Role Of Local Bodies In Tourism Development

1. Roads, Traffic Signs & Directions

Most of the inner roads maintained by local bodies at tourism destinations are not up to the mark. Blockades, unauthorized encroachments and animals on the road interrupt smooth flow of traffic and cause traffic jams and congestion. Lack of traffic signs and sign boards must be rectified. Boards must be painted as well. Street light facility should be provided in all areas.

2. Sanitation & Toilets

Poor waste disposal and toilet facilities create a bad image among tourists. Sometimes tourists themselves pollute the environment. So dustbins must be placed wherever possible. Lack of clean toilets is a major issue at most destinations.

3. Water Supply

Overcrowding and lack of water supply leads to tension between the locals and tourists. Most private resorts will have adequate water supply. It is the low budget tourists who suffer the most.

4. Recreation, Parks & Parking

Proper maintenance of parks, benches at proper spots, shelters from sun and rain, plantations and adequate parking space along with recreational facilities add to the attraction of a destination. Providing these facilities come under the purview of local bodies.

5. Pollution

It is the duty of the local bodies to keep their areas free from pollution.

6. Health Hazards & Medical Aid

Local bodies have to provide curative and preventive health services in their areas. Mosquitoes, dirty drinking water and serving eatables in unhygienic conditions can pose serious health problems. Local bodies should make sure that proper hygienic conditions are prevalent. Health centres to provide medical aid should also be opened.

7. Shopping Centres

Neat, clean and well maintained shops attract tourists. Local bodies must ensure that the shops are at right places and no encroachment to roads are made. Make sure that the shops display the right prices, so that the tourists are not cheated in any way.

8. Local Transport

Providing local transport in the cities and towns and from the cities/towns to the places of tourist interest is the responsibility of the local bodies. The quality and timing of local transport needs tremendous improvement. 

9. Security, Law & Order

Local bodies can assist the district police and state departments in making a place safe and secure. They must also check crimes related to tourism.
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