IBM's cognitive chips: To emulate Human Brain

For the notice of all the people who thought technology and nature are like South Pole and North Pole, the tide is changing big time. The technology has grown to its ‘artificial limit’ now and is now searching for new areas to conquer. Technology is now clearly turning to nature for inspiration. I mean, we all know that there is no better camera than our eyes and there is no better supercomputer than our brains and that is what technology loves about nature. Nature always had the perfect equipment for a perfect job and that is exactly what technology is looking for.

Now here is one invention that is purely and clearly inspired by nature. IBM has developed innovative cognitive chips that can emulate human brains. Inspired by neurobiology, these chips can learn from mistakes and experiences, find correlations, create hypothesis and remember the outcomes or you can say, it can function like human brain. It is capable of finding the right answer, other than providing a list of possible answers. These neurosynaptic cognitive computing chips follow the same communication pattern as in between neurons and synapses in our body. This invention will surely see a change in the way how the chips are programmed. This will be the first small step in the evolution of computers from mere calculators to learning systems.

IBM's cognitive chips
But still, we are a long way away from the ‘Human Like Robots’. Cognitive chips can work 'like' human brain not 'exactly like' human brain. Scientists say that it will take 20 more years to develop a robot that has a complete brain development of a 6 year old child. It took billions and billions of years for nature to make us the way we are now, so 20 years is not much. It is worth waiting.

Here is a video that explains cognitive computing

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