BSNL Broadband Modem DSL Led Blinking And Not Stabilizing

If the DSL led on your bsnl broadband modem is blinking and not become stabilized i.e the led doesn't get steady, you may have to look at your telephone line. Check whether your land phone has a perfect dial tone i.e without any disturbances or noise. If there is disturbance in dial tone, then your DSL will not become steady. The internet led will light up only after the DSL led becomes steady. Check for the wire joints for dry. You may have to unwire joints and connect them again and check for disturbances in the line. If the problem still persists, you may have to dial 198 and register a complaint.

If the DSL led doen't light up at all, then it is a problem with your broadband modem. Your modem need to be repaired.

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Maximum Attachment Memory Limit For E-mail

The maximum memory size of your e-mail attachment should not exceed 25MB. The limit is 25MB for Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Hot Mail. I think 25MB is the standard for all e-mail service providers.

Toshiba Satellite Laptop User Review

I bought Toshiba Satellite C850 for Rs.22,000. It is about 3 weeks now. I got a Canon 3 in 1 printer along with the laptop. 

Technical Specifications and reviews:

The Processor: Toshiba Satellite C850 comes with an Intel Duo Core Processor. Intel (R) Pentium (R) CPU B950 to be exact, which is pretty useful for normal computing. The processor response and speed is satisfactory. It has a clock speed of 2.10GHZ

The RAM: It has a 2GB RAM memory which is more than enough to handle normal graphics and stuffs. 

Boot Time is pretty impressive as well. It comes with a VGA Web camera, which is decent enough for your chatting needs. It has a Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. USB 3.0 will give you faster data transfer. HDMI connectivity is also there. The 15 inch display is very impressive and excellent to watch movies. The speaker sound is good but not excellent, probably that was one area that Toshiba needed to improve upon.

Overall, I am very much satisfied with Toshiba Satellite. The specifications are really good. If you want to buy a DELL or HP laptop with the same specifications, you will have to pay atleast Rs.5000 more. This laptop also gives a decent back up for about 4.30 hrs. The battery life of a laptop entirely depends on how you manage the battery charging cycle. Only charge the system when the battery is low i.e when it is just going to die. Such charging cycles will help the battery last longer. You can play games that use decent graphics, I played some, the processor handles the graphics well.

Toshiba Satellite is a good buy because the specifications you get at Rs.22,000 is pretty impressive. It is a very good laptop for daily use. As I have mentioned earlier, there is a Canon 3 in 1 printer free. 3 in 1 means, printer,scanner and photo copier. The print quality is excellent as expected from an inkjet printer, but the cost of the ink catridge (Once the catridge that comes with the printer runs out) is about Rs.1000, which will make printing a costly affair. I also got a USB mouse and a headset free (Given by the dealer not by the company). That means they still make profit out of it, so do ask for mouse and headset. It doesn't come with an operating system. You may have to buy a Genuine Windows or any other OS CD.

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