What do you understand by the term renaissance? Discuss?

The term ‘Renaissance’ literally means rebirth, in a narrow sense it is used to describe the revival or interest in the classical civilizations of Greece and Rome. Renaissance was marked by a series of new developments in the fields of art, literature, religion, philosophy, science and politics. The period served as a bridge between medieval and modern West Europe.

Renaissance began with the rediscovery of Greco-Roman civilization which had been neglected during the middle ages. It emphasized reason, a questioning attitude, experimentation and free enquiry. This is contrasted with medieval concern with faith, authority and tradition. It glorified the individual and approved worldly pleasures, viewing life as worthwhile for its own sake, not chiefly as a preparation for the afterlife. The era focused attention upon secular society rather than the medieval preoccupation with the Church and religious affairs. In the 15th Century, Renaissance ideas began to spread from Italy to France, the German states, Holland, and England.

Humanism illustrated the spirit of renaissance. It was not concerned with religious matters, but with everyday human problems. Renaissance drew inspiration from classical civilization, eagerly seeking, studying, and publicizing ancient Greek and Roman manuscripts. It revived interests in literature and writing among the educated.

Art and architecture during renaissance was influenced by classical Greece and Rome. Renaissance painting emphasized realism, attention to detail, and a desire for perfection. Leonardo Da Vinci was one among the popular artists of the renaissance period. There were many other popular writers and artists who made their names in the history during the renaissance.

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