole process. You will have to register your business with IRS to get Employer Identification Number. You must also apply for local permits and licenses required for starting a business. ( You can read more about starting an LLC in Texas here)

Once you are done with all the paperwork, you can now concentrate on the marketing part. 

How To Block Unwanted Calls and Messages - For Girls

You may get a lot of unwanted and disturbing calls everyday, especially if you belong to female gender. Yes, a lot of college girls and women receive unwanted and disturbing calls every day on their mobiles. Most of them are helpless as they can do nothing about these issues and the culprits take advantage of their helpless situation.

Blocking Unwanted Calls By Mobile Network

Some private mobile networks like Vodafone and Airtel provide an option for its customers to block certain numbers from calling them. Both mobile operators charge a fixed amount per month for call blocking service. Airtel charges Rs.30/month and Vodafone charges Rs.99/month for this service. 

Tips to Avoid Unwanted Calls For Girls

1. Maintain Two Numbers : Maintain two phone numbers, one for personal use and the other for official or public purposes. Never give your personal number in public lists. For eg: If you are a college student and you want to give your mobile number for any purposes such as NSS or blood donation, provide your other number. Boys always collect girls' numbers from such public lists.

2. Do not provide your personal numbers in social media sites like facebook. Facebook is the hunting ground of boys, they will search your profile for mobile numbers.

3. Recharge With Paper Coupons : Most mobile recharge shops in India have easy recharge options. How easy recharge works out in India is, you will write your mobile number on a notebook with the amount to recharge and they will recharge the amount to your number. If you are a good looking girl, the sales boy or any other person in the mobile shop will note your number down and use it for calling or messaging. So avoid easy-recharge, switch back to old paper recharge coupons. 

4. Use Mobile Banking For Recharging : Almost all banks in India provide mobile banking facility. You can recharge you mobile 24x7 using mobile banking facility. Banks like SBI and ICICI provide easy options for mobile recharging.

How To File A Police Complaint Regarding Disturbing Calls
  • Note down the telephone number you receive the calls from, write your complaint on an A4 sheet with your address and matter.
  • Go to the nearest police station, hand over the complaint
The police will inform the Cyber Cell and they will collect all the required information. The culprit will get caught in a matter of hours. Sometimes you may have to give the complaint twice to get it forwarded to the cyber cell.

How To Enable Pattern Lock In Android? Solved

I have always loved pattern lock on android as it is a wonderful and simple way of adding security. I hate number locks or password locks as you have to type in the password every time you want to unlock the phone. Pattern locks are easy and convenient, you just need to draw the pattern and you are done. Nokia has to learn from android I guess. 

In order to activate pattern lock on your android phone 

Go to Settings > Location & Security > Scroll down to 'Change Screen Lock' > Pattern > Draw the pattern of your choice twice > Confirm 

 Enable Pattern Lock In Android

That's it you are done. Now you will have to draw the pattern to unlock your android phone. The beauty of pattern lock is that it is easy to unlock and is an additional security for your private information as well.

Tip: To enhance security with pattern lock you may untick 'Use visible pattern' in location and security settings. So that others won't see the pattern when you are unlocking the phone.

How To Forward A Text Message In Android? Solved

I am new to android and yesterday I had to forward a message. It took some time for me to find an option to forward a text message. In order to forward a text message in android 

Select the message you want to forward > Long press on the message > A list of options will appear, scroll down > Forward.

Starting An Auto Insurance Agency In Texas? Whole Process Explained

Starting an auto insurance agency in Texas does require some paperwork. As an auto insurance agent in Texas, you will have to undergo a criminal background check once you apply. The Texas Department of Insurance is the licensing authority.As an insurance agent you will have to continue your education even after the license is granted.


Go to Texas Department of Insurance website and download the application. You will have to choose whether you need a resident or non-resident application. You will have to fill the corresponding continuing education forms along with your application. You can download education forms from the Texas Department of Insurance website. In order to sell auto insurance in Texas you must have General Lines-Property and Casualty License.

