Facebook Versus Google: The pluses and minuses

Facebook versus Google Plus competition is the biggest talk of the internet world right now and very rightly so. Facebook and Google+ are desperately trying to attract users. Google launched its second social networking site after Orkut to counter the Facebook mania. Now it is all about LIKE Vs PLUS war.

Why is it such a big issue for Google?

The answer is very simple, the popularity of Facebook. Since its launch in 2004, Facebook had a solid and steady growth and now it has close to 600 million users world wide. Last year Facebook surpassed Google and became the most visited website in the world.

The success of a social networking site depends on how much time visitors spend on it and also on the entertainment options in it. That is exactly what Facebook is offering. The introduction of Facebook ads affected Google ads, which is the main income source of Google. You can’t blame businesses turning to Facebook ads, because it is a reasonable marketing technique to advertise in a place where people gather and Facebook has loads of it. All these things combined, prompted Google to launch Google Plus.

Now comes the real question, Is Google Plus better than Facebook or is it the other way around?

For that you will have to take into account a few things, some of them are;

1. Facebook is an established website. It has earned the trust of 600 million users and has been providing quality service. They have looked to improve their services by updating platforms. On the other hand, Google+ is a beta site and only invited members are allowed. Even though the site is limited to invitees only, it has created interest among the existing Facebook users. Google+ has already bagged 20 million users.

2. Standards: Facebook has already set high standards and others are playing the catching up game. Because Facebook is the benchmark, Google+ looks very similar to Facebook. Some even call it a ‘Facebook Clone’. But Google+ is a good catch for people who want the features of Twitter and Facebook combined, and that is where Google+ gets that extra point.

3. Privacy: It is definitely an issue with Facebook or you can say, that is the way it works. Your posts go public in Facebook. Google+ offers better privacy but Facebook lately has upgraded its privacy settings and now it is almost at par with Google+.

4. Chat: Facebook chat is useful and has now introduced video chat in association with Skype. But Google+ offers Google chat which is far superior and its video chat feature is supreme. But Google+ lacks a private messaging option and Facebook scores there.

5. Facebook is available for business groups and companies but Google+ is not available for non-individuals. What more to say, Google+ even denied access to IBNLive.com, Mashable and Ford.

6. Facebook friends lists seem a little unorganized, but Google+ circles are much better to organize your friends lists and it is much easier to understand.

7. Google+ allows direct access to Google, Gmail and other Google accounts and Facebook lacks this option. Moreover a lot of mobile applications will be available for
Google+ as it owns Android.

Conclusion: Facebook and Google+ have their own merits and demerits. Google is the internet giant but nobody knows social networking better that Facebook, so that makes the comparison trickier. Now the question is who will win this battle? Right now, it is hard to tell because you want a fight between equally strong people. You don’t want to see a fight between 7 year old kid and an infant, so let us just wait for some time. One thing is sure, Google+ is going to challenge Facebook big time, but Facebook won’t go down without a fight.

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  2. You said "earned the trust of 600 million users", more like "600 million user use Facebook in spite of not trusting them at all." Anyone who "Trusts" Facebook is a fool.

  3. Ya you can say so...but by trust i meant facebook as a brand...not as a site.

  4. It all about the google+ and facebook..... But totally depend on the net user who have their own choice to use the social media..And connect people with easily..

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