Facebook Like Box For Blogger - How To Do It

A facebook like box is imperative for your blogger blog. Facebook lets you connect with your readers. So it is very important to have a facebook like box on your blogger blog. In order to have a facebook like box, you must create a facebook page for your blogger blog at first. I have written an article on How To Create A Facebook Page For Blogger, you can read it, if you haven't created one.

How To Create And Employ Facebook Like Box On Your Blogger Blog?

2. Input your facebook page url, width and height of the like box. To get an idea about width and height required by your like box, go to Blogger Dashboard>Template>Customize>Adjust Widths. There you can see the width and height of your blog. Use that as a scale while creating a like box. If you feel the like box is a little large or small once finished, you can change it around by adjusting the width of the blog.

3. Choose other customization features such as border, header, faces etc.

4. Once you are done, click on get code.

5. Facebook will generate two codes for you. Copy and Paste the first html5 code on your blogger blog using the edit layout option. To edit layout go to Blogger Dashboard>Layout>Add A Gadget> Scroll Down To HTML/Javascript. Paste the first code in the box and save.

6. Now copy the second code. Go to Blogger Dashboard>Layout>Add A Gadget>HTML/Javascript. Paste the second code in the box and save. 

Now you can see your facebook like box on blogger blog. Always remember to paste the first code first, otherwise your like box won't work.

Custom URL For Facebook Page - How To Do It

The main advantage of having a custom url for your facebook page is that it is easy to remember. So you should have a custom url for your fb page, other than having a combination of random numbers and symbols.

How To Create A Custom URL For Facebook Fan Page?

2. Select the page you want to have custom url, from the drop down list

3. Check the availability of username. Select it if your desired name is available and save it.

How To Create A Facebook Page For Your Website Or Blog

Facebook has become such a dominant force in social media that it is very hard to get social media traffic without having an official facebook fan page for your blog or website. Creating a facebook page for your website has lot of merits

1. Your readers can get updates via facebook without going to your actual website or blog
2. Back links from facebook is great for google search rankings.
3. Your blog posts can go viral, resulting in huge traffic boost.

How To Create A Facebook Page For Your Blog or Website?

1. Go to Create A Page

2. Select your appropriate category

3. Fill in the description and other information about your website

4. You can upload pictures and posts.

5. Now start inviting people to your facebook page. Good Luck

Tip: If you want a custom url for your facebook page, other than some random numbers and letters read this article.I have also written an article on How To Have A Facebook Like Box For Your Blogger Blog, you may read that as well.

Charging Cellphone Battery 8 Hours For First Time - The Real Fact

Every time you buy a new cellphone, a question will lurk in your mind.  How long should I charge my cellphone for the first time? I have heard this question over and over. Even local dealers ask you to charge your cellphone for 6 to 8 hours for the first time. I don't know how this thing got stuck in their tongues.

Yes, you have to charge your cellphone battery for 6 to 8 hours for the first time if your cellphone has a Nickel-Cadmium battery. Actually the days of Ni-Cad batteries are long gone. None of the top mobile phone manufacturers use Ni-Cad battery now. All cellphones come with Li-Ion battery, which doesn't require a 6 to 8 hour first time charging. 

If you are charging your mobile for the first time, plug it in and unplug once the indicator shows 'Charge Complete'. That's it. To clear this point I contacted 3 main mobile phone manufactures in the world ( couldn't contact Apple as they require serial numbers and stuffs ). Here is what each one replied.


This is the reply e-mail I received from Sony.

" We would like to inform you that the time taken to charge your new device fully is 3hr 20 min. You don't have to charge it for 8 hours."


This is what I got from Nokia

" Kindly charge the battery until the battery will be fully charged. "


When I contacted Samsung via e-mail. A guy from Samsung called me and told the same. Just charge your phone until it is fully charged.

So the answer is pretty clear. You don't need to charge your cellphone for 6 to 8 hours first time, charge it until it is fully charged.

Rishis & The Golden Meteorite

It was a perfect night. There he stood waiting for the meteorite to enter the Earth. He saw an orange light in the horizon, he knew it was it. A meteorite that has tons of gold deposits, according to an ancient Hindu Purana book. Yes, the ancient Rishis predicted its arrival with stunning accuracy.
........To be continued. Like the facebook page for updates about this story.

Bank Account For Foreigners In Australia - Where To Begin

Citizen of any country can easily open a bank account in Australia. The document of identification you require is your passport. You can open an account online with any Australian bank, even before your arrival in Australia. But your account will only be activated once you submit your credentials. Once your identity is confirmed, your account and credit/debit card will be activated.

