How To Add or Change Favicon In Your Blogger Blog

Favicon is a nice little thing that adds glamor to your blog. It is not much, but it still makes a difference to the overall look of your blog when opened on a browser tab. In order to add or change your blogger favicon.

1. Go to Blogger Layout>  Click on Edit in the Favicon

2. Upload the image you want to add as favicon. Note that the image should be a square image (for eg: 200x200 pixels) and the size should not be larger than 100kb.

3. Save it.

New Favicon Not Working Issue

Now, your uploaded favicon might not show up on your blog. It is because of the cache used by your browser. To fix this, either you clear up the cache of your browser or go to 

And reload the page. The new favicon should show up. If your favicon doesn't show up even after doing this, then clear all history and try. If you are using Mozilla Firefox try it using Private Browsing, your favicon will work. You can read my 'Never Revealed Blogger Tips' I learned through my years of experience in blogging. 

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