Romans Malayalam Movie Review

My first reaction was " Man this is not as bad as I thought ". When I saw the poster of Romans, I honestly had no desire to watch it thinking that it was another flop. But my friends forced me into it and I gave in. Romans has a nice flow to it. You can relate Romans to many recently released malayalam films like Merikkundoru Kunjadu,Ordinary and Seniors. The duo of Kunchako Boban and Biju Menon has once again worked out well, but it would be better to stop the partnership by this, or else the audience will get bored. You can  relate some elements in Romans to the above said three movies.

Romans didn't bore me at any point. Comedy is very decent and there was a nice flow to it. But it has to be said that, some of the comic dialogues have been pretty used and reused ones. I am not going much into the story as I know you are about to watch the movie. The script is decent and is able to keep the the suspense all along. I liked the way Romans opens in the past. It has a nice feel to it. 
Romans Malayalam Movie Review
Romans will keep you going for two and a half hours without any boredom. One good thing about this film is that, there wasn't much of those double meaning comedy dialogues which are hard to digest for family audiences. But there are one or two small instances where double meaning is used, but it is clean apart from that. You won't lose your money, have a fun ride for two and a half hours. My rating for Romans will be 2.5/5.

There has been a lot of criticism against Romans for being Anti-Christian, which I believe is true, to a certain extent.

Best Mobile Browser For Nokia Symbian Mobile Phones

I have tried quite a few browsers on my Nokia phone. If you ask me, which is the best browser application for Nokia? My answer will be, Opera mini browser without any doubt. I have tried a few on my Nokia C6. Only UC browser comes anywhere close to Opera mini in performance. But in UC browser, I have experienced some cookie troubles which resulted in malfunctioning of my bookmarks. The issue  was that it automatically logs out from my gmail and facebook accounts. So I ditched UC browser.

Before using UC browser, I used to browse using Nokia's in built browser which is literally 'primitive'. Opera mini is seamless with easy navigation, bookmark manager and a lot of other stuffs. Opera mini is the best mobile brower for Nokia. If you want to download Opera mini from OVI store, GO HERE.

ICICI Bank Mobile Notifications Not Working : Solved

Are you having trouble with your ICICI bank account linked to your mobile phone? Are you not getting mobile notifications when you withdraw money from your atm or account or deposit money into your account.

The case with my ICICI account was that I never got any mobile notifications while withdrawing via ATM or depositing money, instead I used to get an e-mail notification. I logged into my internet banking account and checked whether my phone number was correct, unfortunately the bank masks the first 6 numbers of the phone number. So I couldn't figure out whether it was correct or not.

I called ICICI customer care and the executive told me to walk into any branch with a valid ID proof and give a request. I asked him whether there is any other way to do it online as I was busy with my office work and didn't get enough time to go to a branch. Unfortunately there was no other option. So I went to the nearest ICICI bank branch (Not my home branch where I hold the account) and gave a request. It was processed within 24 hrs and all is well ever after : )

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Now Recharge Your Mobile Using A Single SMS

Best Prepaid STD Offers Available

I have been researching about the best prepaid STD offers. STD tariffs have always been a burden for me and so I decided to compare different prepaid,postpaid Unlimited and Limited STD offers provided by different mobile operators in India. Some of the plans are circle specific so it is hard to post a generalized plam.


Tata Docomo provides the best STD plan available in India right now. This plan is for postpaid customers though.
Plan Details : Unlimited local and STD for Rs.899/month. A refundable security deposit of Rs.850 is required.


BSNL provides the second best offer for STD calls. It is the best available STD offer for prepaid users.

Plan Details : Unlimited STD from BSNL to BSNL for Rs.500/month.

#3 Reliance GSM

Unlimited reliance to reliance local and STD for Rs.599

All other operators including Airtel,Vodafone,Idea have 30p/min and 1p/2sec basic STD offers.

My Boss Malayalam Movie Review

Do you want to laugh two and a half hours? Watch this film. My Boss is basically an entertainer, a typical Dileep film but with some difference. Dileep's recent films have not been great, most becoming huge flops due to bad script and foul comedy dialogues, not this one. You won't feel bored at any time.

The story revolves around Mamta Mohandas' character Priya, who is a CMO of a top IT company in Mumbai. Dileep's character Manu is appointed as her assistant and the story takes off from there. The best part of the film is that, the comic dialogues are not something we are used to. There is some freshness in the comedy department. The script is not a great one but blends in with the mix. The highlight of this film is Dileep's performance. Kalabhavan Shajon's performance in this film was something fresh. Actually the character done by Shajon was supposed to be done by Suraj Venjaramood, but was given to Shajon due to some  reason. He has done it well, it has to be said.
My Boss Malayalam Movie Review
The script basically had some flaws and raises some doubts in the mind of the audience. The plot seems very similar to the Hollywood movie 'The Proposal'. It is a predictable story but it is fun watching. Never mind spending Rs.300 at the multiplex for watching this film, it is worth the laugh(money).

Nokia Earbud Headset WH-205 Review

For the past few years I have been using the normal headset that came default with my Nokia phone. One day I decided to try Nokia's earbud headset. One of my friend told me that it was better than the normal ones. I bought Nokia Earbud headset WH-205 for Rs.349. It came with 3 different earbud pairs in sizes small,medium and large. 

Tell you what, the music experience was far far better. If you are used to the normal headset  it will take some time to get used, as it will keep slipping away from your ears. The quality of stereo  sound is very impressive and much better than those on the normal headsets. I would have loved to have a next and back button on the headset though, so that we can skip to the next song without using the phone itself. Overall it is a good headset with excellent performance and I am sure the music freaks are going to love it.

IRCTC Tatkal Booking Timing

There has been a lot of confusion among people about the timing of tatkal booking. Tatkal booking used to start at 8 am, but now it is revised to start at 10 am from July 2012 on wards. Basically it is done to prevent bulk ticket purchases by agents and web clients of IRCTC.

Tatkal booking window for normal users will be from 10AM to 12PM on one days in advance actual date of journey excluding date of your journey. For eg: Your train leaves tomorrow 5PM, tatkal booking for that train will start at 10AM today . During the 10-12 hour window, agents and web clients will be restricted from booking tickets, still the site hangs every now and then :).

For more details and bookings, visit IRCTC website

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