Best Form Auto fill Plug In For Mozilla Firefox

Imagine you are an internet marketer or someone who want to fill a lot of forms containing basic details like Name,e-mail,phone number,address etc. For that Mozilla Firefox has an auto fill forms plugin which will help you in filling those forms without entering every details again and again.

First of all you need to download the plugin.
  1. Go to Tools>Add-Ons>Get Add-ons
  2. In the search box type 'Auto Fill'
  3. Install it
  4. After Installing, again Go to Tools>Add-Ons>Extensions. Now you will see auto fill installed
  5. Click on Options. Enter all the basic details like Name,Phone number,Address etc and save it
  6. Now whenever you need to fill a form just hit ALT+J. All the areas will be filled automatically.
Auto filling add-ons are great tools to save time. Similar plugins are available for other platforms like Chrome and Internet Explorer.

How To Use Google Drive

Google Drive was released by Google on April 24, 2012. It functions like an online hard disk in which you can store files online.You can share your doc,excel,word,ppt files on google drive which can be accessed and edited by multiple users anywhere in the world. For eg: If you have a word file and you put it in the google drive folder, it will be stored online forever. If you want another person on another continent or place to edit that document, you just need to share it with that person. The other person can edit it from his location and it will be available to you in real time, that is the cool thing about Google Drive.

Drop Box is another similar application that allows you to store files online. But drop box offers only 2GB of free storage, whereas Google Drive offers 5GB of free storage. If you want more storage you can get up to 16TB, as of now. Google has plans to increase the storage space even further.

How To Use Google Drive
How To Start Using Google Drive : For Beginners 

  1. Go to and sign in with your existing or new g-mail account
  2. You will be taken to a page where you will be asked to download and install google drive on your computer.
  3. Once google drive is installed on your computer, a folder named Google Drive will be created on your system.
  4. If you put any file in that folder, it will be synchronized with Google online storage and will be available on Google Cloud storage(Also note that, once you delete that file on Google Drive Folder,it will be lost for ever).
  5. Again go to , now you will be able to see the file you have put in Google Drive folder.
  6. Start sharing, have fun.

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