Sample resume for students and freshers

Sample resume for students and freshers. This is a simple resume with not much of exaggeration. 

Phone No:


           To achieve an appreciable status in an organization that offers full scope for growth and where I can fulfill my aspiration of becoming a world class professional.

XYZ University

Class 12
Board of Higher Secondary Examinations, State
Class 10
Board of Public Examinations, State



Personal Skills
Willingness to learn, comprehensive problem solving abilities, ability to deal with people diplomatically, ability to work in a group.

Computer Proficiency

  • Programming Languages:  C, C++.
  • Operating System installation &Trouble Shooting: Microsoft Windows98, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7.
  • Multimedia Skills: Photo editing, Video Editing, Sound editing, animating objects in Flash.
  • Others: Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Photoshop.

              Participated in district level school cricket.

Personal  details

Name                          :          
Gender                       :          
Father’s Name          :          
Date of Birth             :          
Blood Group             :          
Religion                     :          
Phone Number          :          
Languages known
To read & write           :                      
            To speak                      :          

              I solemnly declare that the details furnished above are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.                                                                                
                                                                  Yours Sincerely,
Date:                                                                                                               NAME

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How to Use SBI Mobile Banking App to Recharge Your Mobile Phone

SBI Freedom Mobile Banking App is one of the simplest and coolest mobile banking application I have come across. You can download SBI Freedom app from SBI Website

To activate the Mobile Banking service you will be better of doing it at the home branch or any other SBI branch. There is an option for activating it by sms but it is a bit confusing at times.

How to recharge your mobile phone using SBI Freedom Mobile Banking App?

1. Install SBI Freedom app on your mobile, open it.

2. You will be asked for a Login ID which will be provided by the bank

3. After your Login ID is entered, you will be taken to the main menu. In order to recharge or top up your mobile, scroll down to 'Mobile Topup' and select it.

4. Now you need to enter the details such as Service Provider: Airtel/Vodafone/Bsnl etc
    Mobile Number: 999xxxxxxx

    Amount: 30
    Select the account to be debited: Here you have to select 'Debit my primary account' , if you have just     one account configured and in case of multiple accounts, select the one of your choice.

5. Click submit. You will be asked for MPIN, enter it and click OK. Your mobile phone will be recharged within a matter of seconds.

Note: While using freedom app don't set the channel for 'sms' because it will cost you standard sms costs. I think Rs.3 per sms or so. So it is always better to set the channel to 'GPRS' as gprs is pretty standard to all handsets nowadays and will cost only 10paise or so per recharge.

To change the channel settings on SBI Freedom Mobile App: Go to settings in the main menu of the app

Scroll down to 'Change Channel' and select GPRS.

How to Find/Search a Word or Sentence in Microsoft Word Documents

Finding or searching a particular word or sentence in a long Microsoft word document is a daunting task. But there is a shortcut for it

1. Open the word document

2. Press ctrl+F  a dialogue box will appear. It will be something like this

3. Enter the word you want to search and click Find Next. It will take you to the exact word. In some cases, the same word might appear repeated times in the document. To find the next location of the typed word, click find next.

How to Change or Replace a Ceiling Fan Capacitor

If your fan runs slow, then in most cases the culprit will be the capacitor. The fan capacitor might be leaking or damaged due to its constant charging and discharging cycles.

How to replace your ceiling fan capacitor?

It is a pretty simple job, you don't need to call an electrician to change the fan capacitor. You can save some bucks by doing it yourself. Here is a step by step procedure

1. Know how a ceiling fan capacitor looks like

This is how it looks like, by the way it is an old one and there are other capacitors which comes in box shape also. Like this one

Irrespective of the shape, the capacitor does the same function.

2. Now to the real thing, open the housing of the ceiling fan ( the housing above the motor)

The white cylindrical thing is the fan capacitor, by the way this ceiling fan is a pretty old one never mind.

3. Now have a look at the capacitor specifications i.e the values on the capacitor and get a new one with the same specifications (i.e the same values, it is important). Fan capacitors doesn't cost much and you can get it from any electronic component shop. Fan capacitor usually costs around Rs.25

4. Now cut the wires going to the capacitor and solder or join it to the new one. Close the housing and you are done.

Note: The reading on the above capacitor is 
2.25 MFD 5 % tolerance
440 VAC, 50 Hz
The new capacitor should have the same ratings as the older one.

How To Open .p65 File

.p65 is a file format that can be made on Adobe Pagemaker 6.5 and Adobe Pagemaker 7.0. .p65 file format is generally used by businesses and home office professionals to create page layouts; contains formatted document text and images; used for brochures, cards, newsletters, and other professional publications. It can be opened using Adobe Pagemaker 6.5, Adobe Pagemaker 7.0 or Adobe InDesign.

The biggest difficulty is that .p65 files can only be opened using any of the above said three softwares. .p65 files are very hard to convert to popular document formats such as Microsoft Word or PDF. There are just a handful of softwares that can convert .p65 files to other useful formats like word or pdf. Most of them doesn’t work and if you manage to find one (ever) that works, you will not be able to successfully convert the data without losing some part of the data (Graphics in most cases).

There is very little information about .p65 files on the internet and I have been trying to find a good .p65 to word converter for a while, till now I haven’t succeeded. I have tried a couple of softwares but none of them worked. Here, I am giving you the names of the ones I tried, it didn’t work for me but you can try if you are interested.

