SMS Format To Deactivate Caller Tune In Vodafone India

If you don't want Caller Tune on your Vodafone mobile, you can easily deactivate it. The SMS format to deactivate caller tune is

Prepaid: sms CAN CT to 144 (Toll free)

Postpaid: sms CAN CT to 111 (Toll free)

Then you will get a confirmation message from Vodafone.

How To Hide Facebook Profile Pictures And Other Photos

Do you wish your facebook profile pictures to be seen only by you or by your friends? Facebook has set your profile pictures to be seen by your friends by default. If you wish to hide your profile pictures, only to be seen by you, then follow these steps

  1. Go to your profile, by clicking on your name just to the left of 'Home' button
  2. Click on Photos
  3. Now Go to Albums>Profile Pictures
Here you will have to change the settings for each photo one by one, it is a tough job if you have many profile pictures. 

  1. Click on the photo you want to hide
  2. Now you can see the settings button right below your name on the window and next to the date,click on it and change the settings to 'Only Me'. Repeat it for all photos required.
In this way you can hide your profile pictures being seen by your friends.

BSNL Mithram Plan Latest Details 2013

BSNL Mithram Sim card costs Rs.53/- 

BSNL Mithram Plan allows you to call 5 Local numbers at reduced call rates. Mithram Plan will have 6 months validity and zero main balance. For the first 6 months you will have free bsnl to bsnl 63 minutes and 17 minutes to other networks. 2000 local sms for the first month is also there.
Existing BSNL customers can opt Mithram Plan by recharging with Rs.49. Call charges for Mithram Plan is as follows:

For 5 BSNL Numbers : It will be 10p/min

If you have 4 BSNL and 1 Other Network : Other network call will be charged 30p/min

It is mandatory that at least one among the 5 numbers belongs to BSNL.

Call charges to other numbers excluding the 5 chosen numbers : To BSNL numbers it will be 1p/sec and to other networks it will be 1.2p/sec, ALL INDIA.

SMS format for adding 5 numbers to Mithram Plan :  FFE<space><number1><space><number2><space><number3><space><number4><space><number5> to 53733

For modification of numbers, the sms format is FFM<space><old number><space><new number> to 53733. You will be charged at Rs.5 per modification and only one modification is allowed at a time.

Once validity expires, you can extend the validity of Mithram plan by recharging with STV Rs.49. Your validity will be extended for 6 months.

BSNL has changed call charges for Mithram Plan in 2014, read more

How To Get A BSNL Sim Card

Too lazy to leave your home to get a sim card? I guess that is the reason why you googled it, just kidding. Don't be disappointed, you can call the BSNL Marketing Executive and he will come to your home. But it all depends on the availability of the executive. You can get his number from your telephone exchange.

Now let me talk about the conventional way.

Go to the nearest telephone exchange. Fill in an application form for BSNL Prepaid/Postpaid form,along with a passport size photo and a photo copy of your ID proof ( Voters ID card/ Driving License/ Aadhar card/ PAN Card/ Ration Card). Select the plan which suits your requirements and mention it on your application form. Pay a nominal amount, in my case I choose Mithram Plan which cost Rs.53/-.

Once you get the sim card, insert it into your phone and after two hours call 1507 (This is the number for my circle,Kerala. Not sure whether it is the same for all of India) for activating the sim. Your sim card will be activated within 3 hours, make a call to any number and your sim card is fully functional.
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