BSNL Pyari Jodi Auomatic Validity Extension

It seems bsnl has started extending the validity of Pyari Jodi and other plans automatically. Some bsnl users have reported that their validity has been automatically extended just before their validity was about to expire. It has happened to me also. So I think bsnl has decided to make it a default, no conformation yet. Validity is extended by deducting Rs.64.97 from your main account balance. So it means that, your validity will be extended only if you have more than Rs.65 in your main account balance. Otherwise, the normal way of alerting the customer by sms method will follow. The plan name is also changed to 'New Pyari Jodi' from Pyari Jodi. All other things remain the same. Bsnl changed Pyari Jodi Plan to New Pyari Jodi in 2014, read the latest details.

How To Connect A Power Plug Through Switch And Light

Nowadays power plugs (also known as power outlet) come with a light indicator along with the switch.

In order to connect a power plug to the electrical wires you must know which one is the Neutral, Live and the Earth wires that run into the socket. The electrical colour code for wiring in India is

Green: Earth
Red/Yellow/Blue: Live
Black: Neutral

Power Plug Connection

  1. Take the power plug, there will be letter G/E,L and N marked on it, which represents ground/earth, Live and Neutral. If we connect the respective G,L and N to the power plug directly, the switch and light won't work.
  2. To connect the power plug through the switch, take the live wire and connect it to the upper wire slot of the switch.
  3. Take an extra wire and connect it on the lower wire slot of the  switch and then to the live (L) slot of the  plug. If you have a light indicator, connect one wire of the light to this slot and the other wire to the Neutral N slot of the plug.
Now your power plug is ready to work through the switch. A power plug costs around Rs.150 in India.

Time Taken For Adsense Cheque To Reach India

Time taken for your adsense cheque to reach your address depends on whether you are in Blue Dart courier service area or not. Adsense cheques are converted to Indian Rupee and it is sent from USA as Citi Bank cheques.

If your location is within Blue Dart service area you will receive your cheque within 15 days of issue. If you belong to a rural village or town, it can take around 30  days. I am from a rural village in Kerala and my adsense cheque normally takes about 27 days to reach me by speed post.

Normally it will take another 3 to 4 days to cash adsense cheque. I have found out that SBI cashes adsense cheque instantly without any delay.

Top 50 Wordpress Themes For Corporate Business Websites

Wordpress is the best for creating corporate business websites as it provides a variety of business themes. The number of business or creative business based themes on offer are simply outstanding. Here I have manually selected top 50 wordpress themes suitable for corporate or creative agency websites who want to display their portfolio, services, testimonials etc.

Premium business themes are imperative for your business, irrespective of whether you own a small business or a large enterprise. You need to get the word out to the rest of the world that you are here. It is a daunting task to find a suitable wordpress theme, so I have decided to make a list of the best I could find. In selecting the themes, I mainly focused on smooth user-interface, cutting-edge design, SEO and professional look.

Go through each of them and find the one that suits you, you can click on the title to go to the demo page and other details, have fun.

1. Blue Diamond : Price $45

Premium Business wordpress theme with clean,minimal and modern style. It is a great theme for business and creative sites with well placed social sharing buttons, great slider for images. BlueDiamond comes with a ‘Layer Slider’ which allows you to manage each slider element by drag drop module. The ‘Page Builder’ tool makes page management easy.

2. Nevada : Price $55

Nevada covers all aspects of a typical web design or a creative firm. Social buttons for sharing and a great slider makes it the right candidate. Provision to display testimonials on homepage is another added advantage. It is a cool Responsive Multi Purpose WordPress Theme.

3. Nimble : Price $55

Nimble has some good looking social sharing buttons. It has extended support for most popular plugins like WooCommerce, JetPack, WPML, SEO by Yoast and others.

4. Trim Wordpress Theme : Price $39

A simple and professional looking wordpress theme.

5. Shepard : Price $45

Good for business websites with all aspects covered.

6. Alpha : Price $45

7. Impact : Price $45

8. Gamma : Price $45

9. CleanCut : Price $45

10. Tersus : Price $55

11. Unite : Price $45

12. Bosspress : Price $35

13. BVD : $40

14. Striking : $55

15. One Touch : $55

16. Avada : $45

17. Fusion : $39


Sringaravelan Malayalam Movie Review

I went to Sringaravelan being circumspect as I took my family with me. I had a bad experience with Dileep's Mayamohini before, which had a lot of double meaning dialogues. Sringaravelan has one or two instances where double meaning dialogues are used but not so much.

Sringaravelan is a family entertainer. It is a fun film, you can watch the movie without thinking too much about the story. The story is a combination of so many films we have watched before, but you won't feel bored. Comedy is good with great performance from Dileep, Lal, Kalabhavan Shajon and Baburaj.
Sringaravelan Movie Review
The movie name Sringaravelan doesn't do much justice to the whole story itself and it is not a film where hero goes after girls. You may mistake it for its name. Heroine is Vedika and doesn't have much to do in this film other than falling in love with Dileep.

In a nutshell, if you want to watch a fun film without worrying too much about the story, go and watch it.

How to Deactivate Idea Dialer Tone?

When I asked my friend about how to deactivate idea dialer tone, he replied "Switch off your mobile, you will disconnect everything boring on mobile".

Lets get serious. You can unsubscribe from idea dialer tone service, either by calling or through SMS.

Inorder to deactivate Dialer tone SMS 'STOP' to 155223

You will not be charged anything for deactivating the service. I have read people saying you will be charged Rs.3. The format they are saying is wrong and you will lose Rs.3 if you do that way.

You can also deactivate by calling 155223. Actually this number is to deactivate VAS, so please be careful that you don't deactivate all of your VAS services. Ensure that you are unsubscribing from dialer tone only.

Note: This number works in my circle (Kerala) not sure whether it will work in other circles, but you can try as you won't lose your balance. Please let me know by commenting whether it works in your circle.

How Much Will iPhone 5C cost in India?

How Much Will iPhone 5C cost in India? This has been the question going around the tech world ever since the apple event on September 10. As Indians we all have been waiting for a cheap iPhone which will cost around Rs.20,000 to 25,000. But apple has let us all down. The price of new iPhone 5C in India will be around Rs.35,000. It is not cheap at all.

Will you call a phone that costs Rs.35,000 a cheap phone. Well, apple does. I don't understand the reason why apple made this phone. With this phone, apple will not be able to compete with Samsung in India. Even Samsung's flagship device Galaxy S4 costs just Rs.5000 more. What was the need of this phone. I am totally confused.
iphone 5c cost in india
Now going to the next question, when will iPhone 5C be available in India. Well, the phone isn't yet available in the releasing countries. It will go on sale by September 20th. So expect the new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C in India by late October. I can't find a reason for apple to release it early.

Idea Full Talktime Recharges Throughout the Year

It is very difficult for customers to know the latest full talktime offers, especially if you have opted for DND. Full talktime plans and offers by idea changes according to seasons and festivals. You can't be sure whether the full talktime plan exists or not. But here are a few denominations of full talktime recharge which will remain the same throughout the year, irrespective of the seasons and festivals. Idea provides full talktime for Rs.250, Rs.500, Rs.800 and Rs.1500 . 

All other full talktime recharges by idea depends on the time of the year and whether it is a festival season or not. But the above denominations will be available throughout the year.

How To Set Idea Dialer Tone

how to set idea caller tone

To set dialer tone for the first time, you can do it by calling 567890. Idea has a great voice response system there and you can select dialer tones by categories such as language, latest, ever green etc. Another way to select dialer tone is by online. You can go to Idea Website and search the tone you want, listen and activate it from there itself.

You can also activate dialer tone via sms. For activating via sms you must first know the dialer tone code (which may be collected from the idea website).

For activating dialer tone via sms: SMS 'DIALER TONE CODE' to 56789(Toll Free)

Idea Dialer Tone Charges

You will be charged Rs.30/month for  subscription and another Rs.15/90 days for song selection.

Note: Please be patient for at least 4hrs for your dialer tone to be active. At first you may only hear Idea default tone as the dialer tone.

You can visit Idea Dialer Tone FAQ page for more information.

So if you are activating the service, you must know how to deactivate it as well.

How To Center Your Blogger Blog Title

You blogger blog title will always stay in the left and at times it is very annoying to have the title on the left side. In order to have your blog title in the center you may need to modify your blogger template. It is not a huge task and it can be completed in a few steps. 

Follow the steps below and you can get your blog title in the center of the page

  1. Go to your blogger dashboard and click on Template
  2. Now go to> Edit HTML
Now you are on the code. You may back up your template if you want to. Now click CTRL+F and find the code


Put couple  of spaces above the  ]]></b:skin> and enter the code
.header { text-align:center;}

Please make sure that the header code should be above the skin code. Preview the template and see if the title is centered. Then save it. Now your blogger title will always be at the center. This video tutorial will help you get through the process. You can read my 'Never Revealed Blogger Tips' I learned through my years of experience in blogging. 

How I bought LG Google Nexus4 16 GB for Rs.16,000

LG Google Nexus 4 price in India is about Rs.25,000 for 16GB version and around Rs.19,000 for the 8GB version. I was about to buy the 16GB version from India and I heard the news of Google cutting the price by 25% in select countries including USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Spain, Korea and Germany. If you have relatives in any one of the listed countries, you can get Nexus 4 for around Rs.16,000 ( I am talking about the 16GB version, as 8GB version has already been sold out in US and other countries).
Google Nexus4 price cut twitter
Google's Tweet On Nexus4 Price Cut

Literally, you will be saving around Rs.10,000. The margin could have been a lot more if Rupee hadn't been sinking against dollar. Google Nexus 4 is not available on Play Store in India and there is no news about it being available in the store soon. We are not expecting a similar price cut in India either. So the best bet is to get it from some of the listed countries. However the warranty won't apply in India, but still I will take it if you can save 10k.

How I bought my Google Nexus 4 from USA to India?

I called my cousin in US and asked him to buy it from play store. He bought it for $249 (16GB) and gave it to me through a friend. You can also get it shipped from there, but you will have to pay the tax and stuffs. The best way is to get it through someone traveling to India, if your relative is not coming to India soon.

Tip: If you are thinking of buying Nexus4 soon especially from US, please wait till November. November 28th is Thanksgiving Day there and it is a big festival. So the prices are going to come down a little more and also we can hope that Rupee will make its way up against Dollar.

You may also read: Google Nexus 5 for Rs.21000 from October 30 Onwards
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