How To Reduce Mobile Phone Bills

Almost all mobile network operators in India increased the mobile phone charges recently. For a person who makes a lot of calls every day will have a huge hole in his pocket by the end of the month. I am a person who make calls worth Rs.1100 (not exact) every month on my Idea prepaid connection in Kerala. I will take my experience as a case study and give you tips on how to reduce mobile call charges. Different ways to reduce mobile call charges are

1. Special Offers For Reduced Call Charges

How To Reduce Mobile Phone Bills

This is a straight forward solution offered by mobile operators for reducing call charges. For eg: On my mobile, STD calls are charged around Rs.1/min. I make a lot of STD calls, so I took a special recharge to reduce STD calls to 35p/min. The trick is to take the offer for bulk months, so that you can save some money. I took the STD offer for 3 months and saved a lot of money.

2. Move To Postpaid

Postpaid plans are much more profitable than it seems. We Indians are not really fond of postpaid plans. But when you take a close look at it, postpaid plans are way better than prepaid for saving money. Yes, the charges beyond the usage limit are insane, but if you can manage your calls within the limit, you will be saving at least a couple of hundred rupees each month. I used to save around Rs.300 each month when I switched to Idea postpaid. There is a decent usage limit for calls and data, so you should be fine. This is a workable solution for people who make a lot of business calls.

3. Use Internet For Making Calls - Best Trick

This is the best trick of all. You can save loads of money on call charges by using this method. This will work even better if you have a Wi-Fi connection at home or office. The trick is to buy an unlimited data pack and route all calls through internet. Unlimited data pack from Bsnl Broadband starts from Rs.500 I guess. Use free call facilities provided by Skype and Facebook wherever possible. Nowadays everyone has a facebook account and most people have a smartphone. Why not make most calls through Facebook? Facebook calls work even on 2G networks, the call clarity is excellent. Skype doesn't always work on 2G network, it works fine on 3G network.My biggest savings came from routing calls through internet. Now I save around Rs.600 each month on my telephone bills. This method works the best for lovers, who spend hours on the phone romancing.

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