How To Reduce The Size Of Photo or Signature To Less Than 20kb or 10kb For Online Applications

You might be in the middle  of applying online for a job or an exam and suddenly you will see that the size of photo/signature to be uploaded must be less than 20kb or so. You can easily reduce the size of photo or signature by using Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Paint.

Here is the step by step process to reduce photo or signature size.

  1. Open the Photo/Signature file using Adobe Photoshop. Duplicate the image just for back up. To duplicate go to >Image(On the top bar)>Duplicate
  2. Resize the photo to smaller pixels such as 150 or 100. To resize go to>Image>Image size> enter 150 or 100 in the width box ( Make sure that the constrain proportions column is ticked, so that you won't resize the photo uneven)
  3. Now save the image as 'Save For Web And Devices (Alt+Shift+Ctrl+S)' , you can select it from File>Save for web and devices. Click save and this will save your photo as very small file in compressed form. Play around with the pixels to get the appropriate file size.
  4. Now, it will be saved as GIF file, you can change it into any file format including JPEG using Paint. To do that open paint and 'Save As' any format you want. Saving as JPEG will save a lot of space.

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