How To Find The Number Of General Compartments In A Train

In order to find the number of general compartments available in a train you can go to India Rail Info .

  1. In the search column type the name or number of the train and hover the mouse pointer to time table in the drop down menu which appears when you place the mouse over the train name.
  2. Once you are on the timings page, find Rake/Coach Composition (Which is normally at the top part of the page)
  3. In the Rake/Coach composition search for GS or UR ( GS in Indian Railway means General Second Class and UR means Unreserved, both denotes general compartment).
  4. Happy Journey : )

BSNL Local Calls At 30p/min

Now call all local calls from BSNL to any network at 30p/min with a recharge of Rs.45 . The offer will be valid for 30 days.

How To Block Unwanted Calls Or Disturbing Calls

There are different ways to block or filter unwanted or disturbing calls. Here I am not talking about tele marketing calls which you can easily block using DND(Do not Disturb) feature. I am talking about unwanted calls, missed calls, dirty sms's etc. If you want to get rid of them there are three ways to go about it. You can block it using a built in call block facility in your handset or by using a third party software installed in your mobile phone. Still there are some limitations for inbuilt and third party call blocking softwares. But that is the most inexpensive way of filtering calls. You can create blacklist or whitelist of contacts or numbers.

The third option is to make the mobile operator themselves to block certain numbers for you. I believe only Vodafone and Airtel provides call blocking or filtering service in India. If you know any other operator who provides call blocking service, please let me know by commenting.

VODAFONE Call Filter Service

Vodafone call filter service comes with a monthly rental of Rs.99 . Yes it is a bit expensive, but it can come handy if your girlfriend or relatives is being constantly disturbed or if you are a busy individual who just wants to accept some selected calls only. If you activate this service the caller will receive a message like this "The Vodafone subscriber you are trying to reach does not wish to receive your call". You can add as many numbers to your blacklist, no limit.

First you need to subscribe: 

Step 1: Dial *514# (toll free) and press the call button
Step 2: Select the language of the announcements
Step 3: Select 1 to subscribe
Or alternatively you can also call 55144 and follow the interactive voice menu
Your service will be activated within 4 hours and you will be intimated through SMS.
Or you can also activate by an sms ACT CFS to 111 (toll free) for Postpaid customers / sms ACT CFS to 144 (toll free) for Prepaid customers.
Deactivation – sms CAN CFS to 111 (toll free) for Postpaid customers / sms CAN CFS to 144 (toll free) for Prepaid customers

Once you’ve subscribed to Call Filter you can choose to block one or more numbers by dialling *514# (toll free) from your Vodafone mobile phone. Alternatively you can even call 55144 and follow the interactive menu. Now you can create a list of numbers who will not be able to call you on your Vodafone mobile phone. This list is called the Blacklist.
  • To add a landline number prefix it with the STD code, say for Mumbai: 022– landline no.
  • To add the mobile number just key in the 10 digit number
  • To add an ISD number, prefix number with ISD code and area code
By default all blacklisted numbers you define will be set when you roam.
This service provides for an additional feature of Whitelist, which helps you receive calls only from the numbers you want. This feature comes handy when you are traveling or don’t want to be disturbed by most barring a few close ones.
  • To start using the service, you have to subscribe first and create your Blacklist
  • Blacklist and Whitelist are mutually exclusive services and at no given point of time you can have both blacklist and whitelist service active
  • You can create and manage both the lists but only one of them will be active at any given time
  • You can perform the following activities once you have subscribed to Call Filter.
  • choose your last incoming call number to be entered in the blacklist or whitelist
  • add, delete or view numbers in your list.

AIRTEL Call Manager Service

Airtel's call manager facility comes at a much cheaper rate than Vodafone's Call filter service, it comes with a monthly subscription charge of Rs.30 . Using Airtel Call manager you can easily manage your incoming calls.
You can block callers by adding them to your block list or allow special callers to call you at any time by adding them to your select list. You can add as many numbers you want to both lists.

Block List:
You can add numbers into Block list by adding:
» Specific Caller or Number
» Last Caller
» You can even search for blocked numbers & unblock them. 

Select List:
You can add the numbers in the Select Caller list by adding:
» Specific Caller or Number
» Last Caller
» You can even search for selected numbers & remove them from the select list.
Additional features in Airtel Call Manager:
» SMS < Alert services for all Blocked Calls > gives you the choice to return a Blocked Call.
» All calls that are blocked in the Meeting, Driving or Roaming profile, callers will listen to a pre-defined announcement, advising them of your unavailability. 


You may subscribe to a call manager service through one of the following options:
(a) SMS : SMS CM at 52323 (Toll Free) and select option 1
(b) USSD : USSD string *323# (Toll Free) and select option 1
(c) IVR : Dial 52323 (Toll Free) and select option 1

Google Talk App For Nokia Phones

For the past few days I have been searching for a good google talk app that will keep me online and updated with my google chat friends. There is an official Google Talk app for android users but not for Nokia Symbian phones. You have to use third party apps to get access to google talk on your Nokia phone.

After some research I found a nice little app called Shorthand in the Nokia Ovi store. I tried it for a few days and thought it would be worth sharing with you guys.

Shorthand is literally packed with features. It has gmail, google talk, facebook, twitter, Yahoo and many more. I actually tried only google talk and mail features on it. I am very much impressed with its performance. Chat speed is very good and you can chat the same way as you do on a broadband connected desktop. Go to Shorthand Ovi Store.

Note: Once you install, the app can be seen in the games folder, not at the normal apps section. Now enjoy chatting on the move.

UPDATE: I found Nimbuzz better than shorthand. The issue with shorthand is that it doesn't have any alert feature when someone comes to chat with you. But Nimbuzz has an alert sound or it will vibrate if the phone is in silent mode. It has more features than shorthand. First you will have to sign up for a Nimbuzz account, once it is done everything seems flawless. Go to Nimbuzz Ovi Store

Note: Once you sign up, Nimbuzz will send a message to all numbers in your phone contact saying that you have started using Nimbuzz. Toll free though.
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