Gagan Narang From India Wins Bronze Medal In London Olympics 2012

Gagan Narang the 29 year old Indian, wins Bronze medal in 10m Air Rifle Event at London Olympics 2012. Interesting thing is that, he was the first Indian to qualify for London Olympics and now he has become the first medal winner. This Bronze medal takes India to 22nd rank in the Olympics medal table. Alin George Moldoveanu of Romania won the Gold and Italy's Niccolo Campriani won the Silver. Niccolo Campriani was the favorite before the finals and Alin George was a complete surprise package. Gagan Narang could have easily been 2nd to win Silver but two bad shots in the middle cost him Silver. Later he came back strongly with the last two shots scoring above 10. The joy was clearly evident on his face as we had a disappointing effort from Abhinav Bindra, who was expected to bring a medal to India. However we are on board now and we can expect more coming our way soon.

How To Get The Swift/BIC Code For Your Rural Bank Branch

Swift Code or BIC Code is a code used by financial institutions for electronic fund transfer. If you have an account in a rural branch of a nationalized bank and you want to make an electronic fund transfer, you might not be able to find a Swift code for your local branch. So what will you do? Just get the swift code of the district main branch. You just need that code for your transaction.

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Some Basic YouTube Facts You Should Know

Q. Is YouTube available in all countries?
YouTube is available in 24 countries and in 30 languages.

Q.When was YouTube founded and who was the founder?
A. YouTube was launched in May 2005 by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim

Fact: A normal user won’t be able to upload videos of over 15 minutes in length. Users can upload longer length videos by meeting certain requirements, such as verifying his/her account with a mobile phone, having a good reputation of not violating YouTube Terms and Conditions, copyright policies, and having an account with lots of views.

Q. How to earn money through YouTube?
A. You can earn money from YouTube by joining their partnership network. If you have a popular video that generates thousands of views every day, then you might be invited by YouTube to join their partnership program. Once you are a partner, you can upload videos of any length.

Q. How to become a YouTube partner?
A. For this, you need to upload a lot of videos and should generate thousands of views every day. If your video is extremely popular, you might be able to display your adsense ads on videos and earn money through it.

Q. How does YouTube make money?
A. YouTube makes money from advertisements. Advertisers pay millions of dollars to YouTube for displaying their ads in videos, search and pages.

 Q. Can you download videos from YouTube?

A. No, YouTube doesn’t provide download option, however people are still downloading YouTube videos using softwares like YouTube Downloader.

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Basic TRAI Rules And Regulations You Should Know

Q. Can I change my connection from Prepaid to Postpaid and Vice Versa for free?
A. Yes, changing from Prepaid to Postpaid and vice verse is completely charge free and can be done without changing the existing mobile number.

Q. What to do if I am overcharged by the mobile company and needs the details of the usage"
A. Yes, if a subscriber makes a request for his/her usage details, the service provider is required to supply to him the same for a period of six months preceding the month in which the request has been made. The service provider may charge a small amount not more than Rs.50 for providing the details.

Q. What is the minimum broadband speed limit an operator should provide?
 A. As per TRAI regulations a subscriber should get at least 80% of the subscribed broadband connection speed from ISP Node.

Q. What if my billing/charging complaint is not resolved in time?
A. As per TRAI regulations, a billing complaint (post-paid connections) and charging complaint (pre-paid connections) should be resolved within 4 weeks.In the case of wired landline connection, for delayed response, the customer is entitled to get rent reduction at the following rates: (a) Issues pending for more than 3 days and up to 7 days: Rent reduction for 7 days. (b) Issues pending for more than 7 days and up to 15 days: Rent reduction for 15 days. (c) Issues pending for more than 15 days: rent reduction for one month, that means you don't have to pay the rent for that month.

Q. Do I have to pay for the hard copy of my bill?
A. No. 

Q. Is there a special fee for migration of plans?
A. No

Fact: If you are not using internet while you system is on, it is better to keep your modem off because when both the PC and Modem are on, there will be a trickling of packets from the Internet into the system, even though you are not using the Internet.It can affect your download limit, so it is better to switch off the modem when it is not in use.

Q. Do I have to pay for incoming sms under roaming networks?
 A. No

How To Start A Fixed Deposit Account In HDFC Bank Online

To start a fixed deposit on HDFC bank, you don’t need to go to the bank. You can start a new Fixed Deposit account online if you already have an account in any HDFC bank. 

To start a FD account

1.Log In to your existing account
2.Now choose ‘Open Fixed Deposit’ from the group of links on the left side
3.Now give in your details and confirm when asked

Sony VAIO Latest Releases In India

Latest Models of VAIO laptops released by Sony India this year are VAIO E14A and VAIO T.  Both models are now available in the market.


VAIO E14A is a Chic notebook PC with stylish colour accents basically designed for everyday computing requirements. It comes with a Stylish new ‘wrap design’ with colour accents and ‘personalization kit’, 3rd generation Intel Core i7 CPU with AMD Radeon HD 7670M discrete GPU (VRAM: 1GB), Long battery life realized by hybrid graphics and ‘Rapid Wake + Eco’, loud and clear sound with xLOUD, Clear Phase and Dolby Home Theatre V4 and USB charging. 

VAIO E14A has a battery life of 5.5 hours. To expand the battery life VAIO is programmed to automatically switch off the discrete GPU. It also has automatically adjusting displays and energy-efficient processors. VAIO’s  ‘Rapid Wake + Eco,’ energy saving mode puts VAIO into an ultra-low power deep sleep, keeping all your data safe for up to ten days. VAIO E14 series enables USB charging even when the PC power is off. It has gesture control which lets you interact with your computer using intuitive hand movements.
The models available are VAIO E14A16 and  VAIO E14A15 priced at Rs.65,990 and Rs.55,990 respectively.


VAIO T is Sony’s First Ultrabook with full feature connectivity. VAIO T features include Instant wake-up and battery-saving sleep mode ,“xLOUD” and“Clear Phase” Technologies,Exmor for PC’ HD web camera and USB charging. “Rapid Wake + Eco”, VAIO T enable you to wake up from the sleep mode instantly, letting you get back to work right away.

VAIO T  is available in two models VAIO T11 and VAIO T13 priced at Rs. 49,990 and Rs. 45,990 respectively

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