Problems In Wildlife Tourism

There are many problems related to wildlife tourism. Some of them are

1. Timing

In India, there is a time frame for wildlife tours. Wildlife expedition starts at 7am and ends at 5pm, as if it is some sort of an entertainment show. This is not appropriate to cater to tourists with different tastes. Some tourists want to see some animals and return, some others would like to spend some time in the forest taking photographs, visiting waterholes and see the whole day's activity at the forest floor by staying in some sort of hide outs. The current timings does not allow these kind of activities.

2. Transportation

Lack of comfortable transportation is another problem in wildlife tourism in India. Tourists would like to have a comfortable transport system to see animals, birds and the activity of the jungle. Introduction of unthoughtful vehicles by state forest departments doesn't help the course. For eg: Ranthambore reserve introduced canter trucks and Mudhumalai reserve brought bus like vehicles where people are cramped for room and do not have enough view points to see animals and photograph them. Madhya Pradesh forest department has done a very good job in this regard. They are providing jeep safaris for the tourists.

An alternative method of transportation is elephant safari. Most tourists dream of traveling on elephant backs. However, national parks in India are now discouraging elephant rides. Whereas Nepal government assures a guaranteed elephant ride for the tourists. This drives potential tourists out of India to Nepal like destinations.

3. Accommodation

Accommodation is another challenge for wildlife tourism in India. Good facilities ensuring minimum standards of comfort and cleanliness are rare. Tourists will always look for
  • Ideal environment to the purpose for which they have come
  • Neat and clean accommodation
  • Efficient management
  • Friendly staff
We should be able to provide accommodation that meets the expectations of the tourists. There are restrictions for staying inside national parks. In such cases, sufficient arrangements should be done at nearby places.

4. Photography

Most tourists like to document their visit through photographs. These photographs will inspire others to visit the destination in future. Photographs also immensely helps in branding of a destination. Sufficient arrangements for helping photographers should be made at wildlife destinations. Guides should help them in spotting the animals and get the right angles. Arrangements for charging camera batteries should be made available inside the vehicle itself.
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