Describe the various types of accommodations and the principal factors to be kept into consideration while marketing the same?

Types of Accommodations

There are different types of tourist accommodations. Accommodation doesn’t necessarily mean hotels all the time, it may vary according to the personal preferences. Some tourists would  like to stay at homes of their friends rather than staying at a five star hotel.  Different types of accommodation are

a.       Five star deluxe hotels

These type of hotels are found in metropolitan cities. These hotels will have anywhere between 200 to 800 rooms. The rooms will be of very high standards.  These hotels are categorized by certain international standards with several criteria including the number of restaurants, size of lobby etc. These type of hotels are primarily used by business executives and very upscale tourists.

b.      First class hotels

This category falls just below five star deluxe hotels. These hotels have more or less the same standards of the above category. You can find first class hotels in metro and mid-sized cities.

c.       Non-star hotels

Non-star hotels are meant for tourists who prefer low budgets. You can find such hotels in all towns and tourist destinations.

d.      Resorts and lodges

This type of accommodation is meant exclusively for tourists.  You can find resorts and lodges in remote tourist destinations. You can also see resorts in cities of countries which primarily depend on tourism for economic growth. Resorts and lodges will have facilities such as swimming pools, balcony or patio etc. They normally cater to tourists of different tastes and budgets. Most resorts are seasonal.

e.      Tented Camps

This is a type of accommodation that is gaining huge popularity in the recent times. They require very low investment and are eco-friendly. They can be set up seasonally. You can find tents in remote places such as game park or reserve. Facilities can vary according to the luxury level.

f.        Heritage hotels

Tourists visiting historical places will be more interested in staying the same way as the old kings did. This interest gave birth to heritage hotels. The tourism department is now encouraging heritage hotels by giving financial incentives to owners of forts and palaces to convert it into heritage hotels.

g.       Guest houses

This can be found in cities as well as remote destinations. This type of accommodation is preferred by people who want to stay at a place for longer periods. Guest houses may be run by a family and the tourist stays there as their guest by having one or two meals a day and spending the remaining time outside.

Principal factors to be kept into consideration while marketing accommodation

Marketing is ‘knowing what the customer wants’. It may sound simple but it involves knowing the complexity of the tourists’ needs and the ability of your enterprise to deliver what is promised. The behavior of tourists are pretty complex, sufficient marketing input should go in to the product planning stages of tourist accommodation. You should also consider whether the promoted accommodation is ecologically and environmentally sound. The effectiveness of an ecologically and environmentally sound organization is more profound in exotic tourist destinations.

Marketing is all about know what the customer wants. If a tourist decides to spend more on accommodation he/she will ask more questions about your enterprise and your ability to deliver high quality service. You should be able to answer the questions regarding the precautions taken by you to minimize social and economic damage caused by their activities or related to having all luxury without any concerns.

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