Australian Economy is controlled by four main banks namely Commonwealth Bank, Westpac Banking Corporation, Australia and New Zealand Banking Group and National Australia Bank. If you wish to start an account with Commonwealth Bank, you can use this link.

Commonwealth bank requires you to deposit an initial amount within 28 days of account opening. Once you are in Australia, you can walk in to the branch and get your account activated.

How To Get Out of AT&T Cellphone Contract

Mobile phone manufacturers are rolling out new phones every month, literally. They are adding up to our temptation to try the latest smartphones. Wanting to buy a new phone means, you will have to break the existing contract with your mobile carrier, which is AT&T, as it is the mobile carrier of our current topic.

How To Get Out of a Contract With AT&T?

AT&T charges an Early termination fee (ETF) for breaking your contract. However, AT&T won't charge ETF, if you decide to cancel the contract within 14 days of activating. ETF for ending your smartphone contract that requires a data plan with a service commitment will be $325. In addition to that, you will be eligible for an ETF reduction of $10 per every single month completed in the contract.

Getting Out of a Contract With AT&T For Your Apple iPhone

If you wish to handover your iPhone along with the contract within 14 days, AT&T won't charge ETF. However, you will have to pay $35 restocking fee for your device. You can use this ETF Calculator to calculate your expenses.

Do Not Use Normal Detergents For Front Loading Washing Machines

Front loading washing machines are eco-friendly and energy efficient. They use very little water as compared to top loaders and gives a clean wash. Front loading washing machines are more energy efficient as gravity does most of the work. However, you can't use normal detergents for front loading washing machines.

You should only use detergents or washing powders specially made for front loaders. They are costlier than normal detergents. If you use normal detergents, it will corrode the washer metal. You can identify front loading detergents with an image of front loader on the detergent pack. For eg: The image below shows front loading washing machine detergent from Surf Excel.

Surf Excel For Front Load

Liquid detergents also work well with front loading washing machines.

How To Migrate And Settle In Australia - Whole Process Explained

Australia has been a favorite place for migrants for various reasons. Its culture and lifestyle has attracted many people to this wonderful country. For the past decade the total number of migrants in Australia has increased by a huge margin. Australia has been a booming destination for students, professionals and other job seekers, with most migrants arriving from countries like New Zealand, China, UK and India. This article will act as a guide on how to settle in Australia.

If your intention is to settle in Australia, there are certain things you need to apply for, they are listed below:

TFN (Tax File Number) : You need to have  a TFN number to receive your salary in Australia. You can apply for a TFN through Australian Government Website.

Medicare: Apply for a medicare insurance which will cover for your basic hospital expenses. The medical coverage provided by medicare is limited, you should be thorough with the terms and conditions. You can pay a visit to Medicare office after 10 days of your arrival in Australia. You can visit Medicare Website for more information.

Australian Bank Account: You should open a bank account with any Australian bank within six weeks of arrival. If you don't do it within six weeks, you will have to provide additional identification documents and it is not that easy. So apply within six weeks. The only document you need is your passport.

Once you are done with the above three things, you can go for others when the need arises, such as driving license, centrelink (which will help you find a job) etc. Australian Government has introduced a booklet called 'Beginning A Life In Australia' which will give you some basic understanding about Australia, its culture, regions etc. This booklet is available in 38 languages including English. You can download the booklet in your language from here.

Information Credit: Department of Immigration And Border Protection, Government Of Australia

Simple Method To View Mobile Version Of Your Website On PC

Once you finish creating a mobile version of your website, the next step is to test it. You can test the mobile version using your desktop PC itself. To view mobile version of your website or blog on your PC just add the below code


to your website url and hit enter. You will be able to see how your website looks on a mobile.

Mobile Ear Speaker Not Working, Loudspeaker And Headphone Works - Solved

The signs of a dodgy ear speaker in your mobile is given below:

1. You won't be able to hear anything but the person at the other end can.

2. Your mobile works well with the loudspeaker on.

3. You can talk using the headphone or headset.

If you can see the above symptoms, then I am sure that the ear speaker of your mobile phone is faulty. There are two possible reasons for your ear speaker to stop working:

1. The ear speaker itself is faulty. In that case you will have to replace it with a new one.

2. Issue with the slider strip, if your mobile is a sliding phone. Then you will have to get a new slider strip.

Check all the symptoms and possibilities. You will be fine.

What Is Partial DND And How To Activate It

It was a boon to mobile users when TRAI introduced Do Not Disturb (DND). You can activate DND by calling 1909 (Toll free) from your mobile. You will be given two options to proceed, one is to activate full DND or to use partial DND.

If you opt for Full DND, you won't get any marketing or promotional calls or messages from anyone. If you do get such calls even after activating DND, you can register a complaint with TRAI. The main drawback of Full DND is that you won't get any promotional messages from your mobile operator either. So you will miss out on the latest offers and schemes.

Partial DND is introduced to deal with the above said issue. If you activate Partial DND, you will still be able to receive promotional messages regarding offers from your mobile operator. At the same time, you can retain the DND service for third party promotional calls and messages.To activate partial DND, call 1909 from your mobile.

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Basic TRAI Rules And Regulations You Should Know 

Driving License in Australia For Foreign Nationals

If you are in Australia or is planning to visit Australia, a drive to the Outback is the ultimate thing. For that, you need to have a driving license that actually allows a foreign national to drive in Australia.I have heard many people asking the question, Can I use my existing driving license to drive in Australia? The answer is a partial yes and a partial no. Yes, you can drive in Australia using an International driving license. But in Australia, driving rules differ with state. All states require you to carry your original license along with the international driving license.

You can drive a vehicle of same class using your international license for up to three months after your arrival. The validity of international license differ in some states.

Driving in Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

If you are a foreign national, you can use your international driving license. By the word visitor, they mean that you are a person who does not have any intention of becoming a permanent resident. Otherwise, you will have to get ACT driver license. You must carry your original license in English or its official translation copy in English along with your International Driving License. Official translation can be done through the embassy or consulate of your home country.

Driving In New South Wales

You do not have to obtain NSW driver license to drive in NSW. You can use your overseas drivers license (International Driving License), provided you are a visitor with no intention of becoming a permanent resident.

Driving In Northern Territory

You can use your International Driving License for up to 3 months. You must carry your original driving license along with your International Driving License. Once 3 months are over, your international driving license will be no longer valid and you will have to apply for NT driver license. In some cases, you can apply for Instrument of Exemption to extend your validity.

Driving In Queensland

You can use your foreign driving license, provided it is in English, otherwise get an official translation done through the embassy or consulate.

Driving In South Australia

You can use your International Driving License along with your original license for up to a period of 12 months.

Driving In Victoria

If you are in Victoria on temporary visa, you can use your international driving license till your temporary visa expires. Carry your original license along with the international license.

Driving In Western Australia

You can use your international driving license for up to 3 months.

Documents Required and Things To Remember  Before Driving In Australia

If you are a foreign citizen and you are on a temporary visa for a short stay in Australia and you want to drive; you need to have the following documents with you while driving:

1. International or Overseas Driving License
2. Original Driving License in English or an official English Translation
3. Passport
4. Drive only the same class of vehicle for which you are licensed in your home country.

How To Get Blogger Blog Post Title Before Blog Name In Google Search

By default, blogger sets your blog name first and then the post title after it in google and other search engine results. The main drawback of this setting is, if your blog has a long name, more than 6 characters, it will eat up most of the space in the search results page. To increase the click through ratio from search results you should have your post title first, followed by the blog name.Readers want to know whether your post is related to what he/she is searching for, they do that by reading the title. Having a long blog name before the post title will hide details (Title) of the post, as google typically allows only around 70 characters in search result titles.

In order to get your blogger post title before your blog name. You can use the code below

1. Go to Blogger Dashboard> Template> Back/Restore ( Back up your blog template for being safe)

2. Go to Template> Edit Html> Expand widget (How To Expand Widget in New Blogger Interface)

3. Search for below code using Ctrl+F in the template


4. Now replace the above code with the below code

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;index&quot;'>
<title><data:blog.pageName/> - Your Blog Name</title>

5. Save the template. (If you have problems saving with firefox, do it with Chrome).

Now your blog post title will appear first and your blog name after that. Confirm this by opening a post in new tab, hover the mouse over the tab bar, it should be in order. You can read my 'Never Revealed Blogger Tips' I learned through my years of experience in blogging. 

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How To Center Your Blogger Blog Title 
How to Stop/Block Unwanted Referral URLs Entering Your Blogger Blog

How To Back Up Contacts, Messages, Notes On Your Nokia Phone To Your Computer

You can easily create a back up of your Nokia phone contacts, messages, notes etc on to your computer using Nokia PC Suite. Back up option will be useful, especially if you are going to give your phone to someone else or to service center. First, you should download and install Nokia PC Suite on to your computer.

Now connect your nokia phone  to the computer using USB cable. Select Ovi suite mode when prompted by the phone. Make sure that the phone is in offline mode to prevent any calls or messages while doing the back up. You can select offline mode from profile settings.

Once the phone is connected to the computer 

1.Open Nokia PC Suite> Click on Back Up

2. Click on 'Back up the desired phone contents to a back up file which is saved on the PC'

3. Check the details you want to create a back up for from the list. 

4. Click Next and the pc suite will start backing up,  it will take some time, be patient. The back up will be stored as .nbu file, the same file is used to restore the details.

5. Now everything on your Nokia phone is saved on your computer as .nbu file and you can use it to restore the details later.

How To Service or Repair BSNL Landline Phone

If your bsnl landline phone is dead, the first and foremost thing to do is to call 198 from any bsnl landline number to register the complaint. Please note that the number 198 call should be made from a bsnl landline number only. Make sure you register the complaint as fast as possible. If the issue is with your telephone line, bsnl employee will fix it.

If the issue is with your landline phone, you will have to take the phone to your telephone exchange and get it serviced. According to the law, you are bound to get a replacement phone, but because of the shortage of phones, bsnl is not providing replacement phones. So you will have to wait until the phone is serviced. It is the case with most exchanges, however you can get a replacement phone if you are lucky. Last time, I got my phone serviced after 7 days, so expect a delay.

How To Order A Copy Of Birth Certificate In Texas

In Texas, you can order for a copy of your birth certificate if you have lost the original. It may take around 10-15 days processing time, to get  the birth certificate in your hand. As a Texas resident, you can only order your own birth certificate or of your immediate family member. If you are not a resident of Texas, then you can only order for your certificate or of your children. And you must be listed as the parent of the child in the record as well.

You can order for your birth certificate in two ways, by mail and online.

Order For A Copy Of Birth Certificate Online

To order for a copy of your birth certificate online, go to the official website of Texas Government.

Order For A Copy By Mail

To obtain a certified copy of your birth certificate by mail, you should complete an application form and submit along with $22 fee. If the applicant is not an immediate family member of the person, then he/she must provide a legal documentation ( Something like a court order as the proof of guardianship). The applicant should also include a valid Photo ID issued by the government. Applications without photo ID will not be considered.

Order can be made through the following methods

Order In Person: Pay a visit to the office. The address is given below 

1100 W. 49th St.
Austin, TX 78756
8 am–5 pm

Pay $22 for certified copy or $60  for heirloom copy by cash/check/debit card/credit card/money order. You will get your copy within 30 minutes.

Through an Expedited Service: Send the completed application to Vital Statistics Unit via Fedex or Lonestar or UPS. You should not send it through USPS priority mail. In this method you will be charged for an additional $13 (within Texas) or $25 (Outside Texas) for expedited processing fee and return delivery. The fee for certified copy and heirloom copy will be the same ($22 and $60). You can make the payment via check/money order. It will take around 15 days to get the order processed. The application form can be downloaded here.

Through U.S Postal Service: This method is time consuming. It will take around 6-8 weeks to get the order processed. The fee and payment methods remain the same as above method. Download application  here.

Remember: Checks and money orders should be made payable to DSHS.

Best Light Smelling Perfume For Men : Jovan White Musk

First of all, let me tell you that this post is based on my personal opinion. I am not advertising for any brand here. This is from my personal experience of using  Coty Jovan White Musk for Men for the last couple of years. 

If you ask me, which is the best light smelling perfume for men? My answer will be Jovan White Musk all day. It has a very light floral scent that makes you feel fresh all day.

It was one of my friend who recommended Jovan to me. I bought it and tried for myself. I am a kind of person who doesn't like sharp smelling perfumes, they get straight into your nose and is irritating. Jovan White Musk was just the right one for me. 

Jovan White Musk for men Review

The main issue with Jovan White Musk is that the smell doesn't last too long as it is pretty light. So you will have to spray that much more to make up for the loss. Once you get a feel of how much perfume you need to apply to last it for 12 hours, then it should be okay. My girlfriend loves the smell of this perfume. I remember, one day she told me that I smelled nice one evening : ) . It was the proof that its smell do last till evening. You may not be able to smell it, but others can. Jovan White Musk is the best light smelling perfume I have ever come across.

Another issue with Jovan is that, it is hard to see it in local stores in India. Because most men like sharp smelling deodorants in India, shop owners stock those type of perfumes. My tip for you is to look for it online. It costs somewhere around Rs.550 in India. It is not very expensive at all.
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