Chat Box Disappeared In Gmail Solved

Does your gmail chat box disappeared from the left side of your gmail account? There are two possibilities for the disappearance of google chat;
  1. You might have logged out of chat: If you have logged out of google chat, you can easily sign back in by clicking the 'sign into chat' link on the left side, just below the drafts,sent mail and other stuffs.
  2. Your gmail chat has completely disappeared due to a settings change: In this case, you might have accidentally turned of the chat feature. To turn it back on go to Settings (which is at the top right hand part just below your google plus profile picture). Then click the tab Chat and then click on 'chat on' and save the changes. Wohooo the chat box is up once again.

How To Use Mobile Number Portability (MNP) Service

Are you dissatisfied with your current mobile operator? Now you can use mobile number portability (MNP) service provided by TRAI to change your service provider without changing your number. Basically you can keep your number and switch operators. Once you port your number to another operator, you are not allowed to make another port request for 3 months. So you will have to stay in your new network for a minimum of 3 months before you can make a new port request. 

Mobile operators charge differently for MNP service. TRAI regulated fee for MNP service is Rs.19 but my personal experience with Vodafone and Idea shows that they don't charge that much. In fact Vodafone didn't charge me anything for porting, whereas Idea charged Rs.5. Using MNP you can switch from CDMA to GSM or GSM to CDMA or from Prepaid to Postpaid or vice versa. You won't be allowed to change circles using MNP.

How to use MNP or how to port my number to another operator?

  1. Send sms PORT space YOUR NUMBER to 1900. For eg: PORT 9846098460
  2. You will receive a confirmation and a porting code via sms. This porting code will be used as a reference while porting.
  3. Walk into any retail office of the mobile operator of your choice and provide porting code, copy of ID proof and a photo.
  4. They will give you a new sim card to insert into your phone once your existing sim is deactivated. You will receive an sms regarding the possible deactivation period and black out hours. Normally the blackout hours for MNP will be about 4 hours, in which you won't be able to make any calls. For customer convenience it will be from 12am to 4am.
  5. Insert the new sim once the existing sim is deactivated (range bar will disappear).
  6. Call the activation helpline number provided by the new operator.
  7. Activate your sim (which normally takes about 30 minutes).
  8. Enjoy the service.

Mumbai Police Malayalam Movie Review

Yesterday I went to watch Mumbai Police at Coronation, Kozhikode. Mumbai Police is a star studded film with Prithviraj, Jayasurya and Rehman in the lead role. It is a thriller. Unlike the police stories we have seen to date, Mumbai Police has a story to tell which none has narrated before. The script is flawless from Bobby and Sanjay. Roshan Andrews has done justice to his talent in direction and the background score by Gopi Sundar is refreshing.

Now going back to review the film as a whole. It is a thriller with a thrilling suspense at the end. No love, no shit comedy and no fuss, straight to the point. The movie sometimes drags slowly especially in the first half but gains speed towards the end. The guts shown by Prithviraj to do a role like this is commendable. He has done it perfectly. Prithviraj, Jayasurya and Rehman are Police officers and friends in their personal life and the story revolves around their friendship.
Mumbai Police Movie Review
The movie starts with an accident to Prithviraj and from there the film roles back n forth from past to present. The story and the suspense at the end is the base of this film. Even though I felt boring and sleepy in the first half, it is worth the Rs.60 I spent. It is an above average film. My rating would be 6.5/10 (9/10 is the mark I will give for a perfect movie).

Average Cost of Angioplasty Heart Surgery In India

Angioplasty is basically the technique of mechanically widening narrowed or obstructed arteries. An empty and collapsed balloon on a guide wire is passed into the narrowed locations and then inflated to a fixed size using water pressures some 75 to 500 times normal blood pressure. The balloon forces expansion of the inner white blood cell/clot plaque deposits and the surrounding muscular wall, opening up the blood vessel for improved blood flow, and the balloon is then deflated and withdrawn. A stent may or may not be inserted at the time of ballooning to ensure the vessel remains open. It is the quality of the stent which determines 50% of the price

Angioplasty stents are available at a variety of costs starting from Rs.20,000 to 1 Lakh and above. Before the surgery, the patient will be given option to choose from different stent choices for eg: Rs.20,000 stent or Rs.50,000 or Rs.65,000. The total cost of the surgery depends on which stent you use. Other expenses such as fees for medicines, equipment and Doctor's fees will come around Rs.50,000. 

In a nutshell, you will have to be ready with at least 1 Lakh rupees before going for the surgery. This amount is an average amount, it may vary according to the hospital standards. Make sure that you have good communication with your doctor, in most cases angioplasty can be avoided with some medication and exercise. I am not saying that you can get away all the time, you have a benchmark and if you are below it, you can try some alternative methods. That is why I said, communication with your doctor is very important.Angioplasty is not a major surgery and the patient can leave the hospital after 3-4 days.
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