How To Activate Or Deactivate BSNL Caller Tunes

In order to activate bsnl caller tunes, just sms BT ACT to 56700. To deactivate caller tunes sms BT DCT to 56700.

How To Stop Value Added Services On BSNL

In order to stop any value added services by bsnl, just type STOP and send to 155223 or you can call
155223 and deactivate the service.

How To Transfer Company Page Ownership On LinkedIn

You might be leaving your company and you may want to transfer the ownership of your company page on LinkedIn. Transferring your company page to another account is very simple.

  1. Log In to your LinkedIn account
  2. Hover the mouse over your photo at the top right corner of the page. A list will drop down, click on your company page.
  3. On the company page, click edit and in the page admin area, type the name of the person to whom you want to transfer the account to.
  4. Now remove yourself as admin.
All done. Now your LinkedIn company page ownership is transferred to the new account. Note that, in order to transfer the company page to another account, that account holder must be your connection. Otherwise it won't work out.

How To Add Meta Description To Your WordPress Blog

Adding meta description to your WordPress Blog is not rocket science. You can simply do it by adding a code to the head.php file of your blog. Adding meta description will tell google what your site is about. A small description in less than 150 characters that describe the content of your website will help you get more traffic.

You don't need to know programming to add meta description. To do it
  1. Go To WordPress Dashboard, just below Appearance tab,  you will see the name of your wordpress theme, click on it
  2. Scroll down and you will see an area where you can add codes to the Header Code
  3. Copy paste below code . In the area "Describe your blog here", enter the description of your blog and save it. It may take couple of days before the meta descriptions show up on search engines, please be patient.

<?php if (  (is_home()) || (is_front_page())  ) { ?>
<meta name="description" content="Describe your blog here" />
<?php } elseif (is_single()) { ?>
<meta name="description" content="<?php the_excerpt();?>"/>
<?php } ?>
Please note that this code may not work on free websites. 
It works on self hosted websites.
If it works on free blogs, please let me know by commenting.  
If you are not much of a coder, you can use some ready made plugins like SEO Yoast. 

BSNL Pyari Jodi Plan Details Updated July 2013

BSNL Pyari Jodi plan is one of the blockbusters among all plans rolled out ever by Bsnl. The main thing about this plan is that you can make free calls for up to 30min/day to your land line number. Calls beyond 30min/day will be charged at 20p/min. At the beginning Bsnl gave more free talktime and values, but after the plan became an instant hit they changed the overall structure by cutting down on free seconds.

Once you activate your Pyari Jodi sim, you can make  free calls to your land line number for 30minutes. In addition to that you will get

  • Approximately 41minutes BSNL To BSNL calls
  • Approximately 41minutes BSNL To Other Network Calls
  • 90 days Validity
Please note that the free minutes except the 30min/day will expire after the first 30 days of recharge. You will have to finish the 41On-Net and Off-Net minutes before 30 days. Bsnl changed Pyari Jodi Plan to New Pyari Jodi in 2014, read the latest details.

To extend the validity of Pyari Jodi Plan you will have to recharge with Rs.73 or SMS PV73 to 53733

Read about Pyari Jodi Automatic Validity Extension

How To Install A Free WordPress Plugin

How to upload a free wordpress plugin

The main advantage of using WordPress is that you will get a huge array of plugins to select from. Availability of plugins mean, you don't have to be a programmer to set up a decent website. WordPress plugins are available for literally everything. Knowing where  to find plugins and how to install them is just a walk in the park.

You can search for WordPress Plugins here 

How To Download And Install WordPress Plugins?

Once you find the plugin that suits your requirement, the next step is to download it. Once you click download, the file will be saved in your computer as a zip file. The only thing that remaining is to upload the plugin zip file. For this

  1. Sign in as WordPress Admin
  2. Go To Dashboard
  3. Navigate  to Plugins>add new>upload
  4. Upload the plugin zip  file you downloaded
  5. Activate the plugin

How To Back Up Your Blogger Blog And Template?

Back up your blogger blog and template
Blogger is  a free hosting platform provided by Google. Your blogger blog is hosted for free on Google's servers in Mountain View, California. In the present world nothing comes for free, there will be a price tag always. So does Blogger, never have a false belief that your blogger blog is yours. Actually it is owned by Google, and it is up to Google to decide whether to keep it live or not. 

I have heard bloggers complaining after their blog suddenly disappeared. If you violate  Google's terms and conditions, your blogger blog will be deleted forever without notification. So it is always better to back up your blog regularly. You have spent years to develop your blog and what will happen if it disappears all of a sudden. It will be a total  disaster. So having a back up copy of your blog is the best bet.

Another threat you may face is from hackers. Don't think that Google  has all the security in the world to keep your blog safe. Even high security military websites are hacked effortlessly.

How to back up your blogger blog? 

  1. Go To Blogger Dashboard>Settings>Other
  2. Under Blog Tools section, you will see Import Blog, Export Blog and Delete Blog
  3. Click on Export Blog, click on download
  4. You blog will be saved in XML file format, keep it as a back up or you can use it switch platforms. For  eg: If you want to switch to WordPress, you can directly upload the XML file . 
How to back up your blogger template?

If you want to make some adjustments in your template or if you are going to edit the html code, it is always better to back up your template. So that you won't loose your custom settings.

To back up your blogger tempate
  1. Go to Blogger Dashboard>Template

  2. Then click on Back up/ Restore button on the to right side of the page. Then click on Download Full Template and save it. You can use the same Back/Restore button to upload templates.
For more information you can read my 'Never Revealed Blogger Tips' I learned through my years of experience in blogging. 
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