How To Get A Passport In Texas

Paperwork and procedures required to get a passport in Texas is the same as anywhere in the United States.  You need a U.S passport to leave the country, it means you need a passport even if you are driving to Mexico. In Texas, you can submit your application for U.S passport at application acceptance facilities or regional passport agencies or via professional expediting courier services. Most post offices and some government buildings serve as passport acceptance facilities in Texas.

Paperwork And Details Required For Passport Application In Texas

Passport application process in a nutshell
  • Fill out DS-11 Form
  • Proof of U.S Citizenship
  • Proof of Identification
  • Photocopies of all documents
  • Two passport photos
  • Pay fee

DS-11 Form:You can fill and print DS-11 form from the Department of State website. You can either fill it online or by hand with a black ink pen. You will have to fill your social security number and other details. You must not sign the form while filling, it should only be signed when the Acceptance Agent tells you to do so.

In Person: Go to your nearest passport acceptance facility. You will have to submit a proof of U.S citizenship along with the DS-11 form. You can submit your birth certificate or certificate of citizenship or naturalization certificate as a proof of citizenship. The office clerk will keep the original document and it will be returned to you via mail along with your passport.

You will have to provide a proof of identification as well. For this, you can submit your drivers license or Government ID or Military ID or naturalization certificate. Suppose you are applying for U.S passport in Texas with a drivers license of a state other than Texas,then you will have to submit proof of secondary identification. Any valid ID proof with your photo, full name, date of birth and the document issuance date will qualify as secondary identification. You must also submit a photocopy of front and back of every ID document you submit.

Fee: The application and execution fee for passport varies with your requirement. If you want an adult passport book and card, the total fee will be $165. If you just want an adult passport book the fee will be $135 and if you only want an adult passport card , just pay $55.

Photo: You must submit two copies of passport size photos taken in front of a white background. Do not attach the photo to DS-11 form, it should be submitted separately.

Your new passport will arrive within a month. If you want your passport quickly, you can get it by paying an additional fee.

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