Microsoft Touch Mouse Versus Apple Magic Mouse

Few days ago Microsoft released a new touch mouse. It is a very good mouse with an even better design, but I am confused about one thing, Why Microsoft is following Apple for every product they design? A touch mouse is not new to the world. In 2009 Apple released a multi-touch mouse called Apple Magic Mouse. So I found it interesting to compare both. I am not going deep into the features of these products; I am just focusing on the comparison between the two. But it is not possible to compare two products without saying anything about them, especially if you haven’t heard about the product. Moreover it will be difficult to communicate exactly how they work through words. So I thought it would be better to provide you the videos. These videos will explain the working of Apple Magic Mouse and Microsoft Touch Mouse.
Microsoft Touch Mouse Versus Apple Magic Mouse
1. Microsoft Touch Mouse

2. Apple Magic Mouse

Now let us have a look at the comparison

Full gesture support
Supports only four basic gestures
User compatibility
Works equally well for right and left handed users
Can’t customize gestures beyond a few basic options.
Sleek and comfortable
Very narrow profile, requires reasonable practice to get used
Uses BlueTrack technology
Uses Laser track technology which is far inferior to BlueTrack
Uses a 2.4-GHz wireless connection and works well within a range of 90 feet
Uses a Bluetooth 2.1 Transceiver which sometimes cause lagging, the range is about 30 feet.
No pinch zoom
No pinch zoom
Sluggish vertical scroll
Scrolling works like a physical scroll
Operating System
Works with Windows 7 only
Works with Mac OS 10.5.8 or higher
Two AA batteries
Two AA batteries
Not suitable
Not suitable
Around $80
Around $69

So what’s the verdict? I think Microsoft Touch mouse is a better mouse but it costs a little higher than Magic mouse. If you ask me, I am not worried about the cost, it is a fancy any way. So I will give 3/5 for Microsoft touch mouse and 2.5/5 for Magic mouse.
NB: The logos displayed in the image is the respective trademark of Microsoft and Apple

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  1. MS mouse is more comfortable for sure!
    You can custom gestures in the MM with some tool, but yes, MS is sure better.


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