1.      Block File Reader- STATUS: Didn’t Work
2.      GetPictures210- STATUS: Didn’t Work
3.      PDF995- STATUS: Not Tried
4.      novaPDF- STATUS: Not Tried

Kids Reaction To Video Camera

This is my little cousin's reaction to video camera. It is cute and funny, so watch it. To watch it on YouTube please click Here

Tirur, Malappuram District, Kerala, India: Info

Tirur is a major town in Malappuram district of Kerala. It is one of the most important business centres of Malappuram district and is situated 41 km south of Calicut. Tirur is famous for its Gulf Market, where you can get almost anything that is being sold in the Middle East. You can call Tirur as a mini gulf. You can get electronic goods as well as food items at a cheap rate. Tirur Gulf Market is famous for its electronic goods. Mobile phones, memory cards, laptops you name it, you can get everything at a very cheap rate from Tirur.
You can reach Tirur either by road or by train. Tirur railway station is an important station in Malabar. The nearest airport is Karipur Airport. Tirur is about 41Kms from Kozhikode.

In addition to the business side, Tirur also has some nice tourist spots. Thunjan Paramba,the birthplace of Thunjathu Ramanujan Ezhuthachan, the father of Malayalam language is about 2Kms from Tirur Railway Station. There are a couple of other famous Hindu Temples at Tirur like Garudan Kavu, Thrikkandiyur Siva Temple etc. Tirur is also home to the Wagon Tragedy Museum.


If you want to stay at Tirur, there are lot of tourist homes at Tirur. There are tourist homes near the railway station itself. If you get out to the main entrance of Tirur Railway station you can see ‘Tirur Tourist Home’. You can get rooms for Rs.200 onwards, but in my opinion Tirur Tourist Home is a little bit old. If you want to check some other options, you can walk 100m towards the Tirur river road and you will be able to find Green Tourist home and Thottiyil Tourist Home. You can get rooms starting from Rs.200. I have stayed in Thottiyil Tourist Home and I recommend it. Thottiyil Tourist Home is a good one. The rooms are pretty good. If you want to check for more, you can go to Tirur Bus Stand, there you will be able to find some good ones.


Thottiyil Tourist Home Tirur Contact: 0494 2420268


When it comes to food, Sabka is one of the best restaurants in Tirur and you have to try their food, especially the non-veg items.

How to Recover Hidden Files From Flash Drives/External Hard Disks Due to Virus Infection

Is the files and folders in your hard disk turned into shortcuts or are hidden? Does your hard disk show memory occupied but not files? Can't see your favorite photos and music on your hard disk? Then your flash drive is infected with virus. Here is a step by step procedure to recover the hidden files due to virus infection.

1.       The first thing you should do is to scan your system and the flash drive for viruses and remove them.
2.      If you are an advanced system user, then you can go to command prompt (CMD)
Click on "Start" -->Run --> type cmd and click on OK.

Here I assume your flash drive letter as G:

Enter this command.

attrib -h -r -s /s /d g:\*.*

You can copy paste the command.

Note: Replace the letter g with your flash drive letter.

Now press "Enter".

Now check for your files in Flash Drive.

3.      If this doesn’t work ( didn’t work for me) you can download a software called ‘USB Show’ It is a very easy tool to recover the hidden files and it worked for me. It is a small software but it is effective.
You can download USB Show software from HERE

While opening the application the antivirus may show that the application cannot be trusted but as far as I know, it is a good software and it worked perfectly. No worries.

Note: Don't plug your flash drive to public computers. They are the main source of viruses, especially those in the internet cafes. In order to get rid of the virus attacks you can also try LINUX instead of Windows. As LINUX has only about 40 detected viruses whereas Windows has millions or you can try MAC computer.
Update your antivirus software regularly or else you will fall behind and your system might become harmed. 

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How to Convert BSNL 2G Sim to 3G Sim

1. To convert your Bsnl 2G sim to 3G sim, Send sms M3G to 53733 and wait for the confirmation message

2. After receiving the confirmation message send sms M3GY to 53733

3. Your service will be activated within a few hours. Once you receive the confirmation message that Bsnl 3G plan is active, then recharge with a data plan that suits you.

4. For various 3G Data plans, contact the bsnl customer care 1503

Note: To get normal Bsnl GPRS settings on your mobile

1. Send (Handset Model) Example NOKIA 6630 or SONYERICSSON T610, SAMSUNG SGH-D528 To 58355

2. Bsnl net Settings will be delivered to you as a password protected SMS and you have to type the password 1111, then click the options tab and save the settings.

3. That's it...happy browsing.

Note: How to get Bsnl 3G on your PC/Laptop using your phone as modem?

1. Open the pc suite and set up the internet connection manually using the following information

Access point: OR bsnlnet
UserName:  Mobileno (9194xxxxxxxx)
Password:  Mobile no (9194xxxxxxxx)
and press finsh

To start browsing, click Connect 

To avail 3G services Nokia users must change their network mode to 'Dual Mode' . To do this, go to Settings^Network^Dual Mode.

BSNL is now providing 3.5G services even in smaller towns. 

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How to use 2G/3G Internet on PC/Laptop with Your Vodafone Sim and Nokia Cellphone

1. The first thing you have to do is to install Nokia PC Suite on your PC/Laptop. You can get it from Nokia Website.

2. After installing the PC suite, connect your mobile to the PC either using data cable or via Bluetooth.

3. Select the mode: Ovi Suite

4. Open the PC suite icon on your PC and wait for the system to install. Once the installation is complete, it should show your phone on it. It should look something like this

5. Now click on the 'connect to the internet icon', the third one on the first row.

6. It might show 'connecting automatically' but it won't work, just ignore and go to the settings, click next and choose 'Configure the connection manually'.

7. When it asks for access point just type 'www' and leave all other fields like username, password etc blank and click finish. That's it you are done...happy browsing.

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