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How To Download And Install A Free WordPress Theme On To Your Website

If you are a newbie to WordPress, you might not be familiar with all the stuffs. WordPress by default doesn't provide a wide variety of themes and most of them might not fit your niche. You may not like the look and feel they provide. You don't need to worry too much, as there are thousands of free WordPress themes available all over the internet. You can Google and find a good theme that suits your requirement. If you are unfamiliar with installing a third party WordPress theme, this post will help you.

  1. Download the WordPress theme ZIP file and save it on your computer. Unzip the downloaded ZIP file.
  2. You can see a variety of files and folders in the unzipped folder, such as theme PSDs, documentation, your license, and also a file. Now, you have two  options for installation. Both are explained below
  • Installation using WordPress admin panel: If you want to upload the theme via WordPress admin, simply go to the ‘Appearance’ tab, choose the ‘Themes’ tab, and select ‘Install Themes’. Then, simply select from the extracted folder, and upload it using the WordPress integrated uploader. This is the easiest method.
  • Installation using FTP: If you are using FTP client such as FileZilla to upload your theme files, simply extract from the unzipped folder, and then upload the resulting Theme folder to /wp-content/themes.
How to Install a WordPress theme using WordPress admin panel?

Log in to your WorPress admin panel, such as and then navigate to Appearance > Themes > Install Themes, and upload file.
How to Install a WordPress theme using FTP Client?

  1. Open your FTP client application
  2. Enter your log in details (host, username, and password), then press connect.
  3. Once connected, navigate to ‘wp-content’ folder.
  4. Go to ‘themes’ folder.
  5. Upload the "Theme" folder to /wp-content/themes.
Activating the new WordPress Theme

If you installed the theme from the admin panel, after the file has finished uploading, you will be presented with three options, Preview, Activate, Return to Themes. Select the “Activate” option.

If you installed via FTP, you will see these options appear on the Themes page.

Sample Plan For A Kerala Style 900sq.ft House

Here is a sample plan for a Kerala style 900sq.ft 2BHK house

Kerala Style 2BHK House Plan

How To View Saved Passwords on Chrome, Firefox and IE

Every time you enter your log in details on any website, all modern browsers will ask whether you would like to save the password. Once you save them, you tend to forget it altogether as your browser does all the brain work. Suddenly one day you realize that you won't remember the password anymore. Here is the step by step process to view your passwords saved on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

How to view saved passwords on Google Chrome?
View Saved Passwords on Google Chrome

  1. Click on 'Customize and control Google Chrome' icon which is right below the closing icon.
  2. Now go to Settings, scroll down, at the bottom you will see 'Show advanced settings'. Click on it.
  3. Again scroll down to 'Passwords and forms'. Click on 'Manage saved passwords'. A list with all saved passwords and relevant websites will show up. At this moment all passwords are hidden, select one website and click show.  Your saved password will be displayed.
How to view saved passwords on Mozilla Firefox? 
View saved passwords on Mozilla Firefox

  1. Click on options>Options
  2. Go to Security, click on saved passwords
  3. The list of saved passwords and websites will appear. Select one and click show password.
There is no option to view saved passwords on Internet Explorer as it saves all passwords in an encrypted format in the windows registry. You will have to use third party software to get the passwords. I would recommend resetting the password as using third party applications always poses some security risk.

Print Screen Key Not Working On Toshiba Laptop: Solved

Do you own a Toshiba Satellite or any other Toshiba laptop and want to take a screenshot. You might have tried to take a screenshot using the END/PRTSC key on the keyboard. It won't work. To take a screenshot you need to press the function key FN+END/PRTSC key. You can find the function key at the bottom left corner of the keyboard, next to the control key. Hope this helps.

Google Adsense Not Working On Wordpress Blog

If you are using free hosting provided by for your blog, then you are not allowed to post any kind of ads on your blog. terms of service clearly states that you won't be allowed to use adsense for your free blog. However you can use adsense on which means that, you will have to host(paid) your blog elsewhere. You will have to pay for your hosting with any other paid hosting provider like GoDaddy or Bluehost.

Actually does run adsense on your blogs, but they are not run by you, instead they are run by WordPress itself. Once you are on paid hosting, you can run adsense on your blog. You can get a variety of adsense plugins, which will make the overall process a walk in the park.

How To Reduce The Size Of Photo or Signature To Less Than 20kb or 10kb For Online Applications

You might be in the middle  of applying online for a job or an exam and suddenly you will see that the size of photo/signature to be uploaded must be less than 20kb or so. You can easily reduce the size of photo or signature by using Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Paint.

Here is the step by step process to reduce photo or signature size.

  1. Open the Photo/Signature file using Adobe Photoshop. Duplicate the image just for back up. To duplicate go to >Image(On the top bar)>Duplicate
  2. Resize the photo to smaller pixels such as 150 or 100. To resize go to>Image>Image size> enter 150 or 100 in the width box ( Make sure that the constrain proportions column is ticked, so that you won't resize the photo uneven)
  3. Now save the image as 'Save For Web And Devices (Alt+Shift+Ctrl+S)' , you can select it from File>Save for web and devices. Click save and this will save your photo as very small file in compressed form. Play around with the pixels to get the appropriate file size.
  4. Now, it will be saved as GIF file, you can change it into any file format including JPEG using Paint. To do that open paint and 'Save As' any format you want. Saving as JPEG will save a lot of space.

Panasonic ER 206 KK Beard/Hair Trimmer Review

I bought Panasonic ER 206 KK AC/Rechargeable Beard/Hair Trimmer about 6 months ago. Before that I had a Philips beard trimmer, after using Panasonic ER 206 KK for 6 months, I have to say that this one is way better than any of Philips trimmers. I bought this for Rs.1200 . Like you, who wants to buy a good beard trimmer, I did a lot of research. I was confused with a lot of products, both from Philips and Panasonic, but decided to buy this one.

The main feature of this Panasonic trimmer is that the blade is much stronger and cuts away the hair really fast, unlike Philips which takes about 15min for a normal shave. With this one, you just need 5 minutes to shave and you are done. You can recharge the battery and use it as cordless or you can use it while charging, which is very handy if you run out of  power. The charging time is 8hrs, which I initially thought was a bit on the higher side. But realized that the battery packs a punch, you can have 8-10 full shaves before the battery runs out, pretty impressive for a beard trimmer.


  • Cord/Cordless Operation
  • Floating Cutter
  • Wide Blade Trimmer
  • Cleaning Brush
  • 12 steps Length Adjustment (2-18 mm)
  • Front Height Adjustment Dial
  • Trendy S-Curve which fits well in your hands
  • Impressive and long lasting battery life
  • 2 year warranty

Panasonic ER206 comes with 12 step cutting length adjustment from 2mm-18mm. The 2mm which is the minimum length and gives you a pretty close shave, which is enough for me, being an IT professional.After six months, my trimmer is still going strong and gives a seamless shave. Now the price has come down to around Rs.1000 and for that amount, this product gives full value. I will recommend it all the time.
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