How To Overcome Driving Phobia ?

I know how you will be feeling right now, because I lived with driving phobia for 7 years. Before that, I was a pretty decent driver. I used to drive through congested city roads to straight express highways. Until I met with an accident on a mountain road. The worst thing was that, I was driving my friend's car. The accident was not life threatening, but it left a huge dent on the car's front portion and we ended up paying a huge amount of money on repairs. That incident had a huge negative impact on my confidence as a driver. But I decided not to give up and was again on the road within a few days.

The second major accident was on a beach road. That too was not life threatening, but ended up draining my pocket. After that there were a couple of minor scratches and accidents. All these things eventually led me to driving phobia.

Symptoms of Driving Phobia ?

The first symptom is the nervousness that sets in whenever you think of driving. Rising heartbeat and sweaty palms accompany. You would try and avoid situations in which you have to drive. You will start making excuses for not driving.

For me, driving phobia had a huge impact on my overall confidence as a person. I started avoiding family get together where I am the only driver to take my younger cousins for an outing. Even when I try and drive, I am unsure. I always feel I am gonna hit a bystander or another vehicle. It is a feeling that others will never understand unless they have experienced it before.

In most cases you will have to use public transport which is a huge inconvenience and wastage of time. The other way is to appoint a driver, which was not financially viable. Another way is to get your friends or relatives to drive. For that you will have to do a lot of compromises according to their availability and convenience. 

The only way to overcome these issues is to overcome the driving phobia. You need to kick that phobia out of your mind.

How to get rid of Driving Phobia ?

There is only one way to get rid of driving phobia, drive your way out of it. The best way is to relate driving to something you are really good at. I learned it from a YouTube video done by Joseph. The video is given at the end of the post. I was pretty good at playing cricket, so I related driving to cricket. I considered driving as if I was playing cricket. I considered every kilometer I cover as a run I score. One by one, I tried to get to 100 runs, which means 100Km and then 200Km and then 300 and so on. This really worked out for me. 

I think it is the best way to get rid of driving phobia. There must be some activity that each person loves, just relate driving to that activity and you will be fine. It really worked for me. Now I am cruising through the highways without any worry. Below is the video from Jason, hope it helps.

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