Examination and Fee

Prometric is the insurance exam provider for Texas Department of Insurance. You must apply for the exam by paying a fee of $70 to them. In addition to the examination fee, you will have to pay $50 in license fee to the Texas Department of Insurance.

You will have to undergo an electronic fingerprinting process for background check. In order to schedule an appointment for fingerprinting, fill out and submit FAST Pass form. You can get the form from Texas Department of Insurance website.

Setting Up Auto Insurance Agency 

You can submit a cover letter with an application that briefly describes all information about your proposed auto insurance agency including the type of insurance your agency will offer. The cover letter must be submitted to Texas Department of Insurance along with a filing fee check of $1500. You will have to submit other supporting documents such as minimum capital requirements, plan of operation, company insurance etc.

How To Donate Umbilical Cord Blood In U.S

There are two types of umbilical cord blood banks operating in United States, Public and Private. Private cord blood banks are strictly reserved for the child and family members. You will have to pay a huge fee for cord blood collection by private banks. Public cord blood banks collect umbilical cord blood free of charge. The cord blood is then stored in the facility for any future transplant. Any matching person can use the cord blood available from public cord blood banks.

Private And Public Cord Blood Banks

Private cord blood banks are meant for private use only. If you donate your child's cord blood to a private blood bank in U.S, you can use it if any member of your family in future requires a stem cell treatment. Stem cells of your child will be a perfect match for any of your family members. Another case is when the child himself develops a stem cell curable disease, it can be treated with his own cord blood. Cord blood can be stored indefinitely. Private cord blood banks in U.S charge a collection fee up-front and yearly storage fee. Private cord blood banking in U.S costs between $2000 to $3000 up-front and around $100 each year for storage. Private cord blood banking is strictly reserved for the child and family members.

Public cord blood banks do not charge any fee from the donor. The collected unit will be stored in the facility until a patient with matching tissue type arrives for transplant. The difference between private and public cord blood bank is that in public banks, the unit is not stored specifically for the donor or family members.

Advantages of Donating To Public Cord Blood Banks

Apart from the distinct financial gains, donating to public cord blood bank is considered as an act of kindness. It can save someone's life, you might just be saving a family indirectly. In addition to saving others' life, it can save yours as well. If your child or any family member develops a disease, you can make use of the same unit you donated (if it is available).

Stem cells are mainly used for hereditary type disease treatment, so if you treat your child with his own cord blood, chances are that the same disease can come up once again as the stem cell contain the same gene that is prone to the same disease. So it is better to get matching cord blood from a different child, especially for diseases like leukaemia.

How to Donate Cord Blood to Public Banks 

First of all let me thank you for your kindness to even consider donating cord blood. The world is not evil after all, happy to see people like you coming forward. Umbilical cord blood is rich in stem cells which can be used to treat life threatening diseases. Your simple act of kindness can save someone's life or even a family for that matter.

First check whether your hospital has an option for donating cord blood. If yes, then you must talk to your doctor about your decision approximately 3 months before your possible delivery date. Contact your nearest public cord blood bank and they will make arrangements for cord blood collection. Once the delivery is over, the umbilical cord and placenta will be tested. This test will determine whether the cord blood is suitable for transplant or not. All testing fee will be paid by public cord blood bank.

You will have to meet some basic health guidelines to donate cord blood. It is similar to something that we get during blood donation. Basically you just need to be a healthy lady expecting one baby (twins are not allowed).

Fill out the forms about the health history of you and your family. This ensures that your blood doesn't carry any kind of life threatening diseases that can be transferred to another person. The medical team from the public cord blood bank will analyze the data and decide whether you can donate. You are highly unlikely to qualify if you had any kind of blood borne diseases in the past.

Once you qualify, you must sign a consent form. You must keep a copy of the consent form just in case you need to contact them in future.

Address To Send Texas Individual Tax Due Payments

Below is the mailing address to send individual tax account balance due payments in Texas.

For Self-employed Individuals in Texas

If you are a self-employed person living in Texas, you must file a Schedule C or Schedule F along with your Form 1040. The mailing address is given below

Internal Revenue Service Center
Ogden, UT 84201-0010

For Wage Earners Living In Texas

If you are a wage earner living in Texas, you can send individual tax due payments to the following address

Internal Revenue Service Center
Austin, TX 73301-0010

How To View Individual Posts On Facebook

It was my birthday couple of days ago, around 100 people posted on my facebook timeline wishing for my birthday. I have a custom of replying to every post I receive. So I went to my timeline, but I couldn't see all 100 posts, instead I could see around 15 of my birthday wishes. I really wanted to reply to all those who wished me on my birthday, but facebook didn't show me all. So I started searching for other posts and finally I found them and replied to all. 

Below is the instructions on how to find all the posts posted on your facebook timeline

1. Log in to facebook > Click on your profile > Activity Log 

2. Scroll down, you will see the whole list of your facebook activity, including all the posts on your timeline. Open each post and reply to each one of them. Moreover, you can refine your results by using the options on the left sidebar.

How To Unhide A Google Adsense Ad Unit On Adsense Profile

You have an option to hide Google Adsense ad units in the 'My Ads' report section of your adsense profile. At times, you will mistakenly hide ads which you want to use. 

In order to see the hidden adsense ads

1. Go to your adsense account > My ads > Click on 'Advanced Filters' on the top right hand side of the page (See image below)

unhide hidden adsense ads

2. Put a tick mark against 'Hidden' , now you will be able to see all your hidden ads. You can unhide them by clicking on 'Show' just below the ad title.

Services Available Through Akshaya e-Centre

Akshaya is the e-governance program introduced by Government of Kerala. Nowadays, there are Akshaya centres at every nook and corner of Kerala. Akshaya has helped common people quite a bit by avoiding long lines in front of government offices throughout Kerala. Almost all certificates you need from Village and Taluk offices are filed from Akshaya centres. This avoids the rush at government offices.

Below are the list of services and certificates available through Akshaya centres

  • Aadhaar enrollment
  • RSBY-CHIS (Health Insurance)
  • Grand Kerala Shopping Festival Merchant Registration
  • E-filing of monthly returns
  • E-grants for SC/ST students
  • Bsnl bill payment
  • Water authority bill payment
  • KSEB bill payment
  • Motor Vehicle Department fees
  • e-challan
  • Calicut university exam fees
  • MG University exam fees
  • Cultural welfare board
  • Digital signature issue
  • Ration card
  • Caste certificate
  • Community certificate
  • Residence certificate
  • Relationship certificate
  • Nativity certificate
  • Domicile certificate
  • Income certificate
  • Possession certificate
  • Identity certificate
  • Legal heir certificate
  • Solvency certificate
  • Location certificate
  • Conversion certificate
  • Dependency certificate
  • Destitute certificate
  • Family membership certificate
  • Inter caste marriage certificate
  • Life certificate
  • Non-remarriage certificate
  • One and the same certificate
  • Possession and attachment certificate
  • Valuation certificate
  • Widow-widower certificate
  • E-vidya courses
  • Intel learn programme
  • E-manal (Registration for sand distribution)
  • Air ticket booking
  • Bus ticket booking
  • Railway ticket booking
  • E-Krishi 
  • Kerala non-resident keralites collection fee
  • Online passport application
  • Birth and Death certificates
  • Malayalam DTP
  • Medical Transcription
  • Insight Computer training course for visually challenged
  • DOEACC and C-Dit courses
  • Kerala entrance admit cards
Like you can see, there are many services available through Akshaya centres, but many people are  not using it as they are not aware of these services. I think Kerala government should take some steps to educate people about the services offered by Akshaya centres.

Dell KB212 USB Keyboard User Review

I bought Dell KB212 quiet key usb keyboard couple of months ago. So I decided to do a review on it.

It is a very good usb keyboard for the price (around $10). It has 104 keys. Previously I was using a logitech made keyboard. When compared to logitech, this one is a lot quieter. The typing comfort is better than logitech. But my logitech keyboard had a hand support, KB212 doesn't. Lack of wrist support does create some discomfort especially when you type for long periods. But I really don't mind it, as you can't ask for more with that price.

Dell KB212 USB Keyboard review

The number keys and all other keys are of good quality. It does create a very good feel when you type really fast. It is more of a business keyboard where you want to enter details pretty fast. The keyboard response is pretty good as well. As I said, it doesn't support multimedia as it is a business keyboard. It has a long cord, which is another advantage.

Dell has designed KB212 in a simple manner, no fuss. The whole keyboard is in a perfect rectangle shape, with all keys arranged perfectly. I will recommend Dell KB212 USB keyboard for you, especially if you are person who type a lot. I think Dell was targeting its business users for this keyboard.

Dell KB212 Pros
  • USB 2.0
  • Quiet Key
  • No wrist support

How To Tag A Deer In Texas

Deer hunting in Texas has a history of hundreds of years. In Texas, the deer hunting season starts in around September and extends all the way to February. Deer hunting is great adventure and one of the best outdoor fun you can get in Texas. However, Texas Parks & Wildlife Department has put strict guidelines and rules for deer hunting. The department has made deer tagging mandatory unless you have MLD or LAMPS or U.S Forest Service Antlerless permit or TPWD Special Drawm Legal Deer Tag or Big Time Texas Hunt permit. 

How To Tag A Deer

Deer should be tagged immediately upon a kill. You can tag the deer anywhere as long as you are using a valid license tag. The month and date must be cut out as soon as you tag it. You must be using the tag for the species of deer hunted. For eg: You can't use a buck tag for antlerless deer. You are not allowed to use a tag taken from the license of another person. You are not supposed to tag a deer more than once.

Legal Documents And Other Stuffs Required While Deer Hunting In Texas

You must carry your hunting license and a valid ID proof whenever you go for hunting. You may have to carry a Hunters Ed Certificate depending on your age. In Texas, there are some time restrictions for hunting. You can start hunting 30 min before sunrise and you have to stop it 30 min after sunset.

There are some rules for transporting as well. If head is severed from the body of the deer, then the tag must be attached to the body. If you transport the head separately, then it should be accompanied by a WRD (Wildlife Resource Document). You can quarter a deer and ice it but you should have a 'proof of sex' with the deer.

How To Copy Contacts From Nokia To Android? - Solved

I have been looking for an answer for this question for a while now. Finally I found out one workable solution. 

Issue With Copying Nokia Phone Contacts To Sim

This was the only option in the good old days. If you want to transfer contacts from your Nokia phone to Sony or Samsung phone, you had to copy all phone contacts to SIM card. The issue with copying contacts to SIM is that the SIM card memory is pretty limited. You may not be able to copy all phone contacts to SIM card. Another annoying thing is that, multiple contacts of the same person will be listed separately. Suppose a person has two phone numbers, the two phone numbers will be listed separately on the SIM card, it is very very annoying to me. I hate it.

Copying The Nokia Phone Contacts to Android Via Outlook

You can export the phone contact to outlook and import them to android. But this method is time consuming and confusing at the same time. 

Copying Phone Contacts From Nokia To Android Via Memory Card

This is the best possible option. But the help tips available online doesn't work with all Nokia phones because simply there is no option to copy contacts to memory card, the only option is to copy contacts to SIM memory (Well, the option to copy to memory card is hidden somewhere).

Real Solution

1. Export Contacts From Nokia To Memory Card

For all those who cannot find a copy to memory card option, follow the instructions below

1. Go to contacts on your Nokia > Options > Mark/Unmark > Mark All > Options > Copy Business Card > To Other Memory > Select Memory Card > It will ask 'Remove existing contacts from selected memory', select YES.

Now all your contacts are copied to the memory card. All contacts are saved as .vcf files on 'Others' folder in the memory card.

Now take out the memory card from Nokia and put it in Android phone

2. Import Contacts From Memory Card To Android

Go to contacts on your android phone > Menu (Menu button is different on different phones, but it will be the one among the three buttons on the bottom of the phone) > Import/Export > Import from SD card > The phone will search for vCard > Once the searching is complete select, Import all vCard files.

Now all your contacts on the memory card will be copied to your android phone. Thanks for reading.

How To Submit Your Blog To Technorati?

Technorati is the number one blog directory in the world. It is a very good source of quality traffic. Google and all popular search engines highly value links from Technorati. Submitting your blog to Technorati will definitely improve the search engine rankings of your website.

How To Submit?

1. First you need to create a technorati account > Once you have created your account, Log In > Click on your username to go to your account.

2. Scroll down to My Claimed Blogs Section (See image below)

How To Submit Your Blog To Technorati

3. Enter your blog url > Claim > Provide some general information about your blog (if you don't know the feed url GO HERE)  > Proceed to next step.

4. Now you will receive an e-mail saying that you claim is under verification.  Go to your Technorati profile > Scroll down to claimed blogs > Click on 'Check Claim'.

5. Now copy the short code > Create a new blog post and put the code somewhere in the new post > After publishing the post, go back to Technorati > Click on 'Verify Claim Token'. 

Technorati will now crawl your blog and search for the short code. They will list your blog once they find the code. You will get a confirmation mail then.

How To Find RSS And Atom Feed URL For Blogger Blog

It is very confusing to find out the feed urls for blogger blogs. I had a tough time finding RSS and Atom feed urls for my blogger blog. Finally I found out an easy way to get RSS and Atom feed urls.

In order to find feed urls for your blogger blog, replace 'yourblogname' with your blog name in the below urls

Feed URL For Your Blogger Blog

Atom :

Feed URL For Comments

Atom :

Feed URL For Labels

Here you will have to replace the labelname with the label name. 

Atom :

Feed URL For Individual Post Comments

Here you will have to replace postid with the post id.

Atom :

Computer Not Working, Beep Sound From CPU - Solved

Have you ever noticed a beep sound from the CPU of a faulty desktop computer? You will notice that the CPU lights are on but the system won't boot, in addition to this you can hear a beep sound coming from the CPU. If you have a similar issue, the most common reason for this is the dust filled RAM.

To fix this issue,

Open the CPU cabinet > Remove the RAM > dust it off, using a cloth or something > Plug it back in > Switch on the CPU. 

The issue will get fixed in most cases. If cleaning RAM doesn't fix the issue, then you will have to look at the SMPS. Your SMPS might be faulty. You will have to replace it, if that is the issue.

Lost or Stolen Green Card? What To Do Next

Green card is your evidence for lawful permanent residence in U.S. You will need green card to work in U.S. The law requires you to carry your green card with you all the times. So it is very important to get a replacement, in case your green card is lost or stolen. 

It is a different scenario if you lose your green card outside U.S. In such cases you should contact the nearest U.S consulate or embassy and file a form I-90. A local police report will help you get through the process quickly, so register a complaint with the local police station (It is not necessary in most cases though).

In order to apply for a replacement green card, fill out the form I-90. You can fill and submit the form at USCIS website or you can print the form and fill it by hand. Even if you submit the form online, you will have to mail proof of identity and other documents. 

Supporting Documents Required For Green Card Replacement
  • Copy of lost green card or any valid proof  of identity (Drivers license or birth certificate or passport)
  • Copy of police report (If you have registered a complaint)
  • Two passport size photos
Green card replacement fee is $450 ($365 for the form and $85 for biometric services). Once you fill out form I-90, mail the form along with all supporting documents to US Citizenship and Immigration Services. Once approved, you will receive the replacement green card via mail with 10 years expiry date. You can check the status of application at USCIS website.
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