iPhone 5 Cons/Disadvantages

On September 12th Apple released the new iPhone 5, which has been the talk of the town for a while now. The question is, is iphone 5 up to the expectations? Is it really the iphone that we wanted? Everyone believe that it is the best iphone yet, but is it the best smartphone yet? I am afraid to say no.

It is a good phone, no doubt about that. But, is that good enough to beat its competitors, that is the real question. One feature I liked is that it is way lighter than iphone 4S. They say iphone 5 is 20% lighter than iphone 4S. The screen size of 4 inch is not that bad, but Nokia Lumia 900 and HTC One X have 4.3 and 4.7 inch screens respectively. Samsung Galaxy S3, the biggest competitor of iphone 5 has a screen size of 4.8 inches. The design of iphone 5 is great but HTC One S looks more beautiful.

The next thing is the malfuntioning of the maps. The decision to swap maps from Google Maps (Which I think is the best navigator app in the world ) to Apple’s own map was the technological blunder of the year. I don’t think apple switched maps to provide a better app, but to keep away from Google which is Apple’s biggest competitor. There were absolute blunders on the map. One guy in UK searched for his city and found it in US. Google maps has been the part of iphone since the first iphone was released.

The pricing has been another debacle. Especially when you can get superior phones like HTC One X or an S3. The OS needs a lot of improvements too. The problem that people had with S3 was its premium quality design. It is not that good at all. With HTC One X, the issue was battery life which seems to be fixed now. So will people be ready to spent that much amount of money for an iphone, if they have the option of buying better phones at a cheaper rate.

There is no customization feature, still reliant on itunes. People need to pay to buy apps for iphone, they can have free apps on android on the other hand. The percentage of free apps available on apple app store is much less when compared to android app store.This keeps the people from emerging markets like China,India and Brazil away from the iphone. The thinking is that, you can pay for the phone fair enough, but why should I pay for the apps. I think US will still continue to be a strong market for apple, but for other countries, the tide is changing.

No customization, still no bluetooth file transfer, no expandable memory, no NFC, no notification LED, I am disappointed. Another recent issue is purple haze on iPhone 5 cameras. Iphone needs to improve a lot.

Disclaimer: The above said views are all my personal opinions.

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