Reasons Why There Were Very Few Developments In Science In British India

The British made investments only in Botanical, Geological and Geographical surveys from which they hoped to get direct and substantial economic and military advantages. Medical sciences and Zoology were neglected. Research in Physics and Chemistry were completely ignored as they were related to industrial development which British did not want to encourage. India was considered only as a source of raw materials and as a market for selling finished goods from Britain.

Pre-British India had a weak scientific base, therefore neither scientific institutions existed nor were there any journals to spread scientific information. There was excessive administrative control over colonial scientists preventing them from doing new things. Science was not given a high priority in education in India. The colonial education was not directed towards opening up the minds of students or developing a questioning attitude. Rather it encouraged passive acceptance of what was written in the books.

Books were printed in Britain and represented their culture. The educational system ensured that Indians obeyed orders from above. Teachers looked at the British educational model as ideal and they tried to copy it even though they were in a very different social and economic situation.
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