Division of Knowledge Into Disciplines

Q) Division of Knowledge Into Disciplines ?

The disciplines such as natural science, social sciences and humanities are as a result of division of knowledge that took place during the emergence of university system in Europe. The division was based on classification of reality on certain philosophical ground.

Each discipline had a 'subject-matter' for its study. However the scope of a discipline could not be separated on the basis of 'subject-matter. The study of an individual involves economics, political science, sociology etc. Different disciplines are studying the different aspects of the same subject matter. That is where the scope of inter-disciplinary researches lie.

Many disciplines like statistics, physics, chemistry etc emerged in response to demands to solve specific needs of society. Chance discoveries and creativity also played a role in differentiation of knowledge. All these classifications led to the rise of professional groups of vested interests who posed a major threat to the integration of knowledge